Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20,2008

Ya Ya I know it's about time but for some reason I have trouble blogging lately. It used to be fun but now it sems that it is hard to write anything that might be exciting to other people. Maybe I shouldn't worry about that eh? Oh well, lets see what has been happening in my life? I am still staying pretty busy most days. I am doing a little fixing at the church and do a little bit at the seniors hall, I am now curling 3 times a week and that is fun. I just have to learn the rules and learn to throw the rocks at the right speed. It is surprising how you can make that rock turn(curl in one direction or the other. They call it( in turn or out turn) makes since eh?
The night before last Wendy and I walked up to the lake and there must have been thousands of geese already on the lake and they kept coming but the hundreds. I never saw so many geese. They say that next year there will be 4 time as many because they usually have 5 to 8 little ones every year. Quite a sight and they are noisy too.
Today I have to take back some scaffold back to a fellow I borrowed it from and get it out of my nice clean garage. It is kind of neat to able to walk around and do things in a nice clean garage. My old one was so small and cluttered it was hard to walk around and never could get a car in that one either. Last night Wendy put her car in there.
Well I guess I should go into Lethbridge and see what I can find for Wendy for Christmas. Anyone got any Ideas? We are having our Christmas on November 29th. with Mandy and Jorge and Josiah,Tanya and Tom and the kids and Cassy and Mario. Guess I had better buy a good size turkey because I am doing the cooking that day. Mandy and Jorge are going back to Chile the early part of December for 2 months so that's why we are doing it early. Seems funny having a Christmas tree up now but it sure is pretty. However I didn't see anything under it with my name on it. Hope they didn't forget me eh? Oh well I'm sure that somebody will remember the old fellow that falls asleep on the couch. Hey I'm not the only one that does that RIGHT Tom? ha ha
We are excited about meeting Cassy future husband Mario who just flew in to Canada yesterday from Brazil.
Well I have lots of things to do so I had better get going and at least buy a turkey eh?
I pray that you wll will have a great day and that God will Bless you all.