Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 10,2013

Well it has been a real long time since I have blogged.  So lets see where do I start?
 Well to begin with I have been feeling pretty good for a while now.  We have had a real busy summer and it seemed to go much to fast.
Our daughter Kristy and Bob, bought the house next door so we helped a bit there. Wendy and I have been camping quite a few times. Not sure how much more camping we will do it seems to be harder on both of us loading the trailer and setting it up and then tearing down. Guess we are just getting old. Our old trailer is fine for us but people give us a funny look when we pull this old 17 foot 1978 Holidare in next to their new 30 foot  plus with 4 slide-outs. We like our old trailer and it is just right for the 2 of us.
  We celebrated our 35 anniversary this year by going to Nashville Tenn. to the Grand old opry. For me it was the high light of the year. I really enjoyed the trip. Haven't been in so many bars in a long time. That's where all the music is in Nashville. Didn't do a lot of drinking but had a lot of pop. Much more than I usually drink. We had dinner at The wild Horse Saloon, The Hard-rock Cafee, BB Kings and had lots of lunches at Tootsie, The legend, and The Stage. The music was awesome. We just loved it, any kind you wanted to listen to. Old country , New Country, Blue's, or Bluegrass.
I made a CD at the Ryman recording studio which use to be the original Grand old opry. That was fun and then went and played on the stage of the old Grand Old opry. There has been a lot of people that have stood on that stage and performed. While we were down there we bought tickets to see and listen to Chicago. that was awesome too.Oh we did go to the Grand Old Opry one night and that again was awesome.
   We had a awesome year for a garden and I had fun with that but it is a lot of work. Our back yard was beautiful as ever. I just love it when all the flower are in bloom and the fountains are running and all the bird are there. Sometime I just sit out there for hours. God has bless us so much.
  This month is a month of birthdays. Wendy's was the 5th. Kellen's was the 6th and Kristy's was the 8th. oh and Bob's is the 30th.
  Yesterday I put baseboard in Kristy and Bob's kitchen while they were working. I also put a bike together for Kellen. We celebrated all three birthdays and I bought a cake from the Bakery here in Butte. Well I think that's about it for today. So until next-time God Bless you all.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30,2013

Well Good morning ya all. It is raining here and we really needed it so it is good.We have had a busy week and things are going well. Wendy and I got most of our flowers planted and I have half of my garden in. I just love our back yard, it is so beautiful but it is a lot of work. God sure gave me an awesome back yard to look after. We have lots of perennials and we plant some annuals.I have all 5 fountains up and running and the birds just love the.  They do make a mess in most of them but it is worth it just to see so many birds use them. Wendy put up a couple of Humming bird feeder and we are waiting to see some humming  birds this year.
I just got hearing aid about a month ago and I am realizing how much I have missed for so many years. Now Wendy talks much to loud. Guess after talking loud for so many years  and saying everything at least twice it might bet a bit hard to get her to talk softly now ha ha. I need to retrain her. I have a bit of a problem with them when I play my Harmonicas. I have to turn every thing way down compared to before.I did my first gig a few weeks ago using the new hearing aids. It went well but they had to tell me to turn the music up a few time. I was afraid it was to loud but guess it wasn't. It all went well and they really like it so all was good. I played for a 60th anniversary party.  There  was about 80 people there and they liked it.
I built a headboard for my daughter Tanya and pulled a mussel in my side lifting it.It felt pretty good until I lifted some bags of stuff that i raked up and weeds we pulled from the garden. I felt something in my side when I lifted the last bag onto the truck.. Guess there was more in that one then the others. I am hurting a bit today but at least my back yard looks nice after talking all the junk and branches to the dump. Guess it is hard to teach a new an old dog a new trick but I will learn.
I am really enjoying my big Red Dodge truck (Gismo). Wendy bought me a plate to put on the front that says (Harmonica Rascal).

We are headed to Edmonton tomorrow for a wedding on Saturday. Staying with some good friends up there. I like the city but am not missing it any more like I used to. I am finally at home with Picture Butte. I just love this little town and it people.
Well guess I had better get off this silly old computer. I pray that you all will have a great day and remember God love you.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Well here I am again at this old computer. Things are going well. This morning we woke up to a light snow. It started about 5:30 pm last night and looked like it stopped about 9 pm but must have snowed in the early morning. It is pretty when everything is white but that usually means that it is a bit cold. We really can't complain about our winter this year as it has been pretty mild.
Didn't do much today. Went for coffee with the guys as usual and then just came home cleaned off a bench in the shop and then came in and waited for Wendy to get up  She worked a night shift yesterday and got home at 7:30  am and went to bed. I am looking forward to the next few days as she is off until until the 16th she goes in at 7 am.
Today after Wendy got up  I had lunch while she had breakfast and then we went into Lethbridge and did a few errands that had to be done. When we got home it was supper time so we had a real good supper.We bought a new label maker for some C D s that i am going to copy of the old Harmoniciares. A couple of guys I used to play  with in Edmonton.  I'll see if I can find a picture and post it here. Sure do miss those guys.
I am going to try to make some new CD's of just me and my ipad music.  I played for the seniors a couple of weeks ago an they liked it. I might have to have Tom record it for me. I download background music and then I put it on my ipad and play along with it . It sounds pretty good.
Tomorrow it is supposed to snow a bit again.  I was hoping maybe I could rake the lawn and do some spring cleaning of the yard.
Well I think I will finish this off and go see what Wendy is doing and maybe play a game or something .  So you have a great day and God Bless you all.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Wow, March has come and gone and now it is April and our weather is really nice. Wendy is sleeping and today is her first day off. She should be off for 4 days but has to work on Saturday. I believe it was a trade with someone.
We had a great Easter dinner on Saturday with Tanya, Tom and the kids and Kristy and Bob. I cooked a turkey and everything went fine. I think I should buy a smaller bird next time so we won't have so much leftovers.
We are going to listen to a friend of our Steve Hill on Saturday he sings and plays guitar. He does Garth Brooks impersonations and is real good at it.

