Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

Well here it is almost the end of June and I haven't blogged in a long time. It is too hot to be out side for too long so I came in to call Wendy in England but she wasn't in. She few to England because her aunt Ruth passed away. Kristy also few over and they met and are staying at the Bournemouth Hotel. Her aunt has been sick for a while and is in her 80's. We were able to meet with her in March when we stopped in England for a few days before flying to South Africa to see Kristy and Bob.
Well today is is real hot here. I went to the dump first thing this morning with a load of Lillac bushes. Then I came home and stopped at the bakery and got some goodies. Seemslike my truck won't go by the bakery without stopping. ha ha. I went out to the garden and use the Hoe and got frid of most of the weeds in the garden. I planted some Radishes and cucumbers. Our garden is doing realy well at the moment. Have to keep it well watered as it is really hot here today. I believe it is about 30% out right now. Our back yard is just beautiful now. I was going to go up and try to fix the roof but think I'll wait until the sun goes down.
Well we had Wendy's brother Bryan and his family here and then her sister Cynthia and her kids plus Tanya and Tom and their 5 little ones and Mandy and Jorge and their new little one Josiah. So we had a house full for a full week. It was a bit hecktec but lots of fun. We sure went threw a lot of food but I think everyone including me enjoyed it. It wa good to just sit around and chat and talk to everyone. We haven't seen Bryan and his family in about 2 years.
One day we all went to Waterton Lake and enjoy a full day there. The weather here has been beautiful for the last 2 weeks. Today is the first time it has been in the 30's.

Our house is rel nice now. Wendy has it all painted up pretty and got all the picture and plaques hung up. It really looks nice. I have my garage almost finished. Still got to insulate the roof but want to make sure I have the roof so it won't leak before I do that. Bought the coating yesterday but think I'll do that later on today or Monday. It has been a lot of work but starting to really like it now. It feels like home.
Jorge's dad is coming here on the 9th. of July with his youngest sister. That will be fun for Jorge.

We are going to the University Alliance Church. Tanya and Tom and the grand kids go there.It is only 23 klm's away so it is not that far. We tried the e- Free Church but decided to go to the Alliance in Lethbridge and be with the kids. I guess that makes sence because we came down here to be closer and with them.

Just got thru to Wendy and Kristy in Bournemouth and talked for a few minutes.
They are doing fine and meeting Derrick and family tomorrow in Beournemouth someplace for lunch.
Well guess thats about all the news I got for today. God Bless you all and have a great day.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday June13,2008

Hi. Guess it's about time I sat down and wrote a bit about what's happening in my life eh? Well it has been a lot of work but it finally looks like I am almost finished for a while then I can start the other stuff after all our company is gone. In July some time I guess. Ha ha. I finished the bathroom up stairs and it looks real good. Yesterday I put new faucets in the down stairs shower and put up a light over the ironing board for Wendy and then fixed the side of our trailer where I scraped the fence getting it in the back yard. sigh. Then went shopping for some stuff we need for the next week or two. Met Tanya and the kids and we all went to Costco and then went to Safe-way because Costco didn't have some of the stuff we needed. Then I went and picked up a desk at Sears for Wendy and then came home and put the desk together that Wendy bought for her Laptop. Today is going to be a busy one as I have to cut the grass before it gets too high. It is growing so fast with all this rain. I have to run a wire out to our trailer so we will have electric out there. The other day I put in a new sump pump in our basement and got that working. The people before us had put in a backwash valve in the line but had put it in backward so it took me a bit of time to figure that out. So that never did work. I still have to fix the gate between our fence and the neighbors so the dog can't get out. I have to fix the back gate by our trailer that is just old and falling apart. Then later I have to fix the eves by the front door and the try to fix the roof for the winter. I have to cut down a door in my bedroom that won't close and then try to clean up the garage before everyone gets here on Sunday. I had to put a new lock on our back door last night as the old one was sticking and just worn out. Now got to make sure everyone has the new key eh? Oh well that sounds like I should be outside doing something before it rains again eh? Instead here I am sitting at this silly old computer.
Wendy's brother Bryan and his family are supposed to be here on Sunday and her sister Cynthia and her kids are coming on Tuesday. Kristy and Bob are coming on Sunday so it looks like we are going to have a busy 2 weeks ahead but it should be lots of fun. Counting Tanya and Tom's family plus our newest grandson we will have about 22 people here for a week or two. We haven't seen Byran and Sally for a couple of years so it will be good to just sit and talk but who knows what we will be doing eh? Maybe I should find a lot of little jobs that need to be done and see if I can get everyone to do them. Like cutting down some trees and trimming some and cleaning up the back yard. Just kidding. I just hope to relax and enjoy the new two weeks. Wendy is off for a while so that will be good for her too.
Well I have to go for now but someday when I get time I'll fill you all in on what happened and how much fun we had. If you happen to be in the area just stop in and sit and chat a while and maybe we can find and extra air mattress for you so you can stay a while. The more the merrier. Well thats my story and I'm sticking too it. Love you all.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday June 6,2008

Here it is June and I haven't blogged for a while. Today the electricians just finished and hopefully we won't have anymore problems with the electric in this silly old house. I haven't got the bill yet but just pray that it won't be too high.I have the new bathtub in and the drywall up around it and it looks good if I have to say so myself. I now have a new window and bathtub and new wiring in the house and Wendy has painted almost everything and it is really looking good. Actually it is beautiful. My wife and daughters have a way of making things look so nice. Thanks guys. I guesss I am starting to like this silly old house. I went to Edmonton last week end and towed our trailer home and it was good to get back home here in Picture Butte. It is home now for sure. I still have a lot of work but it is all coming together. Wendy has our back yard (which is large) looking beautiful with all the new plants plus the old ones.Now if I can just find the time to go out there and sit a while eh?? Wendy is working and Mandy is in Lethbridge with little Josiah. He sure is cute and getting so big.
Well I should go finish fixing our fence in the back . I have to dig a whole and put in a new post and then put in some concrete mix to make sure it stays there. I have to fix our back gate because I hooked it with our trailer the other day. Need to fix the trailer a bit to. (SIGH).
I need to get busy and vacuum this house and clean up after the electrician. They left a bit of a mess but not bad.I hope and pray that you all have a great day. Love you all.