Friday, September 29, 2006

Good afternoon. Well here I am again and I didn't think I would find the time to keep it updated but I seem to find myself here more often than I thought. Jorge and I had a busy morning. First we went to breakfast at Happ's (with Mandy) at 7:30 then off we went to the south side to Lowen Windows. Had to pick up some clips for my neighbor for his windows. He kicked out the people that lived there because they totally wrecked the place. The window handles and the wall and the carpets are just toast. Anyway after that we went to Superior Lumber and spent a few hours there just talking to the guys. We got home about 12:00. Jorge is now working on some stuff he has to do before the wedding on his laptop and well GUESS what I'm doing eh? I am going into my shop and clean it out or at least start cleaning it up as it really needs it. I can see it's going to be a hard afternoon.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Seniors Lunch

This morning Jorge and I headed off to Beulah at 10:30 to serve at the seniors lunch which happens once every month. We got there and put our aprons on and joined the others in getting the food ready for our seniors. We finished about 2:30. The ladies and the guys really enjoy working with Jorge. I think he really enjoyed it too. They all thought that it was so nice to have a young fellow helping. They all thought that it was cute that he called me Dad. 2 of the ladies asked if they could call him if they had a few jobs around the house that they needed help with. I thought that was neat. One of the Ladies was from Brazil and they chatted for quite a while. Jorge just fit right in and was helping mash pototes, loading trays, serving coffee and tea, picking up empty plates and cleaning up in the kitchen. For me it was just another day at the office but for him I think he really enjoyed working with all the guys and ladies and feeling at home while do it.
So that was our day and who knows what tpmorrow sill bring eh??

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Morning

Well here I am again. I guess you call it blogging eh? This morning Jorge and I went to A & W for breakfast with the seniors. Jorge and Milley got on well. They both speak spanish. We sat with Dave and Dagmar Tjart. I have to go bowling at 11am. this morning. Not sure if Jorge is going with me. The seniors bowl every Monday and Wed. mornings. Yesterday Mandy and Jorge were at Kristy and Bob's. They came home last night with a large plate of cookies. Just what I needed eh?? Tonight I have practice with the Rascals at the Dutch club. Tomorrow is a free night (I think). Then Wed evenings I have a mens group that meet here. We have a new fellow coming this week. Last night at the general meeting at the church a guy came up to me and asked if I still had a mens meeting at my house and asked if he could come. We always have a extra chair ready for anyone that wants to join us. We have an awsome group of guys that really love the Lord. There is 8 of us in the group and hopefully after this Wed. there will be 9.

Last Tuesday Mandy, Jorge, Wendy and I went to Jasper for 2 days. We went all the way to the top of Whistler Mountian. Thats a long way up for an old fellow but I made it. I'll try to show you a picture or 2 but not to sure hope that works just yet. Well got to run got a busy week ahead. It's a tough job being retired but someone has to do it eh??

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hi !!! Can you believe this? I'm doing a Blog. Well not sure how to start or what to write but here goes. I am a retired Lumber man with a working wife. After 50 years in the Lumber industry I decided to retire and let some of the younger guys take care of all that stuff. So now I am under worked over fed and a real blessed son of God. I came to know Jesus Christ about 30 years ago and he has blessed me with a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful daughters. I have 2 but soon to have 3 great son in-laws. Jesus hand picked them just for me. I also have 3 beautiful Granddaughters and a handsome grandson. I enjoy playing the Harmonica and I play with 3 groups. The Harmonika Rascals, the Kompanions and the Harmonicaires. I also enjoy fishing and spend a fair amount of time out at Lac Saint Anne where we have a small trailer. I also love to bowl and usually go bowling about 2 or 3 times a week. I bowl with the Seniors league and last year bowled on a Tuesday evening league and we were league champions in the Tuesday night league. I have a small shop in my garage and build the odd shelf and piano benches and do small jobs for people around town or what ever when I have time. I attend Beulah Alliance with my wife but rarely do we get to drive to church together. Wendy works in the book store at times and I work in the church as a Teller 2 days a month and do interviews for Baptism and member ship. I also work in the kitchen helping at different functions. My wife Wendy works with the RCMP as a dispatch operator. She works 12 hours shifts 2 day and 2 nights and then is off for 4 day. That explains why I have so much time on my hands eh??
I went from a working husband to a cook and dishwasher for Wendy when she is working. She has given me a cell phone so she can keep track of me durning the day because I don't get to sit in the house too often.