Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Oct. 16, 2010

Well I guess it is about time I wrote something here eh?  Wendy, Adria, Kristy and Bob left for Mexico on Thursday the 7th. Friday I cleaned the church and when I finished I realized that it was not my turn until next week. ha ha. I came down with a runny nose on Saturday so I didn't play with the Worship team on Sunday. I went and prayed at 9:45 am with the prayer team. I got up early and made stuffing for the turkey and got everything ready so I could put the old bird in the oven as soon as church was finished. Tanya and Tom supplied the turkey. Sunday afternoon Tanya , Tom and the kids came over and we had a Turkey supper on thanksgiving day here at my house.  I came down with a bit of a cold on Monday  so that kept me in the house a bit. Didn't do much for a few days except hang around the house and watch TV. Thursday I felt a bit better and went into Lethbridge to get some Earl Grey Tea and a few other things. Friday I felt pretty good so went and cleaned the church again (my turn this time ) Marg and Lawrence came and helped me. It has been a pretty slow week for me and with Wendy gone it seemed longer. Tanya's kids have been a bit sick so I didn't want to go over there to often. Last night I was thinking what I could cook for supper when Tanya called and asked if I would like to go with them to supper at Rickey's so I quickly got ready and headed out.
There was a shooting in Shawnasee( not sure how to spell it )and some guy was killed so there  was a bit of  traffic getting through there. Then there was a large tractor and some Hugh equipment on the road and that took a little time to get by (quite common here at harvest time) but finally got to Tanya's and we went to supper. The kids were really good and the food was great. Came home about 9:30 pm. and was going to watch a bit of TV but I woke up about 11pm. and went to bed. Ha ha. I do that quite often lately. Must be old age eh?
This morning I went for coffee and well here I am at this silly old computer trying to remember what I did last week. Like I said Wendy is coming home on Sunday so guess I should clean the house up a bit. Not much to do, A few dishes and maybe vacuum a bit. It sure will be good to have her back home. Then on next Thursday we are heading to Texas with Tanya, Tom and Sophia to a conference with Voddie Bauchmen and Paul Washer. The conference is only 3 days and then we are going to hang around Texas for a few days before coming home. It will be the first time we have gone anywhere with Tanya and Tom in a long time. Sounds like fun so want to make the most of it right? She has found a couple of families to take the kids for a few days and then Kristy and Bob are coming down and watch them until we get back.The kids are all excited over that and I know Kristy and Bob will have fun with them. Not to sure what we will do in Texas but I'm sure Tom will figure something out.  Maybe check out a football stadium or something . It will be fun just hanging out with them anyway.
Well that's it for today . God Bless you all and have a great day.