Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Afternoon. September 29th.2007

Well we have had a ball with 3 sometimes silly girls for a whole week. Only one more sleep and then our house will be back to it's quiet old self. Not sure I'm going to happy about that. It has been such fun listening to the girls chatter(like their Mum)and (their aunty's). It sure brought back some good old memories. Wendy a few times called them Tanya and Mandy but the girls got a laugh out of that. Adriana is 10 going on 15, Erilyn is 7 going on 12 and Amelie is 3 years and rules the roost or tries to anyway. They sure were good girls and we enjoyed them so much maybe we won't send them home. I think Papa 's candy box took a real beating and needs to be replenished. Not mush left in it now. One of the big things was when Papa said 2 pieces each there was always a little voice that said why only 2 papa what about maybe 4 pieces. I guess there was too much of a verity in there eh? All and all I think they had a great and Gram did a lot of things with them too. Today Gram took them to the Zoo as I had to go to St. Albert and play a gig with the Harmonika Rascals . It was a really good time there and the people just loved it. It was a fun raiser for the CNIB of St Albert. They had a really good turn out for this being their first year. Our Cord player Henk helped with all the setting up and organizing as he is a member of the CNIB. Wendy and the girls are over to Aunty C's right now and will be back later for supper. Well that's my story for today and I'm sticking to it. Love you all and May God Bless you all. If your reading our blog give us a comment or you can always e-mail us anytime . Would love to hear from you.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Good News this morning

This morning I went to the doctor at 9:15am. worried because I have not been feeling so well in the past week but God is good. The doctor came into the room and said he had some good news for me and then told me that my PSA was (zero). Sure took a load off my shoulders. He said that the things I have been feeling are normal and that made me feel better too. Why is it that we worry? God says trust in me. Guess I have to get back on my knees more often. Thank you Lord.
This morning after I came back from the doctors and went bowling. I bowled really good and felt good doing it. The first game was 223 then 244 and 171 and 179 . Not bad for an old man eh?? Well I feel so good I think I'll go do something other than play on this old computer. Have a great day.
May God Bless all of you .

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday evening in Lethbridge

Wow only one more sleep and we are headed back home. It sure has been fun with the grand kids. Well sometimes a little loud. Guess we are not used to having little ones around the house eh? Little Amelie is so excited about going home with us in Gramme's red car. She was ready and packed on Monday. Wendy and Tanya have been busy on their lap tops organizing their photo's of the kids. We have played a few games and watched a few Corner Gas season 4. and lots of Wiggles.
Little Isabella is getting so big or it seems that way. She sure is a little sweetheart. I think Kellen has grown since we got here too. He is one live wire. Kellen and Amelie are so full of energy. They keep everyone hopping. What a busy pair. We are not used to having a 2 year old and a 3 year old and a little 9 day old around. It has been good to spend some time with Tanya and Tom. Yesterday Tom and I went bowling but the alleys aren't the greatest but we had fun anyway. We are probably leaving fairly early tomorrow morning because Tom's Dad will bring Adriana and Erilyn to our house as soon as we get home. They have been up at John and Mary's since Sunday and will now spend a week with us. That will be fun for us having 3 little girls in our house for a week. That should bring back old time eh? Well Adriana is not so little anymore and if she heard me say she was little I would get the bad eye for sure. They sure are a pretty lot and Papa is proud of all of them.
Well the little ones are down and Wendy and Tanya are making cookies and we are getting ready to play another game tonight. Maybe I'll get lucky and win tonight eh? Not sure what we are going to be playing tonight. Normally I don't play board game but I am starting to enjoy them. Must be getting old eh? I had better get this posted and clear the table for the game . Good night and God Bless you all.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday morning.Sept.18th.

Well here I am in Lethbridge where I have been since Wednesday evening. Well actually I left Edmonton on Wed. but didn't get here until Thursday morning early(about 1:30am). I have another new grand baby. Little Isabella Blanch Lister. She sure is a pretty one and good size too. She was born about 2:21am. Check Wendy's blog. She has posted a few pictures of her. Thursday morning. Wendy was afraid that we wouldn't be here in Lethbridge to be with Tanya when the baby came but we were here about 1 hour before. God guided us safely here in plenty of time. She is a beautiful little (cookie cutter) Lister baby. She looks just like the rest of them. They would have no trouble picking her out of a crowd. Tanya is doing well but the 2 little ones seem to be wondering what all the fuss is about and why ain't Mum paying more attention to me?? Little Amelie(our 3 year old) want to hold her all the time(sigh). Things are slowly getting back to normal I think(not sure because I don't live here) ha ha. The two older girls went with their Grandfather and Grandmother (Toms Dad and Mom) to stay for a week and then they are going to stay at our house for another week. We are going to bring little Amelie with us when we come home. Going from 4 down to just a 2 year old and a baby might be a bit of an adjustment. I guess that will give Tanya and Tom a bit of a break but not sure they won't really miss them. Little Adriana is a lot of help to her Mum(she is 10 years old) but does lots of things to help Mum out with the babies.
Not sure what we are doing today but maybe it will be a good day for a long walk with the babies. Amelie and Kellen are so full of energy they tire me out just watching them. It is good that Wendy and I can be here to give them a little help. Hopefully they think it is good too eh?

