Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday March 30, 2007

Today Wendy made breakfast and then it was off to do some shopping. I really like it when she is home with me. We started at Wall mart just to get a few things. Daaaaaaaa. They had can good on sale for .67 cents so guess we got a bit carried away. Peaches and Cream Corn, Cut Green Beans, Peas and Cream style Corn. Then after we got what was on our list we headed to Pak Mail and mailed some stuff to Mandy and Jorge. It is really nice and warm out today but a bit cloudy. We are going to some friends of our for lunch ( Irene and Vern). They want to see all the pictures we took when we were in Chile.
I have a few projects to finish in my shop and then a couple of small jobs that people want done so guess I 'll be buys for a few days. I guess that will make the time go fast but wait I don't want it to go so fast . Oh well I guess it is all in how you look at it eh? I enjoy working with wood so if it's fun why not.I called the Dr. office yesterday but the lady said it may take a couple of weeks to set everything up with the surgeon. I know Wendy is a bit impatiant but what can you do Well just talked to Mandy on MSN so better get ready and go to lunch. Should practice my Haarmonica when we get back. We just did the Tulip Festable at The Mutart on Sunday. We got a good picture of the boys. For those who don't know I'm the second one on the left. With the real pretty shoes. Ha ha

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday March 26, 2007 Good News, Bad News.

Hi everyone. Guess it's about time I updated this old Blog eh? Well as you all know Wendy and I went to Chile for 3 weeks and had a wonderful time. Watched our youngest daughter get married again for the Second time to the same man. They were married on Nov. 4th. 2006 at Beulah Alliance church and then in Chile for Jorge family on March 10th. 2007. We met all of Jorge family and friends. They are a lovely family and we enjoyed getting to know the all.
Well before we left I went to the Hospital and they did a biopsy of my prostate. The doctor was going to call us and give us the results before we left but he didn't. Smart doctor because the news wasn't good and it probably would have ruined our trip. When we got home there was a few messages on the phone to call him as soon as we could. The bad news is that I have Prostate Cancer. The good news is that we caught it at an early stage and the doctor says there is a very good chance of cure. Being uneducated on the whole thing we felt so inadequate and confused on which of the 3 options the doctor gave us. (2 types of radiation or surgery). There are some brutal side effects for all 3. We made an appointment with our GP and he walked us through the whole thing and looked at all the pro's and con's of the 3. Because I have IBS and take medicine for that our GP recommended surgery. So that's the way we are going to go. I would just ask you all for your prayers as we go through this thing in the next few weeks. I realize that it is all in Gods hands. If God has more for me to do here on earth he won't let anything happen to me and I trust Him with all my heart. God has been so good to our family and I know he will continue. I feel great and don't have any of the symptom's. So that the NEWS in a nut shell. (A large nut shell eh?) Just pray that God will give my 3 daughters, 3 son in-laws, grandchildren and my beautiful wife Wendy peace of mind as we go through this.
So what is this weeks challenge Tanya. We are all waiting. Is it the letter F, cause I have a lot of FUNKEY things around the house. Ha ha
Oh! I almost forgot. We had a wonderful weekend with Tanya,Tom,all the grandkids and Kristy and Bob. It was a house full but I loved it. I have the greatest family and I love them all.
Today I bowled and did really good for and old fellow. ( 204,201 and 172 ) not bad eh?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Morning

I woke up to the sound of little feet this morning. Haven't heard that in a little while. We have Tanya and Tom and the 4 little ones here. They sure do brighten up a home. My floors are covered with toys and the kids are having a ball. It is good to see all the toys being used and even the toys look happier. We have a closet 10ft. wide and 8ft. high filled with old toys the girls had. They got here Wed. evening about 9:30pm. Yesterday we all went to the Mall to Fantacy Land and the kids had lots of fun and rides. Then we came home had supper and after the kids went to bed Tanya,Tom, Wendy and I watched a movie.It was fun. I love it when the house is full of people and kids. Kristy and Bob are coming up tonight for the week end. Ya-hoooo. Got a busy day ahead of us so I should get going. I have a doctors appointment at 11 and then I'm sure the kids will have lots of things to do.Will try to keep you up to date with all the happenings.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Morning

