Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec. 28,2009

Well we had a great Christmas with Tanya,Tom and the kids. They all came over Christmas eve and stayed until Saturday evening. Tom had to play on the worship team at UDAC. The kids enjoyed it and we had a ball. I got a nice pair of driving gloves and I needed them and I got 2 boxes of Chocolate covered Cherries and 2 pkgs of gum drops and some other candy. The kids had a ball opening up the presents. We have our Christmas tree in our new sun room and it was fun just to watch the looks on the kid's faces when they opened the presents. They sure are a cute bunch.
Adriana is getting to be such a beautiful young lady. She is taller than her mom already. They each have their own way about them and they try to help each other but sometime they try to help too much especially when it comes to opening presents. ha ha. Wendy got a book and I think a CD. We had a big turkey and all the trimmings and as usual I ate too much.
After the kids went home we cleaned up the house and got ready for bed.
Sunday I had to go to church at 9:30 because I played on the worship team. Then we had Berry and his wife Gwen over for supper. We had roast beef, potatoe salad, mash potatoes and I made a vegee plater and after dinner we had Cherry and Blue berry cheese pie that Wendy made.
It is more like a cheese cake but it is a pie. Not sure what all goes into it but it is really good.
Well today I went for coffee and then a friend came over and visited for a while. After he left Wendy and I hung around the house and we watched a bit of LOST before she went to work this afternoon.
Well God bless you all and have a great day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Wow only 9 more days until Christmas. This year is sure coming to an end fast. Maybe it just seems fast when we stay busy eh?? I have been busy playing my Harmonica with Barry (The Runaway Rascals)that's what he calls us. He used to call himself (Runaway) and now that I have joined him he calls us the Runaway Rascals. We played at Claresholm on Saturday and last night we played at Golden Acres and tonight we play at The Heritage House in Lethbridge. On Friday we play at Tabor and hopefully that's the end for this year.
Tanya ,Tom and the kids are coming over for a sleepover on Christmas eve so that should be lots of fun. Sounds like we will have a busy household for a few days eh? It is always good to have family around the holidays. Guess I had better go shopping for a big turkey and everything else we will need for the dinner. Wendy is off this year so that will be good.
Kristy and Bob will be celebrating Christmas in South Africa and Mandy and Jorge and little Josiah will be celebrating their Christmas with Jorge family in Chile this year.
We will be at our church Christmas Eve for the service. We are attending The E-Free Church here in Picture Butte and we are really enjoying it. The church family is just a great group of people. Wendy and I are really looking forward to this coming year and hopefully becoming more involved at the church.
Our weather is warming up and that's a good thing. The minus 35's and 40's are the pits. When it is that cold it is really not fun out. Nothing wants to work at that temperature including me. Truck didn't start and the trip on my garage door broke(only plastic) must have been a little ice under the door I guess so I'll have to get that fixed so I can open the door.
It sure is quiet around here since the kids went back to Chile. We had a couple of the grand-kids over for a sleep over the other day and that was fun. With Wendy working 12 hour shifts and just me and the dog here (and she don't talk) it is really quiet.
Well today Wendy has to work at 11 am, I should go for coffee with the guys and then I have a chair that our pastor brought over that needs fixing. That should keep me busy until I go play tonight.

Well that's my story and I am sticking to it. God Bless you all and have a great day.
Love you all.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday evening.

