Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Morning and all is not going well yet today.

Well this morning as I got up I thought what a beautiful day and I don't have a job to do so I am going to just do what I want when I want. Ha ha. So off I went to Hap's for breakfast and then to the bank and drew out some money then I got back into the truck and yep you guessed it. It wouldn't start so I call AMA and had my truck towed to Denny Andrews and of course the lady said that I could call on Tuesday and explain what was wrong with it because it is coming up on the long weekend and they would not be able to even look at until Tuesday. Make my day lady. She was very pleasant and had a big smile on her face. Not sure I did but I kept my cool. She was just doing her job and it wasn't her fault that I was standing at the counter with a problem. So off I went with the truck driver who said that if I wanted a rid e to 87 Th.ave. he was going that way. Madison and I hopped in and off we went to 87Th Ave. Then after a short walk home here I am safe and sound. A bit discouraged but all and all fine. Guess there is lots of things that I can do around the house like put all the deck furniture back on the deck because it is all on the lawn because I stained the deck the other day. Maybe after I set in the sun for a while I can mow the lawn and it looks like it needs it or clean out my shop. Oops all my tools are in the truck so maybe I should get them sometime today if our Saturn will run.(sigh) I have to call the Saturn people and see when they can take it in because the coolant light keeps coming on and that's not a good thing eh???Again a long week end so that won't happen(sigh). The good thing is I don't really have to be anyplace for the next few days and my legs and feet are still strong and I feel good. What more could I ask for eh???I hope you all have a great day and a happy long weekend. Love you all. God Bless each one of you that reads this and remember God is in control.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Going to Retire for a little while I hope.

Well I am going to try to Retire again for a while. I have been working too much and not doing anything that I like to do like bowling, going out to the lake and fishing, going to stock car races or just hanging out with the guys for coffee.
Got lots of little things that I can keep busy with doing around the house that need to be done on rainy days or when I have nothing else to do eh? My shop needs cleaning real bad. My back yard is so pretty right now with all the flowers and I'm not enjoying that either. I want to take some time and just sit in the sun and enjoy watching the birds as they come to our fountain's. Maybe take a few pictures or just sit in the sun with Wendy when she is home or do something with her when she is off. I should go out with some of my friends from our men's group for coffee.
I finished a deck today for Karen (Hessel's daughter) and for the last 2 weeks I have been putting down a laminate floor for my friend Henk, fixing doors for a lady, helping another friend with his shed, helping at Beulah serving the Seniors lunch. I did get time to stain my flower pots, bench and deck (between jobs). We have been busy playing a little bit(a birthday party in Devon and at the Lynwood and I think we have another gig at the Dutch club on July 6. I also played for the Seniors lunch on Tuesday morning.
Kristy and Bob are going to move in with us in July and stay until they go to South Africa and I want to spend some time with them and my Grandchildren and Tanya and Tom.
Well I guess I am just rambling on so I should call it a night and print this eh? Hope you all have a great day tomorrow and May God Bless you all.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday evening and all is well.

It's has been a busy but relaxing day. Went to church this morning. My friend Charles Sharman sang with a quartet in service and they are really good. Then after church I ran to the Pet store and bought some dog food which we needed. I 'm sure Maddy is happy about that. She is a good old mutt. Then went to Safeway and bought a few things and guess what (no cakes or sweet things) for a change. The doctor told me that I should not gain any weight before the operation and then he added that it would be good if I lost some.LOL . Came home grabbed a few shrimp and put them on the BBQ as Wendy was not eating. Then watched a bit of Nasscar Racing for a while. Something happened to the early part of the race but then the picture came back on about half way through the race so I did get to see the end. Guess I need a new TV eh???Then we talked to Wendy's Brother and his wife on the phone for a while and then my friend Bob Couture from New York called and him and I chatted for a while. He calls about 2 or 3 times a month or I call him. We have been friends for many years. Now Wendy is watching her lap top and I am playing on the computer for a little while. Tomorrow I go to breakfast with the Seniors and then I have to go fix a bifold door for a lady and then go to St Albert and start a small 16 x20 deck. That should take me a day or so. I'll probably only work 2 or 3 hours. Wendy is off so hopefully we can do something together. She's kind of cute and I enjoy doing things with her on her days off. I think I'll do a bit of practicing on the Harmonica for a little while and then call it a day. God Bless you all.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Afternoon

Today I went to see Dr. Estey at the Hy Center building on 101 street and 110 ave. Got in at 9 am and didn't have much of a wait and then we were in his office. He told us what the side effects were and the other things that could possibly happen after an operation like this. I guess everyone that has an operation hopes and prays that they won't be in the 20% bracket. So I have a 1 in 5 chance of coming out with every thing working well after the operation. (HOPE & PRAY).
operation He did say again that it was a slow acting cancer and that he thought that we should be able to get it done some time in September. Then he sent us to the lady at the desk and she gave me an appointment for September the 17Th. at the Royal Alex Hospital. She explained that in the event of someone canceling we could be move up to an early date or a later date depending on the hospital, like a day or 2 one way or the other. He did say that he will be doing the Laprascopy where they go in with 2 small hole in the stomach area. He said that usually you are in the hospital about 2 days and then you go home. He did say that the recovery time was about 2 weeks if all goes well.Well it is very hot here but it looks like there might be a storm coming. Madison thinks so anyway. Well I think I will just lay around and take it easy for the rest of the day. Bob and Kristy are off to BC on a bit of a Holiday. Good for them. I pray that they will have a fun time together and with their friends.
Well that my store for today and I sticking with it. Bye for now

