Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec 16, 2010

Wow ! It has been a busy week here. On Sunday after service Wendy and I drove to Calgary and met Bob and Kristy at Ika. Bob has to work until the 22nd. so he brought Kristy down and she is staying until Christmas. Sure is good to have her around. On Monday I had a dentist appointment so that took care of most of the morning. Then I met with Pastor Pete and Wayne for prayer at 11:30am. We meet every week for prayer at the church. Tuesday morning Kristy and I  took Madison into Lethbridge for a bath and a good brushing and got her nails trimmed. After dropping her off Kristy and I went to Smitty's restaurant for breakfast and enjoyed that. Then we went to Wall Mart and bought a couple things . We picked up Madison and brought her home and then Wendy, Kristy and I headed into to Lethbridge again and went to Tanya house. I took Kellen out for lunch at Mac Donald's near where Wendy works. He was really happy about going out with Pa Pa for lunch. I usually take all the grand kids out to lunch for their birthday but we were away when Kellen birthday came up . He sure is a cute little guy and after lunch he got his very own Mac Flurry with smarties.I asked him if he wanted one and he said you mean my very own . I think he thanked me 3 or 4 times. He is such a good little boy. I just love him. He is a bit like his mom and will talk your ear off. I'm half deaf so didn't hear it all but got most of it.
Then yesterday Wendy had to work. I had to play at 2 pm. at Piyami Lodge with Barry. Kristy came along to listen.After we played for about an hour and a half they served all the people, Christmas goodies and drinks. It was quite a large crowd about 45 to 5o people. Most of them live right there  at the lodge. Then after we got home from that we waited for Wendy to get home and went to Pastor Pete and Mary's for supper. That was fun. We got home about 8pm. and then a fellow from church (Dan) came over and we played a bit of music. He got a new guitar and wanted me to hear him play. He does play very well.

Today Wendy went to work again and about 9 am. Kristy and I went into Lethbridge again as Kristy needed to buy a few things at Park Place Mall. Wendy came home at noon . She wasn't feeling that great.  At 1 Wendy and Kristy and I went to church and prayed for about an hour and a half for my son in-law's Dad Jorge Santana. They found out early this week that he had a fairly large tumor in his neck the was wrapped around the brain stem in his neck and needed an operation right away.WE got work this evening that the took out most of the tumor and that he seems to be fine and can move both arms and legs.Praise the Lord.
God has been so good to our family.Jorge Dad is only 53 or 54 years old.
 They said it was a very risky operation and it could have left him paralyzed. We  are all thanking Jesus for giving the doctors the wisdom and knowledge to do this operation. We  serve a gracious God.(Jesus Christ).
Well it is snowing just a little bit but if it snows more I might have to get out the tractor eh? It is getting late and I didn't get to take a nap today. ha ha.
May God bless you all and may you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS. I am going to post a picture of my grand kids. They sure are a cute bunch.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dec.4, 2010

Well here it is December already. Where did the year go? It just seems that it has gone by so fast but when I really think about it I guess we have had a busy year. The first big thing was the earthquake in Chile that kept us wondering for a while. Then Mandy and Jorge and Josiah came here and little Levi was born into the family. Then they went back to Chile and Wendy went with them for 3 weeks. Then Wendy went to Mexico with Adriana, Kristy and Bob after they came home from South Africa. After they came home we went to Texas for a week with Tanya and Tom and little Sophie. I kinda don't remember much about our summer. Seems I was alone most of it. Oh well that how life is I guess.
I have also been busy playing a few gigs with Barry and that has been fun. We just played for a dance a week or so ago at the Moose Club in Lethbridge.and that was lots of fun also. This week has been real busy. Wendy has been working lots of hours and then on Wednesday Wendy had a Women Christmas party at the church and last night Wendy and I went to the Seniors Christmas Dinner her in Picture Butte.We left about 9:20pm. and walked around town because they were having Midnight madness her in Butt.  We only went to 4 or 5 shops. We bought some stuff at Home Hardware and then to Berts and bought a couple of roast and got home about
This morning I went to the church at 7am. and got things ready for a Men's breakfast at We had 15 guys that came for breakfast.We served pan cakes and sausages and fruit.
I am getting excited about Christmas. Tanya,Tom and the kids are coming on the 23 and staying until the 26 and Kristy and Bob will be her also. Love it when everyone is here. This year we will miss Mandy, Jorge and the 2 boys.
Well it is 2:45am.  and here I am at this silly old computer. Not sure why I can't sleep but been awake since 1:30am.  Must be getting old eh?

Well God Bless you all and have a great day.