Sunday, December 31, 2006

The End of The Year

Here it is 10 minutes after 3 and I should be getting ready to go play at The Ironwood Estates. I have to pick Hank up at 4:30 so I should be showering and getting ready. This has to be short. So guess what Wendy got yesterday? It sure makes my little Cannon 3.2 look like a midget. Hope she will enjoy it. I'm sure she will. She loves taking pictures and is pretty good at it so it should be lots of fun for her in the new year.
Well this year is almost over and it has been a good year. My health has been good and I seem to have everything that I need and some of what I want or thought I wanted anyway. I have had a great year of bowling and a fair year of music. I am hoping that this coming year we will be playing more. I really love playing the Harmonica with the guys. I hope that we get a chance to make a new CD's with Benny's new recorder but then again who would buy them. Oh well it was a great thought eh? I could send them to all my relatives but maybe they don't want them. Who like music for the 40's,50 and 60's??? Maybe we should start playing some new one's eh? Hey that's a good idea. Well If I don't get going I'll be late so I pray that everyone will have a GREAT NEW YEAR. I'll post a new picture of The Kompanions in our New outfit. when I get home . Bye for now and don't drink and drive.

Love you Floyd

Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Morning

Well here it is the end of the week already. How time flies when your having fun eh? For me it flies even when I'm not having fun. LOL. At my age things seem to go much faster than they used too. Ha ha. Well I have a few things to do today so I should get after them but it is easier to just sit here on the old computer eh?
I have to make a few CD's and send them out in the next few days. My aunt in Florida and my brother in Conn. and my son in New York . Not sure they will like my music but then again they have probably never heard it before and who knows they might just like it. I only have 5 CD's so far. 2 with The Rascals and 2 with The Harmoniciares and one with the Kompanions. We make them at a friend of mine who has a small recording unit. One of these days we are going to go to a studio and record one.Well here it is 10:30 and I am still here . Got to go buy for today.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday Morning

We had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS . It was just great to have everyone home for Christmas. All went well except that our little grandson was sick all weekend. It was Jorge's first Christmas with our family. He sure fits into our crazy little family and we all love him. God has blessed us so much this year. We all ate too much and probably gained a few pounds. I know I did for sure. I sure miss Tom, Tanya and the kids and Bob and Kristy. I sat at the table all by myself this morning and had tea and toast. Just me and the dog . Jorge and Mandy were still sleeping and Mum was working. Boy was it quiet. I hope and pray that everyone had a great Christmas and now I have to get ready for The New Year. I play New Years Eve at the Ironwood Estates with The Kompanions so I should brush up on the songs we will be playing. I practiced a bit last night but like they say practice makes perfect. Not sure I have that much time but I'll be better anyway, right? I talked to my Sister (Betty) and my brother (Merlin and his wife) and then I called my favorite aunt (Wayna) who are all living in Florida. I was a bit worried about the tornadoes I heard about on the TV yesterday but everyone was fine. Well I'm off to bowl this morning and then I should go help a friend put his new front door in. That will probably take up most of my day and then I'll practice a bit . Have a great day.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Home for Christmas

Our whole family is home for Christmas. God is so good. thank you Lord for letting us all gather here for Christmas. This year we have our newest member to our family. Mandy's husband Jorge is with us. I have to thank the Lord for 3 awesome son-in laws. Jorge fits into our family so well. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways again this year. We have all 3 of our beautiful daughters here with their husbands and our 4 beautiful grand kids. We have so much to thank God for. The safe travel getting here and we are all in good health (Sigh) except for little Kellen who is not feeling the greatest. He has a bad cold. Wendy sister Cynthia and her 4 children just came over so except for John our whole family is here now. We are going to celebrate our Christmas tomorrow instead of Monday because Tom and Tanya go to Toms Dad's on Christmas this year. Bob and Kristy are going to Bob's mom and dad's tomorrow evening in Spruce Groove. The poor Christmas tree is loaded down with presents again this year. It will take us a long time to open all the gifts tomorrow for sure. The kids and some of the bigger kids can't wait for tomorrow to come. I have busy day coming as I have a 22 lb. turkey to stuff and get ready for noon tomorrow with all the trimmings. Mashed potatoes, turnips, Sweet potatoes and corn and cranberry sauce and off course gravy. Plus Wendy has some great deserts after dinner. She made some butter tarts all kinds of squares, cookies, fruit cake and some (Cherry Cheese Pie's ) My favorite. She spoils me but I love her for it. Oh and there is chocolates every where you look. Ha ha. We'll probably all gain a few pounds for sure. I hope and pray that everyone who reads this blog will have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God Bless you and your family.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday evening.

