Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today is Bobs birthday

Happy Birthday to Bob. I'm not sure he'll read this blog but I am wishing him a happy birthday anyway. Sure do miss you Bob. I hope and pray that you will have a very happy birthday today. I'm sure they will make a fuss over you there if they know that today is your birthday. I'm thinking that Kristy will tell everyone. We already celibrated your birthday once eh? Lets see if the people that read this know just how old Bob is.
Bob if you were here I'd bye you a great big steak. Well I think I'll bye you one anyway but I guess I'll have to eat it eh?? SIGH. I pray that you will have a great day.

Love you lots Bob

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday evening Oct.27,2007

Well on Thursday some friends of our invited us over to their house on Friday evening for desert and to play games. I'm not really a game player but I did enjoy it. We played 2 different games and I'm not sure what the real name of the games were.They invited another couple to come and play as well. Would you believe Wendy knew the couple from back in the 70's in Yellow knife and Bible school. They were chatting about old time all night. We didn't get home until about 11:30pm. Way past my bed time. Ha ha. Oh we had cake and tea for desert. Really good. I'm thinking maybe we should play games more often. Friday I bowled at Red in West Edmonton Mall. Did really good for an old fellow. We bowled 4 games and I had 203, 183, 212 and 139. I should have quit after 3 games. The last one was bad. It's always fun to bowl with the guys. They are a super bunch of guys and we always have a lots of good laughs.
Today Wendy went to take her sister shopping on the south side and I guess the traffic was just terrible. I'm glad I didn't have to go out. I stayed and home and made some labels for a few of the CD's that I recorded from practice tapes. If anyone is interested send me your address and I will mail you one. If I was smart enough and if I knew how I think I could e-mail some songs but I'm not sure how that is done. Maybe I should ask Tom eh? It would probably take up a lot of space on you computer too. Tomorrow I have to take Mrs. and Mr. Mulbier to church and then I have and interview at 9:30 for a gal that is getting baptised. They are showing our house again from 2 to 4 pm. so guess we'll have to find something to do for a few hours.
Oh here is a picture fo the couple that invited us over. Allen and Susan Powles. Guess I caught him with his mouth open eh?? Sorry Allen.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday evening

The Kompanions (Benny,Floyd and Hank)
The Harmonika Rascals (Hess, Nester, Hank, Floyd and Benny)
One of The Chromatic Harmonicas that I play

Well today was another busy day for me. It started this morning by bowling with the seniors league. I didn't do so well today but it is always good to meet and chat to a lot of the guys at the bowling alley. Surprisingly I am one of the younger ones. It seems they are all older than me. Well maybe not all but most of them are. Anyway after bowling I came home and worked on a puzzle that Wendy got out yesterday.
Then at 5:30 my friend Ron picked me up and we went to the men's meeting at the church. We used to have a meeting at my house but some of our guys signed up for the classes at the church so we decided to go check it out. It was good but there are a lot of guys and they are doing a video and working through a book. It is a good bible study. I think I will go again next week.

Well I have a friend that commented on my blog asking about my Harmonica's and how long I have been playing and what my favorite song is. Well lets see I started play the Harmonica when I was 5 years old. So I guess that makes it about 66 years. Boy that sounds like a long time eh? I used to play sometimes at school and then at dances. When people know you play they would often ask me to play a song with them. I have played with a few bands back in New York but nothing ever amounted to much. Then I sort of just played at home until 10 years ago. I found out that there was a group of Harmonica players here in Edmonton that practiced at The Dutch Canadian Club. The Harmonika Rascals. I went and listened to them and they were looking for a lead player because their lead player had passed away. It was a bit hard for me at first because I play by ear and they played a lot of Dutch music but I soon learned most of their song and became their lead Harmonica player. Then after playing with them for about a year we started a trio and called it The Kompanions. The three of us seem to click and we played a bit different music. A lot of the 50, 60 and 70's. Then Later on about 2 year ago another group called the Harmoniciares started. So now I play with 3 groups and play different type of music with each group. I really enjoy playing with the different groups and enjoy the variety of songs that we play. I think because of the different groups and different songs it has made me a better Harmonica player. The Harmonica is not and instrument that you hear a lots. I play what is called the Chromatic which is not as popular as the little Harmonica's that they play the Blues on. The Chromatic is a larger harmonica and you can play sharps and flats on.With the Chromatic you play all the notes and on the small Blues harmonica you can't play all the notes so you have to what they call bend some notes to make it sound right. I really enjoy playing the harmonica but I don't find many people playing it today. One of my favorite songs is ( I only have eyes for you). It is a song that was popular when I met Wendy and it was our favorite.
Well it is getting late and I have a busy day tomorrow. Love you all and God Bless you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday evening

Well today was a busy one. I served at the church for the Senior's Luncheon. There were lots of them out today. They are always so pleasant and a lot of them were asking about Mandy and Jorge and Kristy and Bob. The crew that I work with is just a super bunch of people. It is a lot of fun and you got to love those Seniors. It is good to see so many get out every month. Not sure if I'll be that pleasant when I'm a Senior eh? ( wait I think I'm already there) sigh. Anyway after the lunch I came home and we talked to Kristy and Casandra on MSN for a while then Wendy went to meet some of her friends. I watched a little TV and checked my e-mail and then went down and played my Harmonica's for a while. I need the practice.
Tomorrow I'm off at 9 to the bowling lanes and then in the evening I'm back at the church for a meeting that they are having for the Men of the church. We used to have our Mens group on Wed. evening but because of the classes they are holding at the church and some of our guys signed up for it so I guess for now we are all or mostly all going to the classes for a while.
Well its time I hit the sack. It's getting late. God Bless you all.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Afternoon and all is not well.

