Monday, February 18, 2013

Well it is Monday morning and here I am at this silly old computer. Wendy is home today and has to go back to work tomorrow. Sure do enjoy having her home.
Well I took up the new floor yesterday.  Sad to see it go but we just couldn't get it to fit tight and in a kitchen that would not be good. Wendy called Home Depot and they said that they would take it back so I have put it back into the boxes and it is going back today or tomorrow.We will loose 2 cartons but I guess we need another kind of floor. We looked at some real nice Lino and today a man is coming to give us and estimate on putting it down. We are living downstairs in our basement and I am kind of liking it.
Yesterday we got about an inch of snow but it is all gone now but it is cool outside.  - 7C. Not sure what to do today. It is a holiday here so maybe I just try to work on my music. We downloaded some background music and I can play with that for a while. I have to make a new playlist again so I don't play the same thing over and over when I go out to play. I usually play for the Seniors and they probably wouldn't remember what I played the last time I played for them anyway. I have to play for the seniors on March 28th. here in Picture Butte. With everything going on here I haven't really been looking for any jobs lately.
Well I guess I should get some breakfast and find something to do.  You all have a great day and may God Bless you all.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Feb. 16,2013

It has been a great day. I thank the Lord for the decisions that were made this morning. This morning after coffee Wendy and I discovered that the kitchen floor that Pat and I put down yesterday for some reason has not stayed tight together. This floor is not an easy floor to put down and if it separates at the seams it will not be good for our Kitchen. Wendy called Home Depot and they said we could bring it back for a refund.
Then Wendy and I went into Lethbridge looking at different kinds of floors.  We went to a couple of flooring places and decided that we should put down Lino instead of Laminate. We found one that we liked and now we will have to find someone to install it. We have a man coming Monday and give us an estimate. The new floor will look similar to the Laminate but is all one piece. It is called Fiber Floor I think.  Then we decided to do the entrance and 3 steps into the kitchen of our house as well with this floor.
 Then we stopped at Tim'for lunch and talked about our floors some more and decided that we are doing the right thing. Thank you Lord for showing us what we should do. Here is a picture of my Beautiful wife and I .

Last night we celebrated Valentines day instead of Thursday as Wendy had to work on Valentine's day. Kristy and Bob came with us and the 4 of us went out for dinner at the Keg and then to the movies. We weren't the only ones celebrating Valentine's day a day late. The place was packed and they said we had an hour wait. for dinner. After dinner we went to see Safe Haven a (chick flick) but it was a real good one. Well for a movie it was pretty good. Well I think we are going to relax for the rest of the day and maybe I'll just practice some of my music. I need to learn some new songs for the Seniors group. I am playing for them on the 28th. of march. Wow on the 28th of Feb. I will be retired for 10 years.Times goes fast.
You all have a great day and God Bless.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day.  Well here it is February 14th. and here I am typing on this silly old computer.  My sweetheart is working tonight so we couldn't go out for dinner to night but we are going out tomorrow night for dinner and then a movie. We are hoping to go with Kristy and Bob and Tanya and Tom. Not sure Tanya and Tom can find a baby sitter so waiting for a yes or no from them.

Today was a bit of a busy one for me. Went to the Chiropractor at 7:45am then stopped off at Safeway for a few things. Then went to Tanya's and delivered some little Valentines to the kids that Wendy put together for them. Then went to Kristy's work and dropped of a a little Valentine 's present.  Then went to Rona looking for a light and some hinges which they didn't have and then drove to Home Depot and bought the hinges and the lights. Then headed home and got home about 11:00am. I find it is easier to stay away from our kitchen and all the work going on there. The fellow is doing a real good job but it is hard to watch somebody else do what I used to do or wish i could be doing. Guess that is one of the things about getting old. Realizing that you just can"t do what you used to do. Our old kitchen is starting to look new and different. Walls got painted today and it looks good. I did put the drawers back into the cabinets tonight. Had to put the drawer slides on and adjust them. I am going to help him put the hinges on the doors. I built a shelf for the end of the top cabinet and we put that up today. See I am not totally useless. Ha Ha.
 Well it is getting late and past my bedtime so guess I will pack it in for today. God Bless you and have a great day.


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Wow !!! it has been a long time since I wrote anything here on my Blog. Can't believe it was last October.
Well here it is Feb.7, 2013. Still writing 2012. ha ha .Oh well I'll learn. Many things have happened since then.  Well Mandy and the boys went back to Chili at the end of November I think it was and then winter started to settle in. I was a pretty mild winter and that didn't make me mad. If you check Wendy's Blog you can find out what other things happened. She has been pretty faithful in writing her blog. Thanks sweetie.
Well here it is Feb. 7th,and we are in the middle of redoing our kitchen. We have hired a friend of our to do the remodeling and i just watch. That ain't easy.  I feel like i should be doing it but my body saws no  for right now.
Actually I feel pretty good but when i try to do a bit it makes me realize there is lots of things i can't do and getting down on my knees is one of them.  I can get down but getting up is the problem. Guess I am almost worn out and that makes you feel kind of worthless at time. I guess I have to just thank God that  I am able to watch eh??Maybe if I keep feeling better I will again be able to do some of the things that i like to do.  For the moment i am not taking any more cancer treatments and that is a good thing.I am still able to do some house work , dishes, cleaning and cooking and that is good. Wendy is on full time now so she works 2 days then 2 nights and then get 4 days off that is if she doesn't take and extra shifts. Some times she has trouble saying NO when they call and are looking for someone to take a shift.We have been so Blessed that God has her the health and strength to do that job.
 She is off for 4 days now and I am looking forward to that. We have to go pick out a new sink and faucet for the kitchen. All the cabinet doors are off and being primed and repainted and we are putting up the upper cabinet tomorrow morning. Pete our Pastor is going to come over and help us put  it up. If you look on Wendy's blog I think she has posted a few pictures.

Well I will try to put a few pictures on here. Not sure I remember how. ha ha.