Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009

Hi everyone! Guess it is about time I blogged a bit eh? Well where do I start. Well I haven't blogged since June so I guess there is a lot to tell.
I had a project going with our sun room and that is now complete except for the stairs off the big door. It took me a long time but I really enjoyed doing it. Tom helped me put up the heavy beams and he also helped me with the windows and doors. Jorge and Mandy moved back into our basement and Jorge helped me with the shingles, drywall and painting. It really came out beautiful and Wendy just loves it.
We went the Maritimes for 13 days . We stayed with Bob and Lynne Dorland. There were so kind and showed us most of the area. They even gave us their car and sent us off on our own for 3 days to Cape Briton. We really had lots of fun with Bob and Lynne. They are a lovely couple and always had something for us to do or go see. They live in a little town called Wittenburg and have a have beautiful home and a large lot. We were there just when the fall colors were really pretty.
We had really nice weather all the time we were there but coming home was something else. sigh.
Jorge picked us up at the airport and it was a bit rainey and dark of course. Our plane was a bit late so by the time we got out of the airport it was about 11:30pm. Then it stopped raining and it turned to snow. You could not see the road for about 1/2 an hour. I really felt bad for Jorge and it was a bit scary. Then it stopped and we were ok until we got past Claresholm and then it started to snow again. You couldn't drive more that 50 klms and hour because you just couldn't see. We finally got home save and sound thanks to Jorge good driving. God was watching over us for sure.

Well we have been home for 2 weeks now and slowly getting back into the old grove.
Mandy and Jorge left today for Calgary and I met Wendy at her work and we went out for Supper at The Keg. Wendy had to go back and work for a couple of hours for someone that need a couple of hours off so she should be home soon.
Mandy and Jorge are going back to Chile soon. In fact Jorge is leaving on the 27th. and Mandy and Josiah are going in Nov. Jorge was offered a Pastors job and has accepted it so they will be living in Yumbel Chile for a while.Who knows how long.We sure will miss them when they go.

Wendy and I have started going to the E-Free Church just down the street from us. They have a new pastor and the people seem really friendly. I think this is where God wants us right now anyway.
Well i have been feeling pretty good but I am also doing everything at a slower pace. Getting old is a real bummer but what can you do. The doctor told me that if I slowed down I would probably feel better and I guess he knows what he is talking about. God must still have something for me to do so guess I should try to listen eh??? Sunday I am playing my Harmonicas with the worship team and Jorge is play the drums for the last time before he goes to Chile.

Oh I have found a fellow or he found me not sure which but I am playing with a band called Runaway Rascals. Not much of a band because there is only 2 of us. I play with Barry Kreick and he plays guitar,the keyboard and sings. He used to call himself The Runaway but now he calls us The Runaway Rascals. Barry is a real nice guy and I enjoy playing with him. We have played out about 12 time and I am really enjoying it.Our next gig is on Halloween at Claresholm.Well I think my sweetie just got home from work so I had better sign off for now .

Oh I almost forgot that on September 22 our new little granddaughter Sophia arrived and she is just a beautiful little baby girl. She looks a lot like the rest of her sisters and brother but she has dark hair. She is the only one that is not a blond.
God Bless you all.