Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Morning Dec.29,2007

Wow where has the year gone. Wendy had been off for 4 days and we have had fun just hanging out together and watching (Lost) one of my Christmas gifts. It just didn't feel like Christmas with all my girl not being here. We were able to talk to all of them with the phone and the computer and see them with the web cam.
Well 2 more days and that will end this year eh? I have been practicing almost every night getting ready for our New Years Eve gig. That will be a busy evening. We have to set up at
4 :00pm. so not to disturb the evening meal and then I think we play while they are having dinner and then we take a break and they feed us. After that I think we play for about a half an hour and then break for 15 minutes while they do their presentation, then we are back at it for another half hour and it will continue like that until about 10 :00pm. Usually they pack it in about then and then we have to pack everything up and get out of there.
This is our Last gig with the Kompanions for the year and if I sell my house soon it might well be my very last gig with them. It has been lots of fun playing with Benny and Henk and I sure will miss them when I move. A couple of really neat guys. I am going to miss The Harmonica Rascals as well. I have been playing with them for the last 11 years. For sure I'll stay in touch and am hoping they can find a new lead player. Every time I am back in the city I'll have to stop in at The Golden Hour Clock shop and see my friends Ronnie and Hess. They are a couple of real nice people.
Well Wendy is back at work and I have to get things cleaned up around here just in case someone wants to show my house today. A lady called yesterday but we missed the call. sigh.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday December 22,2007

Good morning everyone. Hope you are having a pleasant day today. Wendy is working and I'm not going to tell you what I'm doing. I'll let you guess. hahaha. well our house still hasn't sold so we are not sure what the Lord has in store for us. We just got word that the house we were hoping to buy in Picture Butte has an offer on it but I'm not sure how firm that is. I tried to call the Real Estate fellow that was showing us the house but he hasn't called back yet.
It is going to be a quiet Christmas around here for sure this year. Wendy is working on Christmas eve from 6:30pm to 6:30 am. so I believe she will be sleeping Christmas morning for a while. Then she will be off for 4 days so that is good. I guess I'll be going to the Christmas eve service by myself.
Well didn't finish this so might just as well add to it eh?
We had a kidless Christmas this year. sigh . Wendy slept until about 12:30 and then she went and picked up her sister and her 3 children. We had dinner about 4pm. Then played a few games and talked about a lot of nothing. just had a good old relaxing time. Wendy took them home about 11:30pm and that was our Christmas day. It was a good day and we had fun with the kids. I really missed all our kids but I guess that s life eh?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Morning . Dec.17, 2007

Where has the year gone? Here it is only7 more days before Christmas. It will be the first year with out kids for Christmas.(sigh) Mandy and Jorge will be in Concepion Chile with Jorge family. Kristy and Bob will be in South Africa and Tanya and Tom and the kids are in Lethbridge.
Wendy has to work the night shift on the 24th so she will be home on Christmas day about 7:00am. Oh well I'm sure the Lord has it all planned out for us. We are still waiting for someone to make an offer on our beautiful little old house.
Today is going to be a busy one for me. I play with the Kompanions at the River Bend Nursing Home today at 2:00pm. so I have to get my amp, harmonicas and all the equipment ready and loaded in the car to go. I have to go to St Albert and pick up Henk and then we head to the south side to be there and set up about 1:00pm. It usually takes us about 3/4 of and hour to set all the amps and music stands and get everything wired in. It is usually a lot of fun and as long as the people enjoy it that will make our day worth while. Today we will do a lot of Christmas songs.
Well I should get ready so I won't be late. I pray that you will all have a great day.
God bless you all.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday December 15th. 2007

Well here I am again and don't really have a lot to write about. Well that is probably not true there is a lot I could write about but just don't feel like it. I seem to have lost interest in a lot of things lately. Maybe just getting old or just plain stupid. Probably the later is more the truth who knows.
Well our house still hasn't sold and Wendy has a job in Lethbridge and who knows where that is going to lead us. I don't seem to have any control over it anyway so just go with the flow I guess.
Well anyway I finished painting the hall way that goes downstairs. I have been going to do that for a long time but just didn't have the energy. Well maybe tomorrow I'll give it a second coat and that should be the last thing that I do in this old house. If it sells. I guess the next guy will have to do the painting someday eh? I guess it's all in the Lords hands and he doesn't seem to be in any rush so guess I should just sit back and wait and see what he has planned for us.
Hope you all have a great day.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 1,2007

So where did the months go. Boy it has been a while since I blogged eh? Well I have to tell you all that I am finally feeling better. It has been a long 4 months. I still don't have all my energy back but it is coming slow but sure. I had a bladder infection that set me back a few weeks but I am over that now. It has taken a lot longer than I expected. I go for another PSA test on Dec. 14th. I have been staying pretty close to home since the operation. Wendy was waiting on me a lot and I kind of liked that but I think it has stopped a bit lately. Wendy has her name on the list for a new hip so when that happens I hope I can do lots for her until she is healed. She has been my strength through all of this. Thanks sweetie.
Well lets see what can I write about. I put a new set of kitchen faucets in our kitchen yesterday. I had to put new drains in our sinks as they were pretty old and when I put a little pressure on the pipe yesterday one broke and while repairing that one the other broke. sigh I think I went to Canadian Tire yesterday 4 times for parts. I think it would have been cheaper and a lot easier to call a plumber. In fact I did call one but he didn't seem to be to anxious to come over but did give me instruction on how to shut the water off . Thursday evening while finishing up the dishes about 9:30 pm. I went to shut the hot water off and it would not stop running. Something happen to the cartriage and it wouldn't shut off. I quickly ran down stairs to shut the water off in the house and the handle on the valve broke in my hand. Guess its been a long time since we shut the water off eh? I went back up stairs and got a pair of vice grips and tried to use them but it wouldn't even move so I went back up stairs and fooled around with the hot water tap and finally got it shut off. I thought good I'll wait until morning and call my plumber friend Ray. Well when I called him at 8 am. he suggested that I try again to shut the water off and told me how to do it and it worked.
Today Wendy and I spent about 3 hours looking at houses on the internet. Sure is a lot of houses for sale. Tonight we are going out to dinner with some friends and then I have to go to the Dutch Club and help them with their Christmas dance.
I have been practicing my harmonica a lot lately just maybe I get good eh? I think we have a few gigs this month and then we play on New Years Eve. If I sell my house and move I think the one thing that I'll miss the most is playing with the guys. For a bunch of old farts they are the greatest and for sure I will miss playing the gigs and practicing with them. I have been playing with them for the last 10 or 11 years now. I'm sure they will find someone to replace me.
Anyway I am feeling better and I think I'll be getting out a bit more now. Christmas is coming and I'm getting fat. Got to get out and do a lot more walking and maybe volunteering at the Church again eh? Staying home to much makes me grumpy as if I need and excuse eh?
Well we started our Mens group up again last Wednesday and that was great. There were 8 of us. Well I think thats about all I can think of to write about right now. I pray that you'll all have a great day and that God will bless each one of you reading this. Oh I am going to post a picture on this to show you how dangerous it is living with Wendy. Ha ha