Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday. April 24th,2010

Well I guess it is about time to blog again eh? I was going to do it the other day but got sidetracked. I had to drive to Calgary on Wed. for a doctors appointment at the Holy Cross Cancer Hospital and then on Thursday I drove Jorge to the air port in Calgary so 2 trips in 2 days. Getting lots of miles on me eh?
This morning it was real cloudy and windy. Well it not so cloudy now but still windy. Wendy and Mandy went to Tanya and Tom's so I finished loading the truck with branches. Yesterday I cut some branches off the tree's at the church and still had them in my truck.

As I was raking all 3 of our lawns in the back I had to sit down a few times and take a rest. While I was sitting there I was thinking that it is almost to much of a job for me. Then I remembered how beautiful it is out here when every thing is in bloom and I just love it. It is a lot of work and I do have to sit down and rest but it keeps me busy and most of the time it is fun and I enjoy it.

Yesterday I trimmed 2 of the trees by the church and then mowed the lawn. Trimming and raking wasn't to much fun but mowing the lawn was and when I finished it really looked nice. After I finished that I came home and put together a metal floor frame for my new Aluminum 10' x 10' shed. There was 35 pcs and over 100 bolts. I think it will take me a while to put the shed together. I was just reading the instructions and parts lists. It has 106 pcs. and 437 bolts and screws. Won't do that in a day eh? Oh well that will be a good project for when Wendy goes to Chile for 3 weeks.

Today I mowed all 3 lawns out back and then did the front one as well. It's a lot of work but better than sitting and watching the TV all day and more fun than blogging. Ha ha.

Sure do miss Jorge already. He has a big job ahead of him but I am sure God will be there for him. It will be tough without Mandy and the kids for 2 weeks. Come to think about it I will be without Wendy for 3 weeks and I think that will be tough to. I hope Tanya and Tom don't get sick of me hanging around to often.
Well I guess that's about all I can think of to write at the moment so I pray that you will all have a great day. I thank God every day for you all. May God Bless you all.

Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010

We have had a real busy week around here and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down this week either. April 13,Tuesday,I had a seniors breakfast at 8 am. then a quick coffee at Eddies with the guys and came home an found CTV in my living room doing and interview with Mandy and Jorge. Little Levi seem to be the star in all that. It just seems that we have been so busy. I have been working on my deck and on Saturday I put the 2x6's on the deck. On Sunday Mandy and Jorge had little Levi dedicated at the church. I played on the worship team and after church Tanya, Tom and all the little's came for lunch. Then in the evening Jorge did a information night at the church and explained about the earthquake in Chile and showed some pictures. Than right after that everyone headed for the gym as the ladies had a baby shower for Mandy and Levi. The guys went to another room and I led the Men's meeting that we have every Sunday evening.

Then Monday I cut and routed out 2 more 4x4's for post for the deck. I cut and made some spindle for the deck. Tuesday was another busy day with interviews for Mandy and Jorge I believe it was Sunny South News and Jorge met with Global news in Iron Springs and did another interview. I helped pastor Peter with the boys at the church. We have floor hockey for the boys in the community. We only had about 12 boys out because it was snowing an blowing. Normally we get about 18 to 20 boys out every Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning we woke up and had no power because we had a real bad storm on Tuesday evening. We lost power about 3:30am. that morning. We had real heavy snow and lots of wind and it blew over many telephone and light poles. We got up and made breakfast down stairs using our gas stove to boil water and make pancakes. Wendy lit the oven and we used that for heat for a while. It kept the house nice and warm. We got electric back on about 3 that afternoon. Some of the people in Iron springs still don't have electric and they are saying maybe a few more days before they will get all the poles fixed. The snow was so heavy you couldn't shovel it. The roads weren't too bad and I had to go into Lethbridge for an interview with the Immigration dept for my permanent resident card and they said DO NOT MISS THIS INTERVIEW but when I got there the office was closed because that end of the city had no power. Go figure. I just left a note saying that I was there and came home.

Thursday was a bit slower day and I worked on the deck some more and put up some of the railing. Friday I finished the railing and then went to the school for a Chilean Chili supper put on by The Huntsville and Sunny Side schools to raise money to help build some new homes for the people at Jorge and Mandy's church in Yumbel.

Today is Saturday and Mandy and Jorge have gone to Calgary to get little Levi's passport and then they are headed to Lacombe where they will stay overnight and then go to Edmonton tomorrow.

Oh yesterday after waiting for 3 weeks I got a call from the Holy Cross Cancer hospital and I have to be there Wednesday the 21st at 9:30 am. for an appointment. They want to try to find out if I have to start Radiation treatments in Calgary or if I can wait until June when the new clinic is opening here in Lethbridge.

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon and now have a new appointment for my resident card on Tuesday the 20th at 10 am.

Then on April 22nd we have to drive back to Calgary to take Jorge to the airport. He is going back to Chile and then Mandy and Wendy and the two boys are flying out on May 9th. Wendy is going to help Mandy with the 2 boys and stay for about 3 weeks. Guess it will be pretty quiet around here for a while until she gets back. I hope to get lots of little projects done around here and that will keep me busy while she is gone. Well today I am going to repair the stairs for the deck. I am using the ones that were by the back door and they need a bit of TLC.

Wendy has a doctors appointment this morning at 11:30. Guess we will be headed to Lethbridge soon.

Have a great day and may God Bless you all.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 6, 2010

Well we have a new little grand-son. Levi Jorge Santana was born yesterday at 10:21 am.and weighed in at 7lbs-14ozs. Looks just like his brother Josiah.

We have had a busy few weeks.Mandy and Jorge and little Josiah flew in to Calgary on the 25th of March. Wendy's sister and her 2 children arrived here on the 26th and stayed until yesterday around 11 then left and headed back to Edmonton. Our niece Samantha (Cynthia's daughter)drove down on 31st. So we had a house full of people. We were a little tight on sleeping quarters but with air mattress we survived. We all had a great time visiting and talking about old time's as usual. Seems like that is what we do when we all get together. Wendy and Mandy and the girls played a few games and Josiah, Andrew. Jorge and I watched the Incredibles lots of time. As usual when we all get together we had lots and lots of real good food. I think I gained a few pounds but things like that happen when your having fun eh?

Then early yesterday morning Mandy went into labor and little Levi was born at 10:21a.m. They are coming home in a little while. Mandy just called and said they were packing up and coming home. Little Levi sure is cute. We have been praying that he would come a bit early so Jorge could spend some time with him before he goes back. He is flying back to Chile on the 25 or 26 I think and then Mandy and the 2 little ones are flying back on May 9th. Wendy is flying back with Mandy and the 2 boys and will stay there for 2 weeks. I thought of going with them but with money being a bit tight and then I would have to put the dog in the dog pound(another $300) plus I am waiting for the doctor and hope to find out when I have to go for the radiation treatments. I have lots of things that should be done around here so it is just as well.

We had a great church service on Good Friday and again on Sunday. We have the greatest church family. They are all so nice it makes you want to go to church more often. I still can't get over how supportive they are to my family. Just a lovely bunch of people wit a real heart for God.

Well guess I should go do something. I have a new shed to put up and a small deck and stairs on my new sun room to build and here I set at this stupid old computer. Know the feeling??????

Well that is my story for today and I am sticking with it. May God truly Bless you all today.