I played at the Senior Centre on Thursday evening. Wendy was off so she went along to. It was a fun night and the people seemed to like it. I got a standing novation at the end and that always makes it seem worth while when your done. They are a super bunch to play for. They like all the old songs and that is right up my ally and they pay me for it. I played songs like (Love letters in the sand (Pat Boon) It's four in the morning (Farron Young , did some Johnny Cash and Elvis and Dean Martin and old Frank Sinatra and they loved it.

Then I played at our Church on Friday and Sunday.
Last nigh a friend of mine came over, he is learning to play the Harmonica and doing pretty good at it. He is just learning on the little harmonica's and wanted me to give him a few pointers.  Because I don't read music I don't think I was much help.

Yesterday I went into Lethbridge and picked up my grandson Kellen and he helped me pick up lots of tree branches and sticks and take them to the back so I can take them to the dump on Saturday.  What a big helper he is. He is only 8 but we had a great time together. I will have to pick him up another day and have him help me rake up the lawn.  It snowed just a bit last night. Just enough to cover the ground.

Well not much else to write about so I will close for today. I pray you will all have a great day and God Bless you all.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Wow here it is the 2nd of March already? Where does the time go?
We are in the process of redoing our kitchen and it is going well.  Almost done. I have kind of enjoyed living in our little basement apartment.  It is quite nice.We should be done either today or Monday for sure. Looks real nice.
Kind of hard watching somebody else doing most of the work but as you get older you have to realize that you can't crawl around like you use to.  sigh. Oh well it is almost done and I have done a few things like take off all the cabinet doors and put them back on when they are all painted and put new catches on them. Now I am the go fer guy not the do guy. ha ha.

The weather here is just beautiful. I has been so nice for the past week. It is hard to believe that it is the beginning of March. I found myself looking at garden seeds at the hardware store yesterday.
Wendy is sleeping and the contractor is painting and here I am at the old computer.
I will be playing on the worship team tomorrow. We have an awesome group singing and playing. Thank you Lord for giving us all this talent.
Our little church is not so little any more and we are loving it. God has Blessed our church so much. Again I thank God. Well I pray that you will all have a great day and God Bless.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Well it is Monday morning and here I am at this silly old computer. Wendy is home today and has to go back to work tomorrow. Sure do enjoy having her home.
Well I took up the new floor yesterday.  Sad to see it go but we just couldn't get it to fit tight and in a kitchen that would not be good. Wendy called Home Depot and they said that they would take it back so I have put it back into the boxes and it is going back today or tomorrow.We will loose 2 cartons but I guess we need another kind of floor. We looked at some real nice Lino and today a man is coming to give us and estimate on putting it down. We are living downstairs in our basement and I am kind of liking it.
Yesterday we got about an inch of snow but it is all gone now but it is cool outside.  - 7C. Not sure what to do today. It is a holiday here so maybe I just try to work on my music. We downloaded some background music and I can play with that for a while. I have to make a new playlist again so I don't play the same thing over and over when I go out to play. I usually play for the Seniors and they probably wouldn't remember what I played the last time I played for them anyway. I have to play for the seniors on March 28th. here in Picture Butte. With everything going on here I haven't really been looking for any jobs lately.
Well I guess I should get some breakfast and find something to do.  You all have a great day and may God Bless you all.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Feb. 16,2013

It has been a great day. I thank the Lord for the decisions that were made this morning. This morning after coffee Wendy and I discovered that the kitchen floor that Pat and I put down yesterday for some reason has not stayed tight together. This floor is not an easy floor to put down and if it separates at the seams it will not be good for our Kitchen. Wendy called Home Depot and they said we could bring it back for a refund.
Then Wendy and I went into Lethbridge looking at different kinds of floors.  We went to a couple of flooring places and decided that we should put down Lino instead of Laminate. We found one that we liked and now we will have to find someone to install it. We have a man coming Monday and give us an estimate. The new floor will look similar to the Laminate but is all one piece. It is called Fiber Floor I think.  Then we decided to do the entrance and 3 steps into the kitchen of our house as well with this floor.
 Then we stopped at Tim'for lunch and talked about our floors some more and decided that we are doing the right thing. Thank you Lord for showing us what we should do. Here is a picture of my Beautiful wife and I .

Last night we celebrated Valentines day instead of Thursday as Wendy had to work on Valentine's day. Kristy and Bob came with us and the 4 of us went out for dinner at the Keg and then to the movies. We weren't the only ones celebrating Valentine's day a day late. The place was packed and they said we had an hour wait. for dinner. After dinner we went to see Safe Haven a (chick flick) but it was a real good one. Well for a movie it was pretty good. Well I think we are going to relax for the rest of the day and maybe I'll just practice some of my music. I need to learn some new songs for the Seniors group. I am playing for them on the 28th. of march. Wow on the 28th of Feb. I will be retired for 10 years.Times goes fast.
You all have a great day and God Bless.