This morning I was up at 7:30 put out the dog and the garbage and then we were off to A&W for breakfast with the Seniors. (Me and Mattie) We got home and I went and bowled 3 games and did terrible. Then Wendy called and told me about our Saturn which we had towed to the garage this morning because it wouldn't start. Another $600.00. It just never ends. Guess I am going to have to get a full time job of some sort soon just to keep up the cars eh?
Oh well I hope and Pray that your day will be better than mine today. Mine could get better. I think I had better pray about this eh?

Have a good day
God Bless you all

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday morning an all is well

Well here I am blogging at some crazy hour in the morning. Just couldn't sleep. Was awake at 3am. but Wendy's blog and a few others kept me busy for a few minutes.
Well Yesterday 2 of my niece's and a nephew came to my house and stayed while Wendy and Pip went to the Women's Alive conference. We had supper and then headed out. I had to play at The Lynwood nursing home with The Harmonika Rascals and we had a showing of our house so I took both Andrew and Bethany with me. Samantha went to a youth meeting or something not sure what. I'm not sure they were impressed with our music but they sat and put up with our noise for an hour. It is always fun playing with those guys and I thought it went well. There was a lot of people there and they said they liked it. Our bass and cord player Henk was away so we had another fellow(Roger ) fill in for Henk. Then we had to do a Dairy Queen run . Not sure that was the best idea at that time of night but it was good. Of course it was all none fat stuff. Then Samantha got home after a long bus ride and we got her something to eat and then it was off to bed to get our beauty sleep. Not sure it did much for me. I am not sure why they call it beauty sleep because when I wake up I look terrible. I think I looked better before I went to bed. (sigh)
Then Saturday morning I was up early and off to the church where we served breakfast to 250 ladies at the church. It is always fun working with the group at the church and the ladies are always so pleasant. I had to leave about 11:30 and take the kids home and get the house ready for an open house from 1 to 4pm. When I got home the kids had the house all cleaned up dishes all done and beds all made. Maybe I should have them over more often eh? It was nice having the kids over, my house has been to quiet lately. I drove the kids home and stopped in to see my friend Hess and Ronnie. There is always a good cup of tea there when I go there and Hess always has a cookie hanging around.
Then I headed home and watched a little TV. Yes a little because I rested my eyes a little too. Well maybe quite a little. Then Wendy and Pip came home and we went to Church to the evening service. Well that's my story and I sticking to it.
I hope and pray that you all have a great day and may God Bless you all.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Morning

Well lets see where do I start. Last night Wendy and I went to a concert at West Edmonton Christian Assembly. It was Paul Baloche and Robin Mark. They were really good and we enjoyed it. We got home a little late but it was fun. I didn't feel that great when we got there but felt better as the night went on . Wendy and I are sponsoring a little Compassion Child from Bolivia. Little Nelvy. What a cutie she is . If you look on Wendy's blog she posted a picture there of her. I am feeling a bit better today and hope I stay that way as I have a busy weekend coming up. Tonight I play with The Harmonika Rascals at The Lynwood Nursing Home from 7 to 8pm. Then Saturday morning I am working at the church serving at the Ladies Breakfast. I should clean my garage out but that might have to be another day who knows? I'm hoping that I will start feeling a lot better as I have a few little jobs to do but the compressor is still a bit heavy for me to be lifting up on the back of my truck. (Where is Jorge when I need him ) sigh. Sure do miss him. Well it is 9 am. and I should get going. Have a great day and may God bless you all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday Morning . Monday Morning

Well yes it is Monday Morning and here I am at this dumb old computer. Couldn't sleep so thought that maybe I could write something on my outdated Blog. Not sure that is going to work just yet but we'll try. Funny before this operation I rarely woke up in the middle of the night. Now I'm up about every 2 to 3 hours.
I must be getting old as I sure don't have a lot of get up and go lately. I seem to be just dragging my feet all day long. I sleep in until 8 or later and then I just don't feel like doing much when I do get up. Maybe I should go see a doctor or something and get some get up and go pills. As if I need more pills eh? Well this morning I have to bowl at 9 and for some reason I'm not looking forward to that right now. Maybe I will feel better about it at 8 am. who knows. Yesterday all I did was sort out some bottles and cans to take to the bottