Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jan. 1,2009

Well I hope you all had a great year last year (2008). It for sure was a year that we won't forget soon.I was just reading last years blog(2007), about all the UP's and Downs, remember that? I didn't until I went back and read it. Wow what a crazy year that was and now looking back on 2008 what a crazy year that has been for us too. Our lives have changed so much with the move and all. I still miss all our friends. I talk to some on the phone and some on Face book but it just ain't the same eh? I still haven't recovered fully from that cancer operation but I'm getting better all the time. At least I think I am anyway and that helps me get through the days.
Well lets see what can I tell you about that you don't already know. Ok guess that's it bye. Okay, okay I go on, just kidding. Well Kristy and Bob are still in South Africa and they won't be home until a year from July or that's what I think their plans are. It sure sound's like a long time. Mandy and Jorge and little Josiah are in Chile but will be home sometime in February. Then Jorge plans to go to school for a couple of years and then back to Chile.Tom is on his way to Chile for 2 weeks just checking things out and Jorge and Mandy are going to give him a tour of the Youth With a Mission Base and show him some of Chile.Tom has never been out of the country before so this will be all new for him.Hope he don't come home and decide to move . ha ha
It could happen but I guess he will go where ever God sends him and who knows if we will follow or not.I'm sure God has a plan for us he just hasn't shown us yet. ha ha.
Oh I am applying for a hearing aid that hopefully will make Wendy and the kids happy. Hope it makes me happy to. Well have to see about that.
Tanya and Tom and the kids came over for lunch. We had a good time and it was snowing again. Another 1/2" so that ain't too bad. Just enough to make the roads slippery again.Wendy is going over tonight and stay so Tanya and Adriana can take Tom to the airport early in the morning. Just me and the dog home again.sigh.Well happy New Year to you all. God Bless you .

Monday, December 29, 2008

December 29,2008

Where did 2008 go? Only 2 more days and then 2009. Time flies weather your having fun or not. Well this year has been a good year but a challenging one too. As you all know 2008 brought many changes in my life. Some good and some not so good. All in all I think more good than not so good.
I have been able to visit and have fun with my 5 grand children here in Lethbridge. They are growing up so fast. Little Isabella is walking now. She just turned 1 and what a cutie she is. Little Amelie is 4 and such a sweetheart. Kellen is 3 and is as big as Amelie and a bit of a wild one at times. He likes to play with the dolls when the girls play but he is all boy for sure and keeps mom and dad busy a lot. Erylin is 7 and is a Gram's girl for sure. Sticks to her like glue. Then there is Adriana. She is 11 and is as tall as her mother and growing taller everyday it seems. She is still a Papa's girl but has a bit of competition now with the other 4. Tanya and Tom are so blessed with the 5 of them. What a lovely family. We spend lots of time with them and it is fun. Wendy and I spend lots of time with them and just enjoy them so much.
As most of you know Kristy and Bob are in South Africa. They left in July and I sure do miss them.I do talk to them on MSN or Skype but that is a long ways away. Mandy, Jorge and Little Josiah are in Chile now and they left here on Dec. 9th I believe. They will be there for 2 months and then are coming home to Lacombe until Jorge starts school.I believe that is in September some time. Not sure when that is but he is looking forward to that. We are missing them a lot. Even through Lacombe is 4 hours away we often got to go see them or they would drive down to see us.
Well the sunny south ain't so sunny right now but they say it is going to get better soon. I really hope so because I am tired of winter already. Well I hate to tell you this but is has started to snow again. Maybe it is not going to get better raight away. ha ha.
We are planning to go to Flordia in the new year for a couple of weeks. We are going to Tampa to see my sister Betty and Renea first and then we are going to Beverly Hills to see Merlin and his wife Betty. Sis is going with us and stay a few days if she can get the time off.I hope she can.Wendy is looking forward to going. She hasn't see my sister in about 20 years. I am hopeing to visit my aunt Wayna whie we are down there. I thinkk she lives about and hour and half from Merlin. She lives with her daughter Linda and her husband but I don't know what town they live in.
I am hoping that this spring I will be able to find something to do and make a little money so I can buy a small garden tractor with a mower and maybe a tiller.i found last year that our 4 lawns takes the wind out of my sails and it takes me so long to spade up the garden. I hate this getting old thing but ain't no way to stop it eh? It happens to all of us I guess.
Today I called an old friend of mine Dwayne Thomas and we had a good chatt. Dwayne use to work for Loewen Window and was their sales manager for the south area. He moved to Calgary and shortly after that the company downsized and he was one of the unfortunate one and was let go.He is only 63 and I'm sure he will be able to find something to keep him busy.
Wendy and I are meeting more people thru the Seniors center.The have been very warm toward us and I am sure we will have many friends once we get to know the people around here. A lot of the seniors around here are gone from November to March. They head south when it starts getting cold and I don't blame them.I guess we are getting settled in here in Picture Butte and I kind a like the small town living. It is different but think I am going to continue to like it more as time goes on.
I haven't built any Piano Benches since we moved. Maybe they don't use them anymore eh? Of course I haven't persueded it maybe I should get off my hands a make a few phone call eh? It woould be nice if I could fine something to make a bit of spending money on now that I have my garage all set up and a heater so it will be nice and warm. Any body got any good ideas what I could build or anybody need something built? My phone number is easy to remember. 403-732-4444. Even if you don't need something built call and we could chat anyway. I seem to have a bit of time on my hands now.
I am doing a bit of stuff around the University Alliance Church but I still would like to get into a mens bible study of some kind. I think that would be fun.I really miss our old Mens group. We met for many years and that seems to be a gap in my live now. Oh well like I say time marches on and things change.
Well may God richley Bless you all in this new year.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Love you all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Morning Dec.10,2008

Well I guess it is about time I blogged eh? Ya it has been a while.Not to much going on in my life now I guess. Just the usual getting up in the morning and going for coffee. At my age life is not to exciting and they say don't get to excited, it's bad for you heart. ha ha. If your read Wendy's blog she told you about our weekend ao I don't have a lot to add. It was good to see that she enjoyed it.
I just finished building a change table for the nursery at our church. I really enjoyed building it and it felt good working with wood again. It was so nice to work in my garage. I have a heater and it works just great. Most of the time I spend in the garage I have to take my coat off as it gets pretty warm in there. Now all I have to do is a light sanding and then I have to put a stain or something on it. Guess I should go fine out what color they want it.
We got a little snow the other day but yesterday we got a nice warm wind and it is almost all gone. I guess we are getting use to the small town and making sure we go to the store before 8pm. if we need something.It is kind of quiet and I don't mind the traffic. (OH sorry what traffic??)
I have started playing my harmonica's on a daily bases. Maybe one of these day s I will fine someone to jam with. Who know what the Lord has in store.
It seems like I am spending more and more time on face book and not sure that is a good thing but I don't seem to have a lot of time for TV lately and I think that is a good thing.
Well God Bless you all and have a great day.