I got a knock on my door at 10:00 this morning and it was The Future Shop Del. truck with our new Dryer. Our old one died just the other day. Mum told me yesterday that she bought me a new dryer for Christmas. Just what I always wanted. Ha ha.Well we needed it with everyone coming for Christmas. So I got out the tools and went and bought some pipe and elbows(Metal ) because the guy said that we shouldn't use the plastic flex pipe because the new dryer are much hotter that the old ones. However it will probably take a few days as I will have to run a whole new pipe out and it is above the electric panel. LOL. Well the first thing was that the cord was about 4 inches shorter that the old one and it wouldn't reach so I went to the store and measured a few others and they are all the same size. Seems they make them shorter now. (Why) Who knows but they do. So I had to run a new box in from the electric panel. Then I find out that I will have a bit more problems cutting thru a wall and some floor joist to get that stupid metal pipe to fit up in to the top of the electric panel to the dryer vent. I hope I can get it done tomorrow before everyone gets here but not sure. I'll try. I find that I get a bit grumpy when things don't fit or work just right. I must be getting old eh?? Sounds like a good excuse to me. Well so much for my day today.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Tuesday Afternoon

I am late posting again, so whats new eh? Well we have had a busy week. Wendy and I went to Clareshome on Friday morning to see Clayton, Amanda and little Brianna. Troy, Hearther and little Emma came too. Troy, Clayton and I put up a couple of small walls and some drywall. They are going to put in a sink for Amanda for washing hair. Then on Saturday afternoon Clayton, Amanda, Wendy and I went to Lethbridge and had lunch with Tom, Tanya and the kids.It was really good to see them even if it was only for a little while. Then it was ON The ROAD Again. Seems like we have been doing that a lot lately. We get to spend time together and sometimes we even get to take(between sleeps) first hers then mine. Ha ha. She is kinda cute when she is asleep. Wendy has the same problem with our car as I have with our TV. Turn them on and we go to sleep. Went and talked to a Lady about doing some work in her house but not sure she wants someone part time. I think she wants someone to just go in and do it quick and I can't do that. We'll see. I think 3 or 4 weeks and I could have it pretty well done. I did a few things that had to be done and now it's time to just go watch the hockey game.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

It is about 5:17pm. and soon I will be going back to the church again today to serve after the production tonight. Tonight is the last night and it will probably be a late one. Lots of people have come to the musical and hopefully many have come to know the LORD because of it. Christmas is only 14 days away. I am praying that everyone I know will have a great Christmas and that God will touch each one of their hearts in a very special way. Many time we seem to get so caught up in the (Christmas thing) that we forget what Christmas is and why we celebrate it. Many people think of Christmas as Santa and presents and never realize that it is Jesus Christ they should be celebrating. We as Christians should be watching for the oppertunity to tell those that don't know. God has been so good to us we shouldn't forget telling others about Him, especialy this time of year.
Wendy decorated our tree and it is beautifull. Our home looks so good at Christmas with all the decorations that she puts out. Thanks sweetie.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hi everyone. I'm back from Lethbridge. We were there for 4 days. Let me say 3 night and then we left on Friday about 11am. The drive was good coming home until we got to Edmonton. We stopped in clareshome and talked to Clayton for about an hour.Then grabed lunch and drove to Red Deer. We stopped and talked to Kristy and Bob for a few minutes then hit the road again. Ya real exciting so far eh?? I will be heading back to Clareshome on the 15 to put up a wall for clayton and Amanda and play with little Breanna. She sure is cute.Clayton and Amanda have a few vidio's of her on their blog. Check it out if you have time. Well got to go do my todo list that Wendy left for me.(sigh)

