Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday May 29,2008

Well it has been a while but better late than never they say. I have been working on this old house pretty much every day for a while now. Just put in a new Fiberglas tub and took the old green one to the dump. The plumbing has been a real nightmare. Trying to hook up the tub drain is and has been a real pain but I think I finally got it but cant check it for leaks yet. I am leaving tomorrow morning for Edmonton to bring my trailer back to Picture Butte. A friend of mine has been so kind to offer me his truck to pull it down. He heard that my little Ranger was to small. It is going to be hard to pull it out as I really did like the lake lot that we rented from Wally and Harold. They are such nice people.
Well things are really starting to shape up around here and thats a good thing.The flowers are starting to bloom and I have mowed the grass twice. It takes me just and hour and 20 minutes to mow the lawns but they sure do look good when you finish. Wendy has been planting some new plants and really cleaning up the back yard. Today Tanya and the kids and Wendy planted most of our garden . They sure did a good job. I was busy with the bathroom.
Adrie is going with me tomorrow so that should be fun. I haven't spent much time with the kids since I moved down here. Hopefully that will change soon. Monday we have and Electrician coming and that will solve a lot of our problems. We are trying to get this place in shape so I can sit back and relax I hope. My garage look real good and I can find things again. I put up a bench accros the front of the garage and 4 pieces of pegboard. I have most of my tools hung up but still have to put my sander and planer together and then I will be finished. Well almost finished I still have one wall to insulate and poly but I have all summer to do that.
Well it is getting late and I have a long day tomorrow so until next time, God Bless all of you. Pleas pray that we will find a church that we can call home. We really need that.

Have a great day
Love you all.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedesday May14,2008

Well here it is the middle of May and we are still not 100% settled but we are close. Wendy put some more pictures up and is doing everything she can to make it a little more homey and OUR house. I have not been happy with this silly house. Too many things that need repair and I guess I am just feeling bogged down and disappointed with how slow the progress is coming. I guess I don't like change and it is starting to show. sigh. I haven't been feeling the greatest and not having a Church that we can call home doesn't help either. Anyway this morning at about 4:30am. Wendy is at work. I was up and just looking around and realized that I think I am starting to like it a little more every day. Wendy has a way of making everything look so good. Gotta love that girl.
We have been running back and forth to the hospital to be with Mandy, Jorge and little Josiah. He is having a bit of trouble nursing. Please pray that he will get the hang of it real soon and can come home. He sure is a cute little guy. Last night I held him from 7pm. to 8:15pm. If you haven't seen any pictures of him just click on Mandy and Jorge's or Tanya's or Wendy's website and you can see all the pictures. On Wendy's site just go to her photo's and look for Josiah Reuben. We are excited and hopefully he will come home soon. It sure will be different having a new born in our home.
Yesterday I mowed the lawn and found out that there is a lot of lawn but enjoyed cutting it and it really looks good. Well maybe I do need a riding mower. Just kidding. I need the excersize for sure.
Well I had better get going as I still have a lot of work in my garage to do and a few more boxes to unpack so I can find all my tools. Have to finish insulating one wall and put up a couple of sheets of OSB board and some more peg board. Well I'm off to take out the garbage because the garbage man will be here soon.
Please pray we will be able to settle into a good church soon. I think I really need that.
Love you all
God Bless

Monday, May 05, 2008


Today was a busy day again. Seems all my days are busy lately. Today I insulated one wall of my garage. Only got 1 and a 1/2 to go.The walls in the garage are 10 ft. high. Not easy for an old fellow. The moving everything from one side to the other is the time taker. I Put some 3/8" OSB and then some peg board above that. I hope to have everything out of the boxes and be able to find a tool when I need it. Wendy is working again tonight. Then she will be off for 4 days. She wants us to get started with the cleaning up of the back yard. I cut a few limbs off a couple of the trees but there is lots more to be trimmed and cut and then I have to haul them away to the dump. It's a lot of work but I am starting to enjoy it. I have an eve trough problem that I would like to get taken care of so maybe I do that before she get up tomorrow afternoon. The grass is really getting green and th dandelion's are starting to come out. Guess that is about all for today. Have a great evening.
God Bless you all.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Evening

Today after church Tom and Tanya came over for lunch. We had the 4 grandkids over last night for a sleep over. First one since we moved here. Went to church this morning at the church next door.
This afternoon Adrianna, Erilyn and Amelie and I went out back in the yard and bagged some leaves. I even mowed a bit in the back but ran out of gas. Have to buy some tomorrow. Wendy just left for work and will be back home tomorrow morning at 7:30am. She works tomorrow night then is off for 4 days.
Tomorrow I hope to get some work done in the yard and rake some old leaves and take some branches and limbs that I cut off the trees to the dump. I cleaned all the eve troughs on Saturday and found that I have to do a bit of work on the eves.
Well thats about it for today guess I'll go watch a little TV. Have a great day.

God Bless you all.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday evening

Well here it is Friday already, where did the week go?? Today I went for coffee with the guys at the restaurant and then loaded Tanya's bike in the back of my truck and headed for Lethbridge. Adrianna was so happy to see the bike and took off as soon as I unloaded it. She sure does like it as her's was getting to small for her. She's a big girl now. Tanya and I chatted for a couple of hours and then I went to lunch with Tom. It is nice to be able to just pop in every now and then. It is 25 klms from our house to theirs.
Tonight we had the pastor from the church next door and we sort of got to know him a bit. They only have 25 registered member in this church. Guess if we join the number will jump to 29. Pastor Bob seems like a real nice guy and I hope to get to know him better. Jorge is off tomorrow. He sure comes home tired in the evening. Working in a feed lot is not the easiest job in the world. He says they just run all day long. Maybe tomorrow he can take it easy.
I still have a bit of work to do in my garage but it is starting to look good. I bought 3 more bags of insulation today and that should finish the walls. I think I'll do the ceiling later. Right now I just want to get my tools out of the boxes and hung up on the peg board. I am tired of digging thru a box to find a tool every time I need one. Well it is getting late and I am a bit tired so you all have a great evening. Love you all.
God Bless you.