Friday, June 01, 2012

Well it has been a beautiful day. A bit windy but all in all a good day. Got lots done and feel pretty good so it has to be a good day.

This morning I got up a bit early and read my Bible and prayed and realized that I really need to rewrite my prayer list. It's only about 28 or maybe 30 years old and it is getting hard to read but I know what is on each line.(I should by now right)

Well went for a coffee and then came home and put the furnace cover that I painted yesterday back on to the furnace in the trailer. Watered the plants in the front and the back and cleaned 4 of our 5 fountains. Man do they get dirty or what? The birds just love them but they sure do mess them up. Bird poop, feathers, you name it . Then I sprayed our number 5 fountain with a rubber sealant to stop it from leaking. Then fixed the pump on that also and put it back on it stand. Boy are those things heavy or maybe I'm just getting old. Probably a bit of both eh? Then I got the lawn tractor out, gassed it up and went to the church and mowed the lawn. Came home and mowed our front lawn and put the sprinkler on it for a while. Then I put the new hitch on my tractor so I can pull the snowmobile trailer with it. I have to go get a large U bolt to make it stay in place. Well then I got out the trimmer and walked down to the church and trimmed the lawn there.

Then I came home and did my exercises that I have to do for my back. Maybe I should have done them first eh???Oh well that's how I do things (Backward).

Practice a few song and now going to make supper. Wendy will be home in a couple of hours but she doesn't want supper tonight.sigh.

Well I pray that you all have had a great day and God Bless you all.