Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Morning

Well it is Thursday and they said it would be nice earlier in the week but have now changed and claim it is going to be cold again for a few day. Sigh We live in Alberta so I guess we just have to suck it up eh? I am spending lots of time packing and tying to get things done for the bank and the real estate people for both houses. As almost all of you know we have sold our house and bought another one in Picture Butt. Just got the inspection from the one in Picture Butte and it is only 43 pages long. Guess I have lots of reading to do eh? I checked it out last night and didn't see anything major that I should be concerned about but I will re read it today for sure.
I have a friend that is in hospital and I am going to go and see him today. Last night I went to the church with the mens group. All on our mens group are signed up and everyone showed up last night. The church is doing a 12 week group meeting for men and I am hoping that when it is finished one of the guys will step up and lead our small group. We have 9 guys at the moment but I am leaving as of Feb. 29th and Ralph is leaving in I think 3 weeks. His is in the Military and is being shipped out . He is in the Postal division but being overseas away from his wife and kids is not going to be easy for him. Please Pray for him. Our Mens group has been meeting for long time and I really love all the guys in it. They are truly Men of God. Every one of them is capable of leading the group but people often think as I did years ago that they just don't know enough about the bible or that we just aren't smart enough to lead a group. Truth is all you need is someone to have a place to meet and a little coffee or juice, a love for the guys and a heart for God. In all the years of our mens group it has always been an exciting and meaningful time. God has brought some awesome guys into our group. Many of them have or are leading a group of their own. God has Blessed me each time we met and I thank him for that. We have told our story's , Laughed, Joked and Cried together. Our group is a group that makes you feel welcome and they are always encouraging each other and ready to listen when someone has a problem and will give you advice if that what your looking for. Anyway I'm sure God will look after each one. I pray for them everyday.
I have to get going here. Got lots of running around to do so have a real great day. God Bless you all