Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26,2009

This morning I went to church by my self because Wendy had worked last night and was sleeping when I left. I stopped by Tanya's and picked up Kellen and Adriana because Tom had gone to church early as he was playing on the worship team so he went in early and took Erylin with him. Tanya had little Amelie home sick with a fever so they didn't go. After church I took Kellen home and chatted with Tanya for a bit and then Adriana came home with me and we had lunch. Wendy made a Sheppards pie for supper at the church tonight. We had a pot luck supper at the church and a couple and their family who are missionaries in Russia (St Petersburge) spoke after supper. There was lots of good food and fellowship there for sure. We had a great time.
Wendy has to work in the morning and I have a doctors appointment at 10am. So we will probably hit the sack early.
On Thursday Wendy and I went to the senior center. They meet once a month and celebrate all the birthdays for the month of April. They have cake and coffee and usually have some sort of entertainment. They had a fellow who had a key board and he played a guitar with the music he had recorded on the keyboard. I talked to him after and mentioned that I play the Harmonica and he said we should get together and jam a bit and see if we could put something together as he don't like playing by himself. We are getting together this coming weekend. So who knows maybe I will be playing with him if we can make it work. He also sings. He plays a lot of the old songs and I know most of what he plays. Who knows maybe it will be the bigining of something eh? I am really looking forward to next weekend. It has been a year since we left Edmonton and I really miss the music. I practice at home some times but it is not the same and not much fun by yourself. We bought a new keyboard and I have to learn how to play that. It has a pre programed rythem section and I can record on it also. Hopefully I'm not to old to learn how to play it a bit eh? I think it will be fun learning.
Well that's all for now folks so until next time I pray that you will all have a great day and God Bless you all.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23,2009

Yesterday was a bit windy but a warm day. I took 2 loads of tree branches and stuff that I raked up off the lawns to the dump. It was nice and warm and it was fun to be outside. Today we woke up to a real dump of snow and -3 temperature. It started about 7 pm. last night. The wind blew really hard all night and it snow until this morning. We had about 4 to 5 inches on the ground and about 14 inches on top of my truck where it blew off the garage roof and onto the truck. Right now it is about 6C and the snow is melting. Hopefully it will all melt. Yesterday I mowed the front and the back lawn with my new tractor. It didn't take long with the 42" mower. Guess I'll have to wait a couple of days before I try to mow the other 2 lawns. The snow should be good for the ground as it is really wet and heavy. A lot of the plants were starting to come up so I hope the snow don't freeze them off.
We had Clayton , Amanda and their 2 little girls over for supper last night and had a great time visiting. Wendy made a beautiful garlic chicken dinner and a trifle to go with it. They had to leave early as it was snowing pretty hard and the roads were starting to get bad.
Today we didn't do much just sort of hung around the house, watched a bit of Tv and then had lunch. I went to the town office here in Picture Butte and applied for a building permit to add about 8 foot to our back room. We want to put some big windows in it so we can sit out there and see the back yard and all the pretty flowers in the summer and the snow in the winter. ha ha. Right now it is just a 6 foot by 14 foot room and the windows are really small and high. Not really a place you would want to sit at the moment.
Wow, here it is 4:25 pm already and it seems like I have done nothing all day. Maybe I should practice my music a bit or try to learn a bit on our new keyboard.

Have a great day and God Bless you all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Today is Easter Monday or the day after Easter. Yesterday Wendy wasn't able to go to church as her leg is still real bad. Mandy, Jorge,Josiah and I went to the 10:30 am. service at UDAC. Tanya, Tom and the kids were there. After the service we all came home here and we had dinner. I had a ham in the oven. I always enjoy having the family here for dinners. After dinner about 3:30pm. everyone went home and now it's just Wendy and I and the dog. Wendy is still having problems with the leg and is going to the doctor tomorrow. It doesn't seem to be getting better.
The other day on Derricks blog I encouraged him to post a recent photo. So I guess I should put a recent photo on my blog.. Derrick looked really good at 60 and I can only look back at 6o as I passed it many years ago. Derrick really looked good with a beard so I thought that I would try one. What do you think Derrick ? Should I keep it?Well have a great day and God Bless you all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday????

Ok lets try this again.Just lost the whole thing. so here we go again
Last night Wendy was having lots of pain in her left hip and knee. The right one is her bad one or it has been up to now. They have told her that she will have to have it operated on soon. I think that she has been favoring the right one and is now putting to much pressure on the left one. Any way yesterday we went for a walk with Mandy and Josiah at Henderson park and maybe it was just too much for her. Last night she didn't sleep at all because of the pain.This morning at 9 am we went to the Lethbridge hospital. They finally took her in at 10:30 and took x rays of both the knee and the hip. They found that she has arthritis in the knee and is causing all the pain that goes from her hip to just below the knee and the fact that she is favoring the other hip doesn't really help either. They gave her a prescription and that seems to help a lot. So about 2:30 we got home and had some lunch. Wendy doesn't complain much so when she says I think we should go to the hospital I know she is really hurting bad.
Well we are trying to keep her off the legs for the moment, not sure how long that will last. ha ha.
Mandy has been down since Sunday and Jorge came down on Thursday evening. They are planning on going home on Sunday after church.
It was a beautiful day here today and after we came home from the hospital we had lunch out in the back and enjoyed the sunshine.
Please pray for Kristy and Bob as they were not able to get all the visa for the students so the Mexico trip is on hold. I believe that Kristy has blogged about it so if you go to her blog that will explain it all there.
Please pray for Wendy that the pain will go away and she will fell better. With Wendy and her both hips giving her trouble and me with my heart we are not a very healthy family at the moment. I am sure that God has it all in control and will show us what will happen next.Please Pray for my daughter Jeanne in New York as she has been ill and is running back and forth to the doctors and there it is very expensive. As most of you know Tanya and Tom are expecting and Tanya hasn't been feel so great so please pray for them also. Well I guess that will keep you busy praying for our family for a while. Sorry about that but we know that pray works and we thank you for that. Have a great day and God Bless you all.
Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.