Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27,2011

Well I guess it's about time I updated this old Blog eh??
Ok ! where do I start. We have had a real busy summer and it was a lot of fun. Wendy got her hip replaced about 6 months ago and that was a bit of a struggle but she got through that. I had my cancer treatment about the same time. I was a bit worried about that but I felt pretty good and was able to help her. She is now back to work but the doctor is only letting her work 4 hour shifts. It was nice having her around for 6 months and doing things together. Now it's back to me and the dog . haha but it's only for 4 hours.
WE had lot of company this year. First Mandy and the boys then Jorge came July 1st. Then Bob and Lynn Dorland our friends from out east came and we really enjoyed having them for  few days. Then Mandy and Jorge and the boys went back to Chili. That was a bit of a sad time . We sure do miss them.
Lets see then  Wendy's niece  Ami and her husband and 2 daughter came for 4 or 5 days. It was nice getting to know them. What a delightful family.
Then Hess.Ronnie and Hank drove down the Sunday after my birthday and spent the day. They surprised me  for my birthday. Ya got love those guys. Kristy and Bob came down a couple of time and we went to see them in their new apartment. Tanya ,Tom ,Wendy and I drove up to see the Pendergas in Edmonton one day and stayed at a hotel over night.
Wendy and I took our trailer and went camping with our church group.Tanya and Tom and the kids came out.We camped at Park Lake about 15 klms away. Not far from home but it was fun.
Then Wendy and I went camping, just the 2 of us and the dog of course for 2 time. That was fun. Our trailer is old but it is just fine for us.
We had a big day at the church this past Sunday. We have changed the name to ( Cornerstone Community Evangelical Free  Church ). We had about 110 people there on Sunday and we had a lunch at the church.

Well things are getting back to normal or back to something. Not sure what is normal any more. We had 2 trees cut down that were dead and then I cut 2 trees down that had partially blown over and had a friend of ours pull the stumps for us with his big machine. We couldn't get the machine through the gate so we just pulled them out with chains and left them in the garden. I go out almost every day and whack a few roots off with an old axe and in a little while I'll have to get some help and put them on the trailer and take them to the dump. Our yard was beautiful all year but now old man winter is showing his head. It snowed here yesterday but it didn't last to long.
I have been busy fixing things around the house and getting things ready for some drywall  for the ceiling in the entry way. It got wet when we had the leak in the roof and we haven't fixed it yet. I put the insulation and poly up the other day but I have to get someone to help me with the drywall. Yesterday I went over to the Food Bank and patched a ceiling that needed a bit of repair then took a load of trash to the dump. Funny how things just seem to collect in your garage. I have to clean it up so I can get the new car inside nights. Makes it nicer for Wendy when she has to go to work and protects the car a bit. We are really enjoying our new car and just had it serviced and had a car starter installed. We have over 13,000klms. on it already.
Well it is getting late and I should get ready to go for coffee with the guys.

Oh Wendy and I are hosting  ( The Truth Project ) at our house on Sunday evenings for the new 6 weeks. We have 13 people coming and everyone has been here for the last 3 weeks. They are our church family and it is fun learning more about our God with them.

Well I think I should quit and call it a day.
God Bless you all and have a GREAT day.