Monday, February 26, 2007

Hi everyone. Well it´s still hard to believe that we are here in Chile. We are fine and things are going real well. We went to see some boats at the Navy base andsome Seals and then went downtown here in Concepcion and had a complato ( big hot dog with all the trimings). Then we let for Pichilemu and met with Mandy and Jorge´s leaders. Oh on the way we stopped at Torroes winery. That was fun.( bought some wine) Then we went house hunting and they found a beautiful little cabin that they are going to rent. We went downtown and walked around and both Mum and I got sunburned. We only spent about and hour on the beach but that was all we need I guess. The sun seems to be much hotter here. The people at the base were so nice. We went out for dinner ad then went back to our cabin and then we left on Sunday morning for our 6 hour drive home. Last night we went for pizza and then walked around and went to the bank. Then Jorge took us on a mini tour of Concepcion. Joege Mom and dad and his sisters are so nice. We are staying with his grandpa and grandma right next door to his dad. They are such a sweet coiuple. Today Mandy and mumand Jorge´s mom are going downtown to do women things and Jorge and I are going to do some men things. Haha.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am in Chile Now

Hi everyone. Can you believe it here I am in Chile. We arrived here this morning about 10.30am. We left yesterday afternoon and drove to Blackfalds and took Madison to the kennels then went to Kristy and Bob´s for supper and we stayed with them until 3:00am then they took us to Edmonton airport. When we went out to start the car at 3 am. guess what? The car wouldn´t start and we had to unload everything to Bob´s car then go. We had a good but tiring trip because it was so long. We left Edmonton at 6 am. on Tueday morning and got here on Wed. morning at 10:30 am. We didn´t sleep but we sure ate a lot. Mandy and Jorge picked us up at the airport and we came home to Jorge´s family. We met his Mum, Dad and 2 sisters and his grandpa and his grandma. Wonderful people. They made us feel so welcome. We were served a beautiful lunch about 1:00pm then we went downtown and saw some of the small stores and came back to his Dad´s home for more to eat. Will probably have an early night as both of us are a bit tired.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Thursday

Wendy got home at 7 and went to bed and I got up. Crazy life eh? I called a friend (Nelsen Rust) who just had another stroke and I took him out for coffee. He was all excited about going for coffee. Guess he hasn't done much since his stroke. This is the second one for him but he seems to be doing okay. He is 3 years older than me. Then I came home and cleaned out my garage and shed of all the bottles and cans. Can you believe it I have about $60.00 worth of bottles and cans. My poor little Ranger is totally full. A lot of the bottles were from Mandy's wedding. Then I went over to the bowling ally and pre bowled for next week. Did pretty good. First game was 180, second was 185 and the last was 210. The boys well be proud of me I hope. Then I came home and watched a bit of CSI with Wendy before she went to work. Then I went and picked up our Meds. for the trip. The lady scared me and said it was $666.00 but added it only cost me $82.00. Good thing we have insurance that pays most of that. If I had to pay that we wouldn't be able to go on a trip for sure. Just shows how God supplies thing for us eh? Then I got a call that Ralph McQueen's Dad is in the hospital so I e-mailed all the guys in the men's group so they are all praying for him. Had some supper , played a bit on the Harmonica and then fell asleep on the couch for about 2 hours. Now I'm wide awake and I should be going to bed. (Sigh)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday Morning

Wow it has been about a week since I posted . How time flies even when you not having fun. Well I still haven't heard from the doctor yet about the test so maybe no news is good news. I am going to bowl this morning at 9am. Boy is it cold here -20 degrees. I just had to go out and put the garbage out as I missed him last week. We took Mandy and Jorge to the airport on Monday so it has been quiet and sad around here for the last couple of days. Mattie keeps wining at the bedroom door waiting for Jorge to come out. Mandy and Jorge were home last night and they were on MSN for about 35 minutes. We have a web cam so I could see them and talk to them as well. The connection was real good. It sure is cheaper than a phone call. Well I have lots of things that I have to do today so I had better get started. Maybe if you have time you can pray that the doctor will give me good news. I feel real good so that should be a good sign eh?? Got a few songs I should practice today as we are making a new CD soon. Have a great day. Here is a picture of the three of us and Mandy taken a while back. As you can see the boys are playing large harmonicas.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wed. What a Day

To start off with I had to go to the hospital at 9:45 to do some prostate test. (Not fun) Then I came home and veged out for the rest of the day. Didn't really feel like doing to much. Then Mandy made dinner for us. She is really getting to be a good cook. Tonight she made chicken in a sauce that was just awesome and some rice with peppers and garlic. It was all too good. I ate too much. Then at 7pm. our men's group showed up. I have a men's group that's meets every Wed. evening. We started it back in 1992 and is still going. We have about 8 or 9 guys every week. What an awesome bunch of God loving men they are. The all love the Lord and their love for each other is just so neat. It has been fun just watching them grow over the years. Just hearing them talk about the people they meet and the people they tell about Jesus it just blows me away and the way they pray for each other many times brings tears to my eyes. Every time we meet it's such a blessing.
Wendy is working and won't be home until 7 am.(Sigh)Wish she didn't have to work but she just loves what she does so that's a good thing.
I didn't get to bowl today because of the hospital thing. (Sigh)Well I guess I have to think about Tanya's new challenge (Motion) how do you take a picture about motion????? Oh well sounds like fun eh? Have a great day all.