It is still really cold out there.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Afternoon

Hi everyone. Well it is Monday afternoon and still snowing. We have more snow now that we had all year last year I think. this morning Jorge and I shoveled our drive and sidewalk and then went to Breakfast with the Seniors and then went to a Grandpa Bill and shoveled his drive and sidewalk. So we got a good workout for sure. It was about -23 C outside. Then I went bowling and really did good at that. I bowled 4 games 200,203,193 and 205. I have had a couple of really good weeks bowling. It seems to be more fun when you bowl well. Ha ha . To night I* am going to take Wendy to work and then in the morning I will pick her up and we will head to Lethbridge. Then on Friday we will come home. I sure do miss these little ones. I can't wait to get down there. Mandy and Jorge are going to take care of our dog for the next few days. Sorry Jorge but you'll have to do all the shoveling until I get back. They say it is warmer in Lethbridge. Jorge has been such a big help with all this snow. And guess what he can cook really good too. It must be really hard for him comming from South Americia to weather like this. He is a lot of fun to have around and fits into our family so well. God is so good.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday Morning and Snowing

Well here it is Thursday and it is snowing like mad outside. Looks nice from inside but now I should go out and shovel the drive and sidewalk eh?? Maybe if I keep typing Jorge will do it eh? Just got an e-mail from my Sister in Flordia telling me how warm it is down there(sigh). Oh well what would we do with temps about 77% F?
Well last night I had a Mens Group here from 7 to 9 but they didn't get out until 10pm. What an awsome bunch of men. They sure all love The Lord. You could just sence that God was here with us all evening. They are talking about a group of us getting together and going to Hope Mission and helping there when they need us. They are looking into it now, also The Mustered Seed and The Bissel Center.
Well after the guys left Mum came out and she had Alias Season 4 in her hand so Mandy, Jorge, Wendy and I watched the first one (Only). We would have watched more but Mandy had to go to work this morning.
Yesterday I bowled in the morning at ED's at West Edmonton Mall. I had a pretty good day. My first game was 156 with 3 splits and a miss then the second game I bowled 246 and the 3rd. I bowled 215. Not bad for an old man eh? Right now my average is 177 but I'm sure it will go up a few pins after that 617 for 3. I really enjoy bowling. This afternoon I have to practice a bit on my Harmonica because We play Friday evening at Lynwood Nursing Home with The Harmonika Rascals. Then we have a practice on Sat. morning with The Kompanions for our New Years Eve Gig at The Iron Wood Estates in St Albert. We are booked for new years to 2008. Hank is the youngest and he is 69, I'm 70 and Benny is 74. In the Rascals there is 6 of us and we are all over 70 except Hank. Next year we can say we are all over 70 haha. Guess we are not the youngest group on the block eh? They are all a great bunch to play with. Well I don't hear the sound of shoveling so guess I should go out and do it. Ha ha.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Evening

Hi everyone. I have had a busy week and really didn't write much on my blog. I just got home at 9:45pm. from a meeting with 4 guys and we talked about missions. Terry,Al and Jake are all going on a mission trip. 2 of them are going to Mexico City and one to Managua. I would love to go somewhere this year but as Wendy and I are planning to go to Chile in Feb. that will be my trip for the year I guess but I am going to pray about it for sure. That will probably cost me more than I can afford but we are going anyway I am looking forward to meeting Jorge's family. Next year I would love to go on a mission trip with Wendy.
This morning I went to church and really enjoyed the service. The pastor was talking about Putting First Things First in Your marriage. On my way home I was thinking how Blessed I am and how God has Blessed our marriage. I came home and just had to read more in my Bible again. I just couldn't stop thinking how God has Blessed our family and our church. How Blessed we are to be able to go to church on Saturday evening or Sunday morning and worship Him alongside of our Christian Brothers and Sisters. For me it is a time to Praise Him with words and Songs and thank Him again for all he does in our lives. What an Awsome God we serve.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday Morning