We are waiting to hear from Kristy and Bob who are in Africa now. Last we heard they were in an airport in England. If you check Kristy blog I think she updated on Saturday telling about the fun time they were having at her uncle Pat and aunt Mary's. I think they have posted some pictures also. I was hoping that Mandy an Jorge would update their blog but they are really busy with the school starting and everything.

I haven't been feeling great but am feeling really good yesterday and today. I have to be back for a doctors appointment on Monday morning.
Well it is partly Sunny and only about 6 C. out right now but hopefully it will get nice and the temp will go up.
Well that's my story for today and I'm sticking to it. Have a great day and May God bless all of you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back from the airport.

Well we took Kristy and Bob to the airport and said our good by's. There were a few tears. It is hard to send your daughters off to another country so far away. Kristy always said she couldn't be more than 2 hours away from us but now she will be gone for 6 months. How will we survive? Sigh
God has been so good to us all and to see how He is working in their in the lives of our children just makes me praise Him more everyday. Thank you Lord for our children and thank you that they are following you. Help them to be your shining light. We are so proud of all of them.
Well now I guess we will be heading to Lethbridge soon . Can't wait.

Well that's all for today. Twice in one day that's a new record for me. eh???

September 11,2007

Wow how time just flies. Today Kristy and Bob are flying out this afternoon at 7pm. Where did the time go. We have been so busy lately running to Red Deer and Blackfalds and going to see people and having people over at our house. Guess things will slow down starting tomorrow. We are waiting for a phone call from Tanya now any time saying that little Bella is coming. It is a bit exciting to say the least.
Well let's see where do I start. Ok I am feeling pretty good and went and got a blood test yesterday. I have an appointment on Sept.24th to see Dr. Estay. Last Saturday we drove to Red Deer for a birthday Surprise birthday party for Bob. there were lots of people there and everything went well. We got a little rain half way through the party but it didn't last to long. Then on Sunday we drove to Blackfalds to Kentwood Alliance and went to service there. Everyone said good by to Kristy and Bob and after that we all went to a friend of Kristy and Bob's for a BBQ. There was lots of people there and it was so good to see their friends giving a them a send off so to speak. They sure will have lots of people praying for them after they go.
Their visa's came in at Blackfalds post office so Kristy and Bob had to drive back down there and pick them up. Another answer to pray eh?
it will be real hard for Wendy and Kristy to say good by this afternoon.
the Lord has been so good to them and just to watch Him work in their live is so exciting. Thank you Lord. We sill for sure miss them as they will be gone for 6 months and who knows where the Lord will take them from there. I'm tough so it won't bother me me. LOL
I think both Wendy and Kristy will be basket cases for a few hours after we leave the airport. They are flying to London for 5 day so that will be fun and they will get to see some of Kristy's relatives. Then they are meeting some friends from Blackfalds and spend a day with them before they fly out to Africa. God has answered so many of their prayers and I'm sure he has a lot more in store for them as they go to the DTS. I know God will continually Bless them on their journey. It has to be so exciting for both of them and it will be a big adjustment for them also.
We will be praying for them every day.Now we have one daughter and son in-law in Chile and will have a daughter and his schooling.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I hope and pray that he will find a job close by but who knows where God will send them. Guess I had better learn to like traveling eh? hahaha and I do. Well I have lot s of things to do and not much time to do them so I am going to end this blog and get started doing things. I have to mow the lawn for sure as it is still growing and need cutting.
Until next time have a Blessed day. God bless you all.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Sept.3, 2007

Well here it is Sept. 3rd. already. Where does the time go? It has been a while since I blogged so I hope I haven't forgot how? haha . I have been feeling really good and today I think I am going to go try to bowl a couple of games just to see if I remember how and see if I can do it. I am not going to bowl more than 2 games because I don't want to over do it. Who knows maybe I can only bowl 1. Well on Saturday we went to Beth and Scott's wedding at Beulah. Then at 6 in the evening we went to the reception dinner at the Day's Inn. She sure looked pretty. Then on Sunday we went to lunch with Ed and Betty and Wade and Charlene at Moxie's. I think we ate for an hour and talked for 2hours. Have to do that more often. This morning we all went to the A&W for breakfast with the Seniors. Had a great time. They were all interested in Kristy and Bob and what they are doing and where they are going. They sure are a great bunch of people. They really are a bunch of LOVING and CARING people. I guess I am kind of proud of all of them. God knows we need friends like them. Thank You Lord. Well one of these days soon I have to go out to the lake and check on our trailer. We haven't been out there in a while. Seems like we just have so much to do and now Kristy and Bob are getting ready to fly out on the 11th. of Sept. to Africa. We are waiting for the phone call that will take us to Lethbridge to see our new little granddaughter coming any time now. We are planing a big dinner for Kristy and Bob on Monday because they won't be here for Christmas this year Kristy and Bob want me to cook a turkey dinner for them with all the trimmings. Why not eh? I always cook turkey for Christmas so guess I have one in Sept and one in Lethbridge December. This year we are going to Lethbridge for Christmas if they are still there. Just talked to Mandy on MSN. They are doing fine and said to say HI to all the Seniors. (So Hi All You Seniors) from Mandy and Jorge and don't forget to tell Irene , Vern. Ha haha
Well got to go so I pray you will all have a great day and enjoy the Holiday.