Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30.2009

Where did the month of May go?? They saw April showers bring May flowers but we didn't have any showers in April. We didn't have much rain in May either so guess in order to bring out the June flowers I have to get out my sprinkler eh? Our back yard is still looking pretty nice and the Iris flowers are all starting to bloom. The trees are all getting their leaves and things are really looking green. We planted lots of plants in our flower boxes and they are growing well. I have our garden all planted now thanks to Tanya and the kids. Taom came over the other day and doug doen two holes we need for the footing on our new sun room. He got down to 3 foot on one and almost 2 foot in the other. Lot of root in the one . I went out and bought a post hole digger so when or if he comes back we can hopefully dig down to the 4 foot that we have to go. Poor Tom's hand were getting blisters on them from the shovel handle. He did a great job. Sorry I couldn't help him. I feel terrible just sitting and watching but if I try I get pains in my chest so guess I shouldn't until I get that taken care of. I go for more test on Monday so hopefully that will tell us something. Not sure this doctor knows. I still think it is a blockage but he thinks it is my lungs. Sigh. If he doesn't come up with some good answers soon I think I'll have to call the doctor I had back in Edmonton.
I have been playing a bit on the Harmonica this past week with Barry Kreicks. We played Monday evening at the Garden View Seniors center and then again on Thursday at the Sunrise Village and then last night at Bluesky Lodge. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. Barry seems a real nice guy and lots of fun to play with. He has a lot more confidence in me than I do and just plays any song that comes into his head and says, ok I think you'll know this one it's quite simple. ha ha. Some that he played I have never heard of before but found myself following along. I'll have to get used to his style. He is a really tallented fellow. He plays the keyboard and the guitar and sings. He is coming over and we are going to practice some of his music this weekend. He has a gig in Clarsholm and another in Tabor this coming week.
Wendy is working today 7 to 7 . She has been working out in our back yard and planting lots of new flowers and putting down cedar wood chips. It is good to see her out there enjoying our big back yard.Tonight if it is nice out I am going to lite a fire in one of our pits or our little screened in fire box that Bob and Kristy bought us when we were out at the lake. We haven't had a fire in it yet since we moved down here.
Well I think I will walk down to the Sports center here and see what the 4H kids are doing. There is lots of calves and cows there so guess I'll go (check or cheque) it out. Guess in Canada it is cheque right???
Have a great day and God Bless you all.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wow it's been a long time since I have posted on here so guess I should eh?
Well today was a nice warm day and Wendy and I went to the senior center and then we were taken to a beautiful cabin in coulees. The owner of the Home Hardware store here in Picture Butte also owns this little island here. It is a beautiful place and they took about 30 seniors to visit. On the Island is a beautiful cabin complete with a glassed in deck. The cabin has solar power for light. The fridge is gas as the kitchen stove. They have a wood stove for heat.
They have built a beautiful Tree house that is built between 6 trees about 25 feet in the air. They are in the process of building a games room not to far from the house. They served us all lunch.It was an enjoyable time. Wendy and I walked along some of the paths that go around the island. Wendy took lots of photos.
Then about 2 pm. we got home and I mowed our 4 lawns with my new tractor. Sure didn't take long. We had supper about 6pm. and then drove into Lethbridge to Tanya and Tom 's and we all went out to the Dairy Queen for Ice cream. The kids enjoyed that as well as us adults.
Yesterday Barry Kriats brought over his keyboard and guitar and we jammed from 7:30pm. to 10:30pm. He seems like a real nice guy and very talented.He plays both the guitar and the keyboard and has lots of musics that he has pre recorded on his keyboard. He normally plays gigs by him self but has invited me to play with him. This was our second practice or get together. He has invited me to play a couple of gigs with him. Our sounds blend together really will and he also sings. It was fun to get back into playing my harmonica's.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice again and I hope to get our garden in or some of it anyway. I also want to mark out where the foundation for our new sun room is going to be. I have to dig down 4 feet for the footing. They want it below the frost line. Yesterday we got our permit in the mail to build it so it is a go. I only need 2 holes 2 foot square and 4 feet deep. Talked to Tom tonight and he said he will give me a hand digging them. Tomorrow night I am going with Tom and 4 or 5 guys from the church to the movies in Lethbridge. I not a big fan of movies but it is fun getting together with Tom and the guys.
Well it is about 11:20 pm. and I think that I should get to bed. Hope and pray you all have a great night and a great day tomorrow. God Bless you all.