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon

This morning I went to breakfast with my friend Ron at Cody's on 149 street and Stony Plain Road. Ron is such a nice guy and is always worried about other people. It's good to have friends like him. I went to St. Albert at 9:30 and worked on Henk's stairs until 4:30 then came home to a real nice supper Kristy prepared( Garlic Chicken). My best friend for years now (Ed) called and asked how I was doing and when I go to see the doctor. It is nice to know that your friends care about what is happening in your life. Last night we practiced at The Dutch Club and all the guys are concerned about my cancer situation and some said they will be praying for me. Thanks guys. One more day and I hope to finish Henk's floor and then on Thursday morning at 9:00am I am off to see Dr Estay and hopefully get a date for the surgery. Hope and Pray that God has Blessed you all today. Bye for now . Please Pray for Wendy. If you read her blog it will explain why she needs prayer. Thanks

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Evening

Well here it is the end of the week again already. It has been a busy one for me. Today I went to breakfast with my friend Art at Happ's and then at 9 am. I headed out to my other friend Art (Barns) to help him with his shed that he is building. He had the wall all pre fabed. He built them the other day all by himself. Today we put them together and fastened them to the floor. We had a bit of a time to get them all straight. He is building it all out of junk wood that he is getting from different job site that he cleans up. They throw away lot of short pieces up to 4 ft. long. Some are just dirty and some have nail holes in and some there is nothing wrong except they are not quite 4 ft. long. His wall are made of 2x4 3ft.4 inches. and then we put them together to make a 6ft. 8 inch wall. It worked out real well. Then we went to Subway and had a sub and I headed home. Oh Art gave me a beautiful tool. It has lots of uses and all in a little pouch that goes on your belt. It is a multi purpose tool with a saw blade, pliers, different screw drivers, and all and I'm not even sure what else it has yet. Then I came home and mowed our lawn, then I just sat in the Sun for about an hour. It felt real good to just lay in the sun and take it easy for a change. All week I have been working for my buddy Henk putting laminate floor down in his house. We still have a couple of days to go but not until next week Monday or Tuesday. Then tonight I came down stairs after Wendy went to work and I practiced my harmonica because we have a gig tomorrow night in Devon. We are playing at a birthday party for a lady. It is her 75 th birthday I think and we will be her surprise. Tomorrow I have a deck to scrap dawn and stain and some flower boxes . Then my work around the house should be complete enough for me to go to the Lake for a couple of day and do a little fishing. Our back yard is beautiful. Well I think I will go up stairs and get some Ice Cream and watch a little TV and then hit the sack and call it a day. Oh a little update on my sister who had a couple of mini strokes last week. She is home now and says she is feeling fine. They have her on blood thinners of some kind but she assured me she was doing okay. I'd like to fly down for a week but I have an appointment with the surgeon on the 21st. and I don't want to miss that. I have been waiting long enough. Well I'm out of here . That my story and I'm sticking to it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Morning

Well it is Thursday morning and all is well. I have a little silly story to tell. On Tuesday I went to see my friend Hess at The Golden Hour Clock shop. I went to see him because he called and told me that My wife's clock was ready and that I should stop and have coffee with him which we often do. Tuesday afternoon after doing a lot of little things that I had to do I decided to go to the clock shop and have coffee and pick up the clock. Got to the clock shop had coffee, sat and chatted with Hess about a lot of everything but not much of anything if you get my drift. The usual, kids, cars, friends,clocks, money (how little we make and how much we spend) and how fast it goes,wives,( how sweet they are and how Lucky we are to have them )operations we had and what we will have and then a customer came in and I decided that I had taken up enough of Hess's time so home I went. When I got home I read the little note I had written when he called me that said (Pick up Clock) Guess what is still sitting in his shop? I guess you would call that a Senior Moment eh? Well maybe I'll stop in and get the clock sometime today. Got to go to St Albert and try to finish Henk's floor.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday evening

Well I talked to my sister Betty on the phone tonight. My brother e-mailed me her phone number at the hospital in Florida. She sounded real good and says she is feeling really good. She says that the strokes she had were mini strokes and she has no problem talking ,walking or with her arm. everything seems to be okay now. Thanks you everyone for your prayers.She says she might be able to go home tomorrow. I'll keep you all updated . Have a great day. Love you all.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday on Lefthbridge

Hi Merlin& Betty. I have tried to access my e-mail but for some reason it won't work down here.
I was wondering if you heard any more about Sis?? Is she alright or what. I she still in the hospital?Maybe shaw cable is just down at the moment. Who knows?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Evening.

