Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday June 23,2009

Today is looking like it is going to be a beautiful day. We had a real good rain yesterday. It rained all day and the ground really needed it. We haven't had rain in a long time. Just walked out back and looked at my garden and it has really grown in the last few day. Guess the rain helped.

I have been keeping busy in a slow sort of way taking apart our sun room. Day before yesterday I filled in the holes for the footing and leveled that off and I put up a 2x10x14 foot beam with Wendy's help. Today I am going to try to get the rest of the wall down and put up a 2x8 beam to hold up the 2x4's on the roof. I don't want to put a post in the center.

Wendy has been busy if you read her blog hoeing the garden and did a really nice job. She has a couple of blisters on her thumbs to prove it. I think she really enjoys our back yard and garden. Our flowers are beautiful and she has planted some more nice plants in our rock garden. She is such a sweetie and is always busy doing something to make it look nice. Thanks babe.

Our son in-law Bob got home last Wed. His grandfather passed away so he flew home for the funeral. He had to leave Kristy there to finish the DST. She is flying home here on July 7th. Can't wait to see her, it has been over a year since she left. Well almost a year I guess.

Still not feeling great but am able to do a little at a time. Got to learn to pace myself I guess. I am playing Harmonica with a fellow (Barry) and am really enjoying that. Trying to learn his style and some new song's but am really enjoying it.
We had Adriana and Erylin over for a sleep over and that was fun. They are growing up so fast. Guess we will have Amelie and Kellen over next week. Little Isabelle is still a bit young for a sleepover but soon I think.

I have really enjoyed my new garden tractor and mower. Sure makes mowing the grass easy and I am not even tired when I finish. I mow all 4 lawns in half the time it used to take me.

I went to the cancer doctor on Thursday and my PSA was a bit high but he said that he wasn't to concerned and hopefully it will go back down in the next 6 months.

Still haven't seen the heart doctor yet but am going to call today and see what is happening with that. Not sure if I should change doctors now but this guy is a bit slow. Well as long as I take it easy I guess I'll be ok for a while.
Well I ain't getting anything done sitting here at this silly old computer so guess I should get going.

Have a great day and God Bless you all.