Here it is Tuesday evening already. Where does the time go eh?? Today was a bit of a busy day as usual with a bit of a cold touch to it. This morning when I got up about 6:30am it was -39C outside with a -51C chill factor. Not exactly what you would call warm eh? My poor truck wouldn't start yesterday and it was only -36C sigh. I think the battery is old and near dead. Oh well another $100 for sure. I plugged in the block heater today but didn't bother to try it. Let it set as it's to cold to go anywhere anyway.
Today after coffee I came home and put the little heater I have in the garage on and put some tools in my tool box for this afternoon. Mum was sleeping so I tried to be as quiet as I could. Then at 1pm I went to the United Church and got my H1N1 flu shot. Then went to our church and unloaded the tools.Then came home and changed coat and ripped a couple of pieces of flooring and then walked back to the church and we fixed a couple of doorways. I have to go back tomorrow and finish them up but had to wait until the glue dried before we can put the top part on. Wendy went and got her shot too. At first we were thinking not to get the H1N1 but then Wendy and I decided to do it because of the grand kids. So far my arm isn't even sore. Well we will have to see what tomorrow brings. It has been really too cold to do anything outside. The warmest it got today was -26C. Even the poor dog doesn't want to go out and if she does it ain't for long and she is back at the door.
Wendy and I had supper and then thought that we should watch the last episode of LOST. Wendy ordered the new season. While we were watching we got a phone call from Mryia and she called to tell us the our old friend Bob Cook passed away today about 6 pm.Not sure just how old he was but I think in the middle 80's. We just saw him a couple of weeks ago when we were in Edmonton at Dagmar Tjarts service and we had breakfast with the seniors and Bob and Phyllis were there at A&W and we chatted for a while.
Yesterday I shoveled a bit of snow off of my truck and Pete our Pastor came and helped me. I opened the garage door and when it closed it must have had a bit of ice under it and the trip catch broke off so I'll have to get that fixed. Right now it won't open but it is too cold to open it any way. I should have know better. When it is -36C nothing want to work anyway. Oh well it shouldn't cost to much it is only a small plastic part. I just have to find out where I have to go to get the part.
Wendy made bread yesterday before she went to work so we have lots of bread in our freeze again. This afternoon she made a real good stew. It is always good to have a good big bowl of hot stew after being outside in this kind of weather.
Today I was praying for our daughter Kristy in South Africa . She was graduating tonight at her Bible school at the YWAM. Well it time to hit the old hay so they say. Have a good night.
God Bless you all.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dec. 1,2009

Well here I am again blogging. Yesterday was a busy day for me as usual. When Wendy is working I go for coffee at about 8:30 am. I went to Home Hardware and bought a piece of glass and some bird feed. Came home and built a bird feeder. It came out right nice if I must say so myself. About 12:00 I made some lunch and then cleaned up the mess I made in the garage. At 2 pm. I went to the Curling rink and Curled with the guys until 4:00pm. After curling we all go upstairs at the rink and have coffee again. I rushed home at 4:30pm. showered and changed my clothes and loaded my Harmonicas and stand in the truck and headed to Coadale . It was snowing a bit so I had to drive a bit slow. I met Barry in Coldale and then put my equipment in his van and we headed to Tabor. That is about 40 minutes from Coldale. We had to drive pretty slow as the snow was really coming down. I was praying that it would stop snowing while we were playing and it did just that. We played for about 55 to 60 people and they all seemed to enjoy it. Many of them took the time to shake our hands and tell us that they enjoyed the music.They were all curious about the Chromatic and most of them have never heard the Chromatic played. They all expected me to play one of the diatonic harmonicas( the small ones) We finished and we drove back to Coldale and then I drove home to Picture Butte. The roads were not the greatest and I could only go about the snow had stopped but the roads were a bit wet and it was freezing and they were really slippery.I got home about 10:30. and I watched the end of a movie that Wendy was watching. Then it was off to bed.
This morning I had tea and breakfast at home with Wendy and then went to UFA and dropped off a check and then went to the Seniors center and as I was supposed to help a fellow move some chairs and table around. I don't know why they asked me to help because some else had already moved them.sigh. I had to pick up 2 tickets for the Seniors Christmas party on the 4th.(This coming Friday). This will be the second time we went to this. They serve a full course sit down Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and they have a band that will be playing music. They really do it up nice.
I came home and put the plates on the Mandy and Jorge's Van and we went into Lethbridge as we had to drive the van in to show a fellow who is interested in buying it. He is going to talk to his wife and call us tomorrow.(We Hope). Then we went shopping at Wall-mart and then drove over to Tanya and visited with her and the kids. Tom was at work. We brought Adriana and Erylin home with us and they are staying over tonight. Wendy made supper and then we all went over to the church as they were decorating for Christmas. Wendy and the girls were busy decorating a tree and they didn't seem to need me so I came home and did the supper dishes.
Well that's all for today.
God Bless you all.