Well I have been real busy putting a floor(laminated flooring) down for my friend Henk. It sure looks nice if I must say so myself. I started on Monday but being retired I don't do the 8 to 5 thing. I think I worked 6 hours Monday, 5 hours Tuesday, 5 hours Wed, and 7 hours today so we finished the living room and hall way and 2 closets. I don't know how many boxes of floor we put down but my knees tells me it must have been about 20. His floor is different it is only 5 inches wide and 54 inches long. Well at least he can put his furniture back in place now.
Then I came home grabbed a bite to eat and took Wendy to work then went to Safeway and picked up my meds. then off we went to Parkland kennels and dropped Madison off. She really didn't want to get out of the car when we got there but with her head down and walked very slowly we went in. Barked as I was leaving, like to say don't forget to come back and get me.
Today when I got home from Henks I had to call my brother Merlin in Reno and he informed me that my sister in Tampa Florida had a stroke today and was in hospital there. Her daughter Renee called him and told him that this morning they were sitting at the table and Sis said that she wasn't feeling just right. She said she felt real dizzy. Then she went to get up and fell on the floor. Renee quickly called 911 and with in a few minutes they were there and took her to the hospital. He said she was in stable condition and in intense care. He is going to call me tomorrow in Lethbridge and give me an update. If you find time please pray for her . Her name is Betty and she is 8 years younger that I am. Well that all for today.Guess I 'll try to get a good night sleep.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Evening

Hi everyone. It's me again. Well today was a busy day but a fun day. Went to church and listen to Pastor Keith. Real good sermon as usual and I had a treat sitting with my beautiful wife for a change. Usually she is working at the Comp center or working in the book store so I have to sit along. Well I usually find (someone) to sit with. Last week it was Kristy as she was up and stayed over night the night before. After service there was an older lady and I'm never can remember her name but she has been at Beulah forever and she said (Oh Hi Floyd was that another one of your daughters sitting with you today.) LOL When I told her it was my wife she said (Wendy??) and then she got all red and said that she was sitting in the back and her eye sight wasn't so good any more. I told her Wendy is looking younger every day and then off she went. Then I had to count as I was Head teller today. We have an awesome crew on the first Sunday of the Month and I really enjoy working with them. It is Lisa, Brenda, Darryl, John and Vern. What a fun and Godly bunch. You got to love them and real good at what they are doing.
Well then I came home about 2:00pm. and Wendy had made lunch. After that I sat out in the beautiful sun for a little while but it was kind of hot so then I watched a bit of TV or should I say listened to the TV with my eyes closed. I'm trying to save my eyes for when I get old. Ha ha. I did watch a bit of (So You think you can dance) or something like that. Then Kristy and Cassie came over for a little while and after they left I went to Safeway and bought some meat for supper. I cooked some shish'kabobs using Tomatoes,Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Red and Green peppers, Onions and Small potatoes and Beef. Sure was good. Oh we talked to Mandy and Jorge for a while this afternoon too. Sure do miss that pair.
Well I should do a bit of practicing the Harmonica and then I should go out and water our plants and flowers in our back yard. Tomorrow will be another busy day. It will be Breakfast with the Seniors and then off to St Albert and help my friend Henk put down some Laminate floor in his living room hall and stairs. Guess that will take a few days. Maybe tomorrow evening I will still have enough energy to scrap some stain off my deck and stain it again as it needs it really bad. I have some flower boxes to do too. Oh well there is always another day eh? Wish you were here Jorge. It's not so much fun working by myself and going to breakfast by myself at A&W.(sigh)
Well that's my story and I sticking to it. God Bless all you guys that read this silly Blog.
Love you all.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Well today was a beautiful day and I might add a bit warm. This morning at 9 my friend Art came over and off we went the 2 (old retired guys) to work. I had a what I thought was a small job putting the eve troughs that I picked up the other day on a garage. Art called yesterday and said I shouldn't be climbing around on ladders all by myself so over he came. What a guy. I guess it makes sense that it is better to have 2 old guys on ladders instead of 1 eh? Ha ha. I was glad that he came to help It would have taken me all day by myself. It took the 2 of us 6 hours. 26 foot eve trough is a bit hard to handle by yourself. I put up one piece 26foot 8 inch on my house yesterday by myself and it is a bit of a challenge. What I had to do was put a screw in about 6foot from one end and put a string on the trough and tie it off short then go to the other end and lift it up close to where I wanted it and put a screw in that end. Then go back to the other end and take the string off and put a screw in to hold that, then it was a breeze from there on. I think I only had to go up and down the ladder about 25 times. I guess I am just thank full that I can still climb ladders at my age.
Our back yard is just beautiful right now with all the flowers and the Lilacs are all out now and smell so nice.
Wendy is off to meet her sister and then she has to go to work at 10pm. until 2am. Guess they are short staff in the office.
Well after a day on the ladders I thought that I would just come down and relax and play a bit music. I enjoy playing. I'm not sure if Madison is enjoying it or just putting up with it ???
Oh well I hope she likes it. Who knows eh?
Well it is getting late and I should get my beauty sleep right. Lord knows I need it.
I pray you will all have a blessed evening.