Well here it is Tuesday morning and so far I haven't got anything done but some computer stuff. My fingers are tired and my butt is getting sore.
I didn't go to practice last night with The Harmonika Rascals because the roads were too bad. Well i don't have anything important to say so I hope you all have a great day and God Bless you all.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hi this is Hank (Opps sorry about that)no it not hank but sometimes I feel like hank eh?
Well this weekend has been a very happy beautiful and special time for me. My little baby, Mandy got married to a wonderful man,Jorge from Chile. I was so proud of both of them. It is so cool to see your baby girl so in love with a man that loves her just as much. It was a beautiful wedding and I would be lying if I said I didn't cry. They made a beautiful couple and the smiles on their faces told the whole story. Tanya, Krisy and Wendy looked beautiful also. (they always look beautiful). Tom and Bob sure looked handsome. What an awsome family God has given me. The grandkids were all so beautiful and what good little kids they were. I can truthfuly say I was so impressed with the way everyone just jumped in and helped with everything it was just so neat. Thanks everyone. Mandy's and Jorge friends came and really made the day complete for them. All I can say is what a Beautiful Day it was. Thank you Lord. And may God bless everyone that was there.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well here it is Wed. and this Sat. Mandy and Jorge are getting married. I guess most things are all ready. Hard to believe that I will be walking my baby down the isle. I am so proud of her and Jorge. They sure are a lovely couple. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him in the last 2 month and it has been fun. We have worked together, bowled together and ate ice-cream together(Maybe gained a few pounds together) but don't tell the girls. I am so proud of our Beulah family and friends for the way they have shown thier love for these 2. God has truely bless Mandy and Jorge with these people. Thank you Lord for all you done for them and for us. We fell truely Blessed as well.
I just picked up my NEW glasses today and believe it or not but I can see things now I haven't noticed in a while. They don't have the line in them so things seem to move a bit now but when I get used to them it will be much better. The glasses hasn't helped my hearing any but that's another story for another day. Bye 4 now.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Not feeling good. Friday

Well I have been sick for the last 2 days. I feel a bit better but still have a bad headache. I haven't had a headache since 1992 when I had my heart problem. Maybe I'll feel better this afternoon. I have to finish the neighbor's floor. Wendy is off for the next 10 or 12 days so that will be good having her around. Normally she works from 6 to 6 then it takes her a while to get home, then goes to bed for 5 or 6 hours. Does a few things around the house and then tries to grab an hour before going back to work at 5:30. So I don't get to see or talk to her much when she is working. Jorge an I have another 6 or 8 hours next door and then we are out of there. Jorge is a real big help and lots of fun to work with. He seems to know what you next move is before you make it eh? So when you need the hammer or ruler or a peice of flooring he always has it ready for you. Well the wedding is getting real close and things seem to be going as planed. Only 7 more day. Boy does time fly. I'm sure God has many good things planed for him and Mandy. What a blessing they are to our family. Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday afternoon

We just got back from the church where we worked since 10:15am. this morning. Jorge and I helped cut turkey and cake, mash potatoes, mashed carrots,put the food out for the Seniors, served coffee and tea and then we helped with the clean up. We finished about 3:00pm. They had a good crew and it all went smoothley. All the senior are amazed to see a young fellow from Chile serve at thier lunchen.
Tomorrow we have a busy day ahead of us I have to bowl at 9:30am. then we are going next door and lay some more laminate floor down. Then on Thursday we hope to get most of it finished. We'll see how it goes. Only 10 more days and then the wedding. I'm really enjoying the time I spend with Jorge.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Well I guess it's about time I did a little updating eh? Today Jorge and I spent a fair amount of time together. We went to breakfast with all the seniors at A& W this morning. He is quite popular. They all want to sit with him and talk to him. His English is getting real good. It's good until Mandy comes home then it's back to Spanish thinking. When he thinks Spanish he talks Spanish. When he is with me he has no choice but to speak English. I should try to learn some Spanish. Anyway I am really enjoying the time we spend together. Today we went bowling but he is NOT a Champion yet. I'm sure he will be much better in a little while. Tonight I have to go to practice with The Harmonika Rascals at 7:00pm.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Well here it is Thursday and here I set at this old computer. Is that a good thing??
Well I'm a bit stiff as I laid a laminat floor down for the guy next door and my legs are soooo stiff. Guess when you get old your not supposed to do things like that eh? My head says I can do that but my body says (You'l be sorry)but do I listen?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A bit of snow

