Saturday, March 31, 2012

Had a busy day. Coffee with the guys at 8:30am. then went fishing at 10:30am. Never got a bite. If the fish ain't biting then I ain't fishing. Was home at 1pm. got lunch and then worked outside in our back yard raking up leaves and little branches for our willow tree and put them down back by the gate, moved some wood from the garden to the trailer and used the tractor with the blade to level out our garden where the trees were. Then took a shower grabbed  a bit to eat and packed my harmonica's and went and played at UDAC Alliance and got home at 10;pm. I'm playing there tomorrow morning for the service with the worship team. Think it is time to go to bed. Wendy is working tonight again until 4 am. I have to be at UDAC at 9 tomorrow morning.
Hope you all had a Blessed day and God Bless you tonight.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well here is is almost April. I have been sick most of the time since we got back with a cough that I can't seem to get rid of. I went back to the doctor today. I think it has him puzzled. I seem to be getting a bit better but still cough quite often.

I was feeling pretty good on March 22 nd. and I did my first SOLO gig at the Old timers  Senior Club here in Picture Butte. The guy I used to play with hasn't had any job lately. Anyway the people seem to enjoy my playing. I downloaded some background sound tracts and then just played them on my (NEW Ipod ) through my amp. It sounded good and I was happy with that. Wendy did all the downloading and she sat it up for me. Don't know what I would do with out her. She is a real sweetie. She even operated the Ipod for me at the Senior center that night. I'll get it one of these days but I am a little slow at it. I'm getting better everyday at it and am really enjoying that little thing. Oh well me and the new technology don't get along so well some times but I'm learning.

Sure do miss my dog but that another story. We put old Matty down about a week before we left for Chile. She was about 16 and was having trouble with her back legs and was almost totally blind. She had trouble going up and down our few steps that she had to do get in the house. Starting to tear up so lets just say that I sure do miss her.

Wendy has been working so much since we got back. I don't see much of her. Not only long shifts but crazy ones too. A lot of people have been calling in sick so she had got lots of hours in. She works so much and then comes home and goes walking for 2 klms. almost every night.

Wendy and I are leading a Truth Project Program and next week is our last session. We have an awesome bunch of people doing it with us. God has just been working in all of us through this program. There is 6 couples counting us. What and awesome church family they are.

Well not much more to say so I close for now. God Bless you all and have a great day.

Well I guess it is time to Blog. Wow I haven't done this in a long time. Well we went to Chile back in January 18th. to visit Mandy, Jorge and the 2 boys, Josiah and Levi. We were there for 6 weeks. We really enjoyed the time we spent with them.
Things are done a bit different in Chile. For breakfast they have fresh bread called pan, served with Jam, Cheese and sometimes sandwich meat, and of course Tea, coffee and juice.  Lunch is their big meal of the day and then supper is bread (fresh) jam, cheese and again lunch meat. After lunch most people take a nap . The local stores close until 4pm.or 4:30pm.
While we were there the temperature was really hi. I think it got up to39 C. was the highest. When it is in the 30's you can't stay out in the sun to long and you must use sunscreen or you burn really bad.
Mandy and Jorge live right next to the Church. They have a nice house . Jorge and the men of the church built it this past year. I think they moved into it last August.
While we were there I put trim around some windows and doors . Jorge and I put up a handrail for the stairs. Jorge and I built a wood shed to hold the winter wood and I put together some cabinets and made a cabinet for his tools.
Josiah loves to play soccer  and he would tire me out almost every day kicking the ball. Levi love to play with little cars which he calls Auto's and we would play for hours. He never tires. The first thing he says in the mornings is Auto's. He tries to play soccer with Josiah but he is kind of small and only being 2 he kicks the ball allover instead of straight ahead.  Josiah gets a bit upset with him but he will learn soon. I sure do miss them boys. We had lots of fun while we were there.
We met all the people of the church. We even went on a church picnic and they BBQ ed a pig.Not being able to speak Spanish I had to get Mandy or Jorge  to translate but the men soon learned sign language . ha ha.
The 4th week we were there we took 5 days and went to a little town about 5 hours away from Yumbel to Pokon. We went to a couple of other towns but I can't spell them. We had fun and enjoyed some of the beaches and took a boat cruise one afternoon. Wendy had her wallet stolen and that caused a bit of trouble but when we got home from the cruise Jorge called the police and they had found her wallet  in a trash can with all the credit cards. The money of course was missing. Fortunately she only had about $8o dollars in it.

The people that go to the church in Yumbel are a real caring bunch of people. They don't have a lot of money but share what ever they have with those that need it. I just loved them all. They are all just a little family.

We got home March 1st. and of course the temp. was a bit different.but really not to cold.
Well that's all for now . God Bless you all and have a great day.