Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31,2010

Another month almost gone. Where does the time go.They seem to go quicker as I am getting older.
This morning there weren't to many guys for coffee. Guess most of them went away for the week end. Next week Eddie's where we go for coffee half of the time is closed so guess it will be Monday to Friday at the Cactus. The stories are usually the same just different guys telling it. Ha Ha.
Well after coffee this morning I loaded my little pick up with a bunch of branches and 6 or 7 bags of grass clipping and weed that Wendy and I have pulled from the gardens and took it to the dump. Came home and loaded more garbage and took some of the stuff in my garage and headed for the dump again. Then it was lunch time so had a sandwich and a good cup of tea. After lunch went out and mowed our back lawn and trimmed that up with the trimmer.
Then I just sat down on our swing and soaked up a bit of sun.Our back yard is really pretty now and with all the fountains running it is kind of nice to just sit and listen to them and watch the birds. They just love  the fountains.Should go out an get some lettuce from our garden. We have lots right now. Maybe I'll make a nice salad. Wendy is working until 7 so she won't be home until 7:30. Not sure if she is going to want supper.
Well I'll try to show you some of the fountains. Have a great day and may God bless you all.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29,2010

Today has been a bit busy but I am enjoying it. First thing this morning I went for coffee with the guys. Then I went to the Home Hardware store and bought a spray can of bright yellow paint. We have a side walk that has lifted over the years right in front of the door at the church and people are tripping over it. Mostly women, I guess the men are high steppers eh? Maybe most of the women are looking to see who is at church and the men are looking where they are going. Ha Ha. Well I had better get off this subject before it bites me eh? Anyway we have a pretty yellow strip there now.

This afternoon me and my dog went out back and pulled some weeds out of the garden. If I could just get that silly dog to pull weeds. She just follows me around. She is losing her eye sight and she can't see the screen door because she walks right into the screen. She is getting old like me. Our flowers are beautiful and my black hollyhocks are in full bloom. Actually I think they are a real dark purple but they look black to me. I have to post a picture of them. Well then I went and sat in the sun for a few minutes and listened to some music. We are playing next Thursday morning at St Michael's Lodge in Lethbridge and they want just instrumental music.

Then I went into the garage and straightened up a a few things and cleaned up a bit .Then went down to the new shed and rearranged some of the bikes to make more room but that didn't work.  I was going to water the flowers but we have a water ban on here in Picture Butte so thought I had better wait.

I came down here in the basement to blog and talked to my daughter Kristy in England for a while then realized it was getting late and still hadn't started supper. Went upstairs just as Wendy got home but I don't think she will fire me. Went looking for some marinade for the chicken and couldn't find any so had to make my own. It turned out really good. We had BBQ ed chicken and corn on the cob. We had supper in our sun room and watched all the little birdies going in and out of our 4 fountains. The birds just love them and the dog too. She thinks they are drinking fountains
Well guess I had better end this it is getting too long.
God Bless you all and have a great day.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28.2010

Well I guess it time to Blog again. A lot of people seem to read it so maybe I should be more faithful in writing it.

Ok where do I start? Well it has been a busy summer so far and it looks like I am going to be just as busy come fall. I finally got my metal shed up about 3 weeks ago. Wendy was off and offered to help and the day was real calm. It took the two of us from 1pm until 10:30pm I think it was. We were using a flashlight so decided to call it a day.That sure was a lot of work and I couldn't have done it with out Wendy.
I have been busy at the church a bit doing the odd thing now and then. I mow the lawn every week and the other day I cleaned up behind a shed that we have out in the back of the parking lot. Our little church is growing slow but sure.The people are a real nice bunch. It is like one big family. They really make you feel welcome. I have been playing my Harmonica with the worship team most Sundays. Our worship team is a real great bunch and I really enjoy playing with them.
Wendy and I have been busy with the grand-kids lately. They are a lot of fun but they do keep you busy. Espicailly the 2 1/2 and 4 and 6 year old. They are so full of energy and questions but we love them all. Tanya and Tom went to Edmonton last weekend and we had Adriana (13) Kellen (4) and Isabella (2 1/2) for the week end. Kellen and Isabella want to mow the lawn at least twice a day just to ride on Pa Pa's tractor. The other day Kellen and I were mowing the church lawn and all of a sudden he says Papa stop for a minute. So I stopped and he was looking down and saw the little picture with the tractor and a man and a kid on it with a big X threw it. He said Papa maybe we shouldn't be doing this.(he meant riding on the tractor) so I said yes maybe your right guess you had better ge off. He quickly put his foot over the sigh and said Well maybe I didn't see this yet. No way did he want to get off. So cute.
Well my back yard seems to keep me busy with all the flowers and my garden is really coming along fine but I think sometimes the weeds grow faster than the plants. ha ha.
Last night Wendy went to Tanya's and stayed with the kids because Tom and Tanya went to Calgary with a friend and probably won't get back until late tonight. Wendy doesn't mind and love to be with the kids anyway.They all just love Gram. I had to play this afternoon in Cardston with Barry. I met him at his place about 12:30 and then we took his car loaded with all the equipment to Cardston. It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to get there and then we had to set up and play at 2:30 for a birthday party at a Seniors home.There was about 30 maybe 35 people there and they didn't want us to quit after and hour but the staff was ready with cake and ice cream so we played for another 10 minutes and stopped. Didn't want to make the staff mad.

Well, Wendy just called and said she is on her way home so I had better end this and go up stairs and get the dishes done eh? After supper I watered the garden and flowers and then came down and was on face book for a while. I was talking to my friend George's wife Judy on face book and she said George was wondering why I hadn't blogged for a while. Guess I didn't realize so many people read my blog. He was the third one that wanted to know why I hadn't been blogging. Guess I had better blog more often eh?
Well I will try to keep this thing up to date more. Hey don't forget I said try!
Well have a great day and remember God love you all.May God bless you all.