Well it sure looks like winter is setting in. Everything is white this morning. Kristy sent me a picture of my nephew that I havent seen in about 12 or 13 years and it sure is good to hear that Kristy is getting in contact with her cousin. It just seems that our lives are so wrapped up in other things that we forget our relatives. Maybe we should just take a few minutes each month and contact some of them just to stay in touch. I was just thinking that we have no idea what our nephews and neices do for a living. I'm sure that they don't know what we do. Well I'm retired. I retired in 2003 and just love it. I play with 3 harmonica groups and I love to bowl. I have a little black girlfriend named Madison and she is a border collie. If you see my truck you usually will see my dog. She just loves to ride. Hopefully some of my relatives will read this. Hope Hope. Okay so how do we get this thing changed???? I can use some feedback.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Another fun day with Jorge

Well this morning off we went to Paul Cornell's to finish a job we started yesterday. We only had to put caulking in the nail holes in some base board so it didn't take us long. We finished, stoped at a Tim Hortons for a quick coffee and a donut, came home and loaded my truck with a bunch of stuff that Wendy has decided to get rid of. It is so good that she is throwing some of that stuff out because if she didn't I would never have the heart to do it. It is hard to throw things out that I paid good money for at one time. But then again I never listen to the old records or caset tapes and they just set on the shelf and collect dust. Well we found a good will that was open on 156 street and 76 ave. Then we came home and found something to eat and now we are both here on our computers. He sure is doing good with his English and he is asking lots of questions. He is an interesting fellow and fun to work with.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day after Thanksgiving

Well Thanksgiving is over for another year but hopefully we will not stop being thankful for what the Lord does in our lives everyday that we so often take for granet. We had a great dinner and lots of good laughs with the kids and then in the afternoon John and Cynthia and the kids came over for a few hours to visit. I had a great time visiting and eating a bit more than I should have. Today jorge and I were going to go put some baseboard in a friends house but the rain put a damper on that so here I am at the computer.
Wow only 3 more weeks and Mandy and Jorge are getting married. How fast things seem to move lately. Maybe it's just that I'm getting old and can't seem to keep up with things eh? Well I'm sure there is lots of things that I can find to keep me busy. Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good day Bad day???

Well today started out being a good day. Went to ED's and bowled with the seniors and bowled well. 171,191,182=544 not bad for the biginning of the season. Jorge came over and watched and then we walked around the mall a bit and came home and had lunch. I really enjoy doing things with him. He is such a neat guy and doing well with his English. Then this afternoon I made supper and went to pick up my truck whick has been giving me a bit of trouble lately. Took it in to get the interior light fixed and a new switch to stop the alarm that normally busses when you leave your keys in the switch. It cost me $276 and I noticed they didn't put a bulb in the interior light so went in and told the guy ( naturally I was a bit ticked off) and he got me a bulb and I came home. Got out of my truck and realized the interior light was still on. Not a happy camper but I had a group of men at the house so Hopefully tomorrow can get that solved. I guess some days are like that eh??? I guess all things happen for a good reason and God is in control. But at the monent I can't see the (Good Reason). Guess what the bible study was about? Ya your right and he is in control.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday (a retired guys day)

Well this morning Jorge and I went for breakfast about 8:15 to A&W with the seniors then came home and checked the e-mail. Then I went to the south side and had lunch at Tony Roma's with my friend Bruce Bowie. Then went Dirks and picked up a book on Vest and shirts and tie's for the Harmonika Rascals and came home and did a bit of blogging. Now I have to get ready to go to the Dutch club for practice with the Rascals. It seems like I spend a lot of time reading other peoples blogs. Maybe that enough for and old retired guys eh?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Good afternoon. Well here I am again and I didn't think I would find the time to keep it updated but I seem to find myself here more often than I thought. Jorge and I had a busy morning. First we went to breakfast at Happ's (with Mandy) at 7:30 then off we went to the south side to Lowen Windows. Had to pick up some clips for my neighbor for his windows. He kicked out the people that lived there because they totally wrecked the place. The window handles and the wall and the carpets are just toast. Anyway after that we went to Superior Lumber and spent a few hours there just talking to the guys. We got home about 12:00. Jorge is now working on some stuff he has to do before the wedding on his laptop and well GUESS what I'm doing eh? I am going into my shop and clean it out or at least start cleaning it up as it really needs it. I can see it's going to be a hard afternoon.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Seniors Lunch

