Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Wow February 28.  It was 8 years ago today that I retired. Time just seem to fly. It don't seem like 8 years but guess it is. When I think back and realize all that happened in the last 8 years it makes sense. For the first 4 years I spent most of my summers at lake  Lac Saint Ann about 3/4 of an hour North West of Edmonton. I really enjoyed that and Wendy and I had lots of fun and relaxing times out there. We had our tent trailer out there and after about a year we bought a 17 ft. trailer which I have parked out back of my house here. I am hoping that we can do some camping this summer but not sure how that will work .

Well lets see I went to Bolivia with Mandy and a group from Beulah in 2003 right after I retired.. Then in 2005 went on another mission trip with the Alliance Men to Poland. We traveled to South Africa  to visit Kristy and Bob. I think that was 2006 and then in 2007 we went to Chile for Mandy and Jorge's wedding in Chile.   ( Their second one.)

Then I found out that I has Prostate cancer and went through an operation.Then we sold our home in Edmonton and moved here to Picture Butte in 2008. Things sure have changed in the past few years. We now have 8 grandchildren and one on the way. The oldest is 13 and the youngest is about 1.

The last 3 winters have been the pits. So much for the sunny south. I guess the whole world is having  bad weather of some kind.
Wendy has been working lots and I have been doing very little. She is going to have a hip replacement in April so today I lowered our bed because they said that after the operation she wouldn't be able to get up in our bed which was a real high one. When I built the bed frame I glued and screwed it really well and to take it apart was a real chore but I did it . It took me all day. Well that was my day to day.

God bless you all and have a great day.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Feb.5, 2011

Well I was going to walk to go for coffee but everything was so slippery I just walked to the car and drove. It is + 1C  so things are not cold. The roads and sidewalks are really slippery.

Tonight we are having 2 grandchildren over for a sleep over. Kellen and Isabella. They sure are cute. We had Adriana, Erilyn and Amelie over on Wed. evening.  Little Sophia is a bit young yet but I'm sure she will be sleeping over soon.

On Sunday I am going with Tom after church to watch the Super Bowl game at Tom's friend Karl in Lethbridge. Wendy will probably go hang out with Tanya and the kids.

Last night Wendy and I went out for supper at Moxie's in Lethbridge. It is the first time we have eaten there since they moved about 8 months ago. The place is really nice and the bathrooms are beautiful. TV over the urinals and the bathroom stalls are huge. They even have 2 leather chairs so you could sit and watch TV or whatever. The sinks are big. I never saw bathrooms as nice as this.

After dinner we went to watch a play and we both enjoyed that. We got home about 11:15pm. I think we should do this more often. I like to eat out but the cost is so high. We could buy a lot of food for $65.00
Moxie's is not the cheapest place to go but they give you lots of food and it was good. We don't eat out often.

I helped clean the church yesterday. We do it once a month or so with another couple. Today I have to take a stand that I built back to the church.  I had to add a ledge to it. It holds a large Bible in the front of the church.

Barry just called and wants me to go to Coalhurst to a jam session this afternoon. Not sure I am going to go as I have a meeting but probably could get out of that. Oh well we'll see. I might just go over to listen.
Our snow is melting pretty fast and that is good. Wendy and I are planning to take 2 or 3 days and go to Banff. We don't ski  anymore (Wendy has a bad hip and I am just too old) so it will just be to window shop and look around and get a way from Picture Butte for a few days. Kristy might come along with us if she is not working.
Well not much else going on here for now. Have a great day and God Bless you all.