Hi everyone we are back from Chile. I feel like I should have my seat belt buckled up after all that flying. We had a wonderful time and it was kind of hard saying good by but we did it. It was good to get home. 3 weeks is a long time. My dog sure is happy we got back so that is good. She didn't forget us anyway.She is a bit of a pest now as she follows me every wheres I go she is right on my heel. Wendy had to go to work this morning (sigh). I miss her already as we have been together every day for the last 3 weeks. It was fun. Oh well someone has to make some money so we can go again eh? Maybe I'll get some time tomorrow and tell you guys all about our trip. It was a beautiful wedding. Wendy is working on getting all the picture together. She averaged over 100 pictures a day so she has a few to go thru eh? Chile is beautiful and saw quite a bit of it. Would have liked to seen more but ran out of 2 things (Time and Money) ha ha. Have a great day and love you all.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday March 9,2007

Hi everyone. Just 3 more days and then we are flying home.(sigh) Not sure I ´m ready to go home just yet but guess I have not chioce. Well I must say we have had a lot of fun and this morning I went with Jorge and his dad to a market that was really different than any thing we have in Edmonton. Fresh fish of all kinds and every kind of meat you would want.We bought some of both for the party that we are going to have after the wedding inYumbel at Jorge´s grandpa´s cabin. I hear that there is going to be about 30 people there. It will be in the evening after the wedding. I think they have over a 100 people coming to the wedding. The place is beautiful and if the weather is good it is going to be outside right near the ocean and beautiful beach. Jorge´s Dad and Mom have been so nice to us. I´m going to miss being treated like someone real important. Well we have done lots of things and seen some real beautiful country.We have been white water rafting, horse back riding, seen lots of beautiful lakes and been to 2 different hot springs. I went down the water slide at the last one. Oh remind me to tell you about the roads to the Hot springs. We bowled again yesterday and I bought a new suite and tie that Jorge picked out. Well you know me and colors??????? Mandy and Wendy wanted me to get a blue tie but Jorge said no a yellow was better and then went on to prove it. haha. Well got to go to the spa and the to get a massage??? Never did that before either. haha Kristy I hope you found the papers you need. Mum thinks that she gave all of them to you before. Glad to hear that Tanya and all her family is getting better. Well Tuesday is fly- day. See you Wed. Love you all and miss you a whole bunch. Wish you were all here to see Chile but when we get back Mum has about 1000 pictures for you to go thru. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Jorge is putting together a video for tomorrow about him when he was a kid. Just between me and you he´s still a kid but don´t tell him I said that . Hahaha. Just watching them (Mandy and Jorge) they were made for each other. He sure fits right into our family. We have had so much fun with them. See you all soon. Love you all.
Dad and Mum

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wed. March 7.2007

Hi everyone. We are having a ball here in Chile. Having a bit of trouble with my Spanish but am learning some new words. We went travelling last Friday and got back home here in Concepcion. We went first to Jorge´s Grandpa´s cabin and stayed for one night. We had a BBQ there with his uncle Marco and his wife. Then we went south to a little village called Villarrica. We stayed there for 4 nights. We went to some hot springs and drove around to see the area..the weather was nice but rained one morning. Mum took lots of pictures. About 100 a day so you will have lots to see and it will be easier than me trying to write it all out. We went to another town called Pucon for another day. We got back here on Tuesday late in the afternoon. We had lunch at his uncle Marco´s home. The country is beautiful. Lots of big trees. Today Mandy and Mum got their hair done and Jorge got his cut. Everyone is getting ready here for the wedding on Saturday. Jorge´s family is so nice. They treat us like we´re someone special. We are staying at his grandpa´s house and his grandma is so sweet. He has a lovely family . We will meet more of them on Saturday at the wedding. Jorge and I went shopping while Mandy and Mum got their hair done and I bought a couple of mate cups and pipes. They have fed us so well I think I have gained a few pounds already. Last night his sisters Paulina and Carolina and his dad played for us. The girls play the mandolin and his dad plays the guitar. Only a few more days here and then we are headed home. (Sigh) It is going to be hard to leave but we have had a real good time. Love you all and will see you soon.