This morning Jorge and I headed off to Beulah at 10:30 to serve at the seniors lunch which happens once every month. We got there and put our aprons on and joined the others in getting the food ready for our seniors. We finished about 2:30. The ladies and the guys really enjoy working with Jorge. I think he really enjoyed it too. They all thought that it was so nice to have a young fellow helping. They all thought that it was cute that he called me Dad. 2 of the ladies asked if they could call him if they had a few jobs around the house that they needed help with. I thought that was neat. One of the Ladies was from Brazil and they chatted for quite a while. Jorge just fit right in and was helping mash pototes, loading trays, serving coffee and tea, picking up empty plates and cleaning up in the kitchen. For me it was just another day at the office but for him I think he really enjoyed working with all the guys and ladies and feeling at home while do it.
So that was our day and who knows what tpmorrow sill bring eh??

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Morning

Well here I am again. I guess you call it blogging eh? This morning Jorge and I went to A & W for breakfast with the seniors. Jorge and Milley got on well. They both speak spanish. We sat with Dave and Dagmar Tjart. I have to go bowling at 11am. this morning. Not sure if Jorge is going with me. The seniors bowl every Monday and Wed. mornings. Yesterday Mandy and Jorge were at Kristy and Bob's. They came home last night with a large plate of cookies. Just what I needed eh?? Tonight I have practice with the Rascals at the Dutch club. Tomorrow is a free night (I think). Then Wed evenings I have a mens group that meet here. We have a new fellow coming this week. Last night at the general meeting at the church a guy came up to me and asked if I still had a mens meeting at my house and asked if he could come. We always have a extra chair ready for anyone that wants to join us. We have an awsome group of guys that really love the Lord. There is 8 of us in the group and hopefully after this Wed. there will be 9.

Last Tuesday Mandy, Jorge, Wendy and I went to Jasper for 2 days. We went all the way to the top of Whistler Mountian. Thats a long way up for an old fellow but I made it. I'll try to show you a picture or 2 but not to sure hope that works just yet. Well got to run got a busy week ahead. It's a tough job being retired but someone has to do it eh??

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hi !!! Can you believe this? I'm doing a Blog. Well not sure how to start or what to write but here goes. I am a retired Lumber man with a working wife. After 50 years in the Lumber industry I decided to retire and let some of the younger guys take care of all that stuff. So now I am under worked over fed and a real blessed son of God. I came to know Jesus Christ about 30 years ago and he has blessed me with a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful daughters. I have 2 but soon to have 3 great son in-laws. Jesus hand picked them just for me. I also have 3 beautiful Granddaughters and a handsome grandson. I enjoy playing the Harmonica and I play with 3 groups. The Harmonika Rascals, the Kompanions and the Harmonicaires. I also enjoy fishing and spend a fair amount of time out at Lac Saint Anne where we have a small trailer. I also love to bowl and usually go bowling about 2 or 3 times a week. I bowl with the Seniors league and last year bowled on a Tuesday evening league and we were league champions in the Tuesday night league. I have a small shop in my garage and build the odd shelf and piano benches and do small jobs for people around town or what ever when I have time. I attend Beulah Alliance with my wife but rarely do we get to drive to church together. Wendy works in the book store at times and I work in the church as a Teller 2 days a month and do interviews for Baptism and member ship. I also work in the kitchen helping at different functions. My wife Wendy works with the RCMP as a dispatch operator. She works 12 hours shifts 2 day and 2 nights and then is off for 4 day. That explains why I have so much time on my hands eh??
I went from a working husband to a cook and dishwasher for Wendy when she is working. She has given me a cell phone so she can keep track of me durning the day because I don't get to sit in the house too often.