Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hi there! I'm back posting .Ya I know it is about time eh? It has been a good day but not so good. I know that don't make sense so I'll have to explain.
Well this morning I got up about 6:30am and headed for the church bout 6:50am. Made coffee for our prayer group that meets every Tuesday morning. Pastor Pete e-mailed me and said he wouldn't be there and 2 of our regulars Wayne and Glen Brouwer are on their way to Mexico. On a mission trip again. Anyway I made coffee and we only had 4 of us there this morning. It is good to see the men coming out for prayer first thing in the morning. We usually get 8 or 9 guys out on most Tuesdays.
After  our prayer group ended I went for more coffee with the coffee group at Eddies. I go there almost every day. Then I came home got something to eat and Wendy and went to Home Hardware and bought 5 bags of large wood chips for our flower garden. Wendy spread them and went out back and fixed a bit of fence that needed tending to. It seems there is always something to do around here.
Yesterday I planted our garden which is only half the size this year. The rest I am going to rake over and put grass seed in . I'm getting to old to have a real large garden. I was tired after only doing half. This year I planted 8 tomato plants, 6 pepper plants, 2 rows of beans, 1 row of peas a row of carrots and beets, radishes, lettuce, 4 different kinds of squash, some cucumber and some melons. That should keep me busy enough this summer plus all the flowers. Wendy spent almost all day planting flowers in the back yard and some flower pots that our grand kids gave her for mothers day last year. It was lots of work for the 2 of us but it is starting to look real pretty out there already.

Today it was so windy you really couldn't work out side. We just did a little bit out back and then Wendy had to go to work at noon for 4 hours so I came in and just played around here on the computer and played harmonica a bit . I have to learn how to play with the new background music and I am finding that it is not that easy. Maybe I'm just getting old?  I still miss playing with the guys in Edmonton. We used play a lot but we always had fun. I really miss all them guys. I played with 3 groups. The Harmonika Rascals, the Kompanions and The Harmonicaires. We used to do some crazy gigs but it was always a lot of fun. Oh well enough about that guess I should get supper on . Wendy will be home soon. I see if I can find a couple of pictures of the Old Rascals
Have a great day and God Bless you all.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Well here I am at at this silly old computer and it is 2:42am. Wed. 2012. What am I doing up you might ask? Darn good question and I am not sure but just couldn't sleep and was afraid I would wake Wendy up so slid out of bed and came down her to the old computer. We went to bed about 10:30pm. but I seemed to be awake about ever hour. I should be tired as I had a busy day yesterday.
Got up at 6:15am. Tuesday morning. We have a prayer group that gets together every Tuesday at 7:15am. I usually go buy some doughnuts at the bakers here in town .They open at 6:30am. Then I go to the church and make coffee for the guys so they have hot coffee when they get there. This morning we only had 8 guys. Usually we get 9 or 10. We pray for our church and church family and any other request that the men have. They are an awesome bunch of men with a real  Heart for a God. We try to be finished about 8:30 but most of the time it goes past 9am.
I came home right after and got a phone call from a company that ordered a canopy and running boards for my truck to tell me that they were in. He asked when I could bring in my truck and I said how about right now? He hesitated for a minute and then said can you hold on for a sec. and I'll see how busy the guys are. He came back on in a minute or 2 and said the guys said they can do it right away so come on in, it will only take about 2 hours. So off I went to Lethbridge. It takes about 18 minutes to get there. When I got there he said that it might take a little longer because the guys go for lunch at noon. I got there about 10 am. and the guy said to be safe maybe come back about 2pm. So that meant 4 hours not 2. Oh well I walked across the street to Zeller's and wondered around there for a while and then Canadian Tire is in the same building so checked that out. I couldn't find anything in either store to buy so went and sat in the little mall for about half an hour and they called at 1pm. and said come and get my truck.
Walked back and picked up Gizmo. Had to pay of course. (Boy he sure looks different) but nice. all decked out with the canopy and new shinny running boards.
Drove home and had lunch at Eddies restaurant here in Picture Butte. Then came home and put a coat of Clear Coat on a counter that I am building Kristy and Bob for their kitchen. Finished that and then put the plywood on the top and screwed that down. Ran to Home Hardware and got 4 corner irons and some screws for the counter and put them on. Then I cut the Arborite  for the top and prepared that with contact cement. While It was drying I cut a back splash and shaped a piece of pine for the front edge. Put the arborite on and cut more for the back splash and put that on. I got a call from the church that they had a problem there so I walked to the church to see if I could help there. Came back and cleaned up the shop(Garage) so Wendy could put her car in when she got home. Figured I'd call it a day and as it was getting to 7pm I was getting hungry also. So that was my day.. I put a couple of pictures of Gizmoe on here so you can see the (NEW LOOK.)
Well that's all for now. I pray that you will all have a great day and God Bless you all.