Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27th.2010

Today is a real rainy day. I guess we do need the moisture and it is pretty dry. Well lets see where do I start? Last week end on Friday evening Tanya and I and the kids drove to Southern Alberta Bible Camp. It was a first for me and the kids but I think Tanya has been there once before with a ladies group. We arrived about 7:30 and registered and unloaded the car. It was pretty well packed. They gave me a room in the lodge and Tanya and the kids had a cabin. The cabins will sleep 10 but they had it all to their selves. They are heated and have lights so it was real nice. My room in the lodge was really nice. It had a queen size bed and I had my own bathroom with a tub and shower. We went to the service that evening and then packed it in after a snack in the dinning room. The food for the week end was just great.We had breakfast on Saturday and then we went to the service. They had a program for the kids and they all liked that. We had about 68 kids there. Most of our church family were there for the weekend. I think it was about 7 couples and then Tanya and I and a couple of single ladies . Some other people came on Sunday for church. It was a real enjoyable time for every one. Our kids had a blast Adrie and Mellisa (Art and Liz daughter) got along fine and spent a lot of time together.Eri and the rest of the kids were busy playing all week end. Amie climbed the climbing wall about or 6 times and went right to the top. I believe we all had a great time and the kids didn't want to go home. (Figures)
I have been a bit busy around the house and yard. Rototilled the garden and planted some tomatoes and pepper plants. I planted Wendy bulbs and she had some plants that I planted too. I mowed the lawn and did the church also. I closed in our deck with some while plastic lattus and that looks really nice and will keep the cats and the dog from going under it. I had to crawl under and screw some boards underneith to attach the lattus to. The next day I was a bit stiff but not to bad.On Wed. evening I went to the Seniors club and took the test for a boat permit. This year it is mandatory that every one has to have if you use a motorized craft of any kind. 4 of the guys that I have coffee with also took it and we all got our cards. It cost $80 but is a one time thing.

Today I went to Pastor Pete and Mary's for lunch . Cleaned the house and did a wash and then went to Lethbrige and picked up Kellen and Amie. We are invited out tonight with Travis to the restaurant next to the Bakery on main street at 5:30pm. Not sure what it is called. Sure will be glad when Wendy gets back. I am not big on doing the laundary but rand out of socks, jeans, and underwear. Sure do miss my beautiful wife. She is coming home on Tuesday. She arrives on Tuesday morning at 9:30am.
Well guess that it for now . God Bless you all and have a great week end.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010

Well here it is Saturday May 15th. 7am. in the morning and I am blogging. What's wrong here?? ha ha. I have been going to blog but seems I always find something else to do. sigh.

Well as you all know Wendy is in Chile with Mandy and Jorge. I hope you all get time or take the time to read Wendy's blog. It's a long one but worth reading about their trip to Chile. I sure do miss her. Oh well it only for 2 more weeks.

I have been busy doing lots of things around here. I have the base for my new shed all finished and today I am going to put the plywood down on the base for the floor. Then I will be ready to put up the walls. It is an aluminum shed so I'll have to do it on a nice day when there is no wind.

I have been busy putting the base to the shed together. I cut down one of our trees that the wind blew over. That took me almost a day and then I had to take it to the dump. It only took 2 trips. I mowed our lawn and the church lawn. I find I really enjoy using my little lawn tractor.

The guy I used to play music with went with another band for a while but called me the other day and wanted to get back together and play again. Guess the band didn't work out for him. On Wednesday I went with him and we played in Cardston about an hour and a half from here. We played at 2 pm.until 3:30 then packed everything up and went to Magraft and played there from 7 to 8:30 pm. I didn't get home until 10 pm. so it made a long day for me. I really enjoyed it and it was fun to get back into playing again. I was a bit rusty but didn't miss to many notes and hopefully I covered up the ones I did miss. The people seemed to enjoy our music so that was good.

On Thursday I worked around here in the yard and then in the afternoon went to watch my granddaughter Erylin play soccer. She sure is cute and did a real good job playing..

Yesterday I trimmed up the lawns and and then went to lunch with my son in law Tom. He gave me a tour of the place he works. The Mirical Channel in Lethbridge. We went to the Guest House for lunch and as usual I ate too much. But it was really good. Then I came home and Barry called and wanted me to go with him to Lethbridge and talk to a lady at the Lethbridge Senior Center about doing a gig there for June 30th. So off to Lethbridge again I went and we met and talked to her and we got the job. It is playing at the center for a dance they are planning for the 30th of June. We will play from 8 to 11pm. This may lead to more jobs there I hope.
Next Friday I will be playing here at the Lodge here in Picture Butte at 2 pm and then Tanya and the kids and I are going to family came with our church. Tom can't go. It should be lots of fun and I think the kids will really enjoy it. Most of our church family is going . Sounds like fun.

Well today I am going to put the floor down on the shed and then maybe do a little fishing right here in the lake. I have a brand new smoker that I have never used. Wendy and the kids bought it for me a couple of years ago and it has been sitting on a shelf in the shed. Now all I have to do is catch some fish. haha.

Well I should go for coffee and then get some work done. I am playing on the worship team on Sunday at the church and that will be fun. I haven't played for a few weeks now so it will be fun to do again.
Have a great day and my God Bless you all.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

May 6. 2010

Well here it is May 6 and we have snow on the ground again. Is it never gonna end??? I was hoping for some nice spring weather. We have had some real strong winds that blew a lot of trees over. I have 2 big Spruce trees that are now at a 30% angle. I will have to cut them down for sure. They were about 25 to 30 feet tall. It has been wet and nasty for the last 4 days and this morning more snow. They are saying that it should stop today. So much for the sunny South eh?
This morning I am going to take the van into the Browers Brothers garage and have Wayne check it out. We will need it for Sunday when I take Wendy, Mandy and the 2 boys to the airport in Calgary. They are talking about 8 suit cases so I need the Van for sure.I might even need someone else to take some if I can't get them all in. It's only a 2 and a half hour drive to Calgary. I think it is going to be real quite around here for a few weeks. Just me and the dog and she don't say much.I guess I can turn up the TV,Radio, and my amp. Don't think I will get too many complaints except for the neighbors. Don't worry I'll keep it at a nice loud low.
I guess I should have lots of time to practice my music eh? I guess the guy I used to play with has found another band to play with. Sigh. Maybe i should start looking around to see who else is out there that likes Harmoica music eh? Oh well it was fun while it lasted. I sure do miss the gang from Edmonton. I have a son in-law that plays a mean guitar but he is usually quite busy and with his work, 6 kids and he plays on the worship team at his church, he probably doesn't have a lot of free time on his hands. Well guess I'll just pray about it and I'm sure God will find something for me to do anyway.
Well while Wendy is gone I have lots of things that I would like to get done so guess I won't be sitting around to much. I will be busy at the church and not to forget the coffee hours and I'll have to go into Lethbridge to see Tanya,Tom and the 6 little one. Im sure I will be busy for sure once this silly weather straightens up. I might even fine a few fishing day in while she is gone. Matty likes to go to the lake and run around while I fish.
Well it is getting late and I got lots to do today so guess I should get started. Have a great day and God Bless you all.