Monday, November 22, 2010

November 21, 2010

Wow it has been over a month since I posted anything on here.Not sure I can remember back that far. ha ha.
Well lets see how good my memory is.
Well Wendy had a great time in Mexico with Adria, Kristy and Bob. I think they had 8 others that went on the trip with them. She really enjoyed it and has posted a blog about it with some pictures.
Tanya, Tom and little Sophia and Wendy and I went to Texas at the end of October for a week to a conference there with Paul Washer and Voddie Bauchman  Not sure of the spelling but think it is close. We had a great time and I really enjoyed spending the time with Tanya and Tom. Since they got married we really haven't gone anywhere with them so it was fun. The weather in Texas was really warm and I liked that. I gained 9 lbs. while we were there. We found some real good restaurants while we were there. The conference was great and I enjoy that too. We stayed in a town called Humble .The conference was only 3 days so we got to go see a bit of Dallas which was only about an hour away from our hotel. We got to see the space center and  the Reliance football field.
Wendy has been working lots since we got home. Then our weather here has turned cold so I haven't done much. I did clean out our garage so Wendy can park the car in there at night. That saves a lot of scraping and brushing the snow off. I have been doing a few things at the church. Patched  some drywall. Saturday I went and helped put up some props for our Christmas play that will happening about the middle of Dec.
Oh I put the plow on my little tractor and pushed a bit of snow last week when the snow came. It was almost to much for the little tractor. We got about 8 or 9 inches I guess. It is snowing again today and as soon as I finish here I am going out and plow again. Wendy has made me promise not to shovel. I did shovel a bit the first day it snowed and suffered for a few day with chest pains. She was a bit upset with me over that.
I have been feeling pretty good but the cold weather really affects me. I have to go get my flu shot soon. Was going to get it about 2 weeks ago but caught a cold so couldn't go.
I have been playing a few gigs with Barry and have been enjoying that. On Saturday we played for a dance at the Moose Hall in Lethbridge.  Wendy was off so she went with me and listened. We played from 7 pm. until about 11.40 pm. Normally we do 1 hour or 2 hour gigs so this was a long one for me but the people liked us and we got lots of compliments and they stayed and danced until about 11:30. Yesterday I went to church and played on the worship team. That is always fun and we have an awesome worship team. Usually there is 8 or 9 of us. We had a really good crow on Sunday. I think about 85 or so people. Our little church is really growing and that is great to see.
Well I guess that is it for now have a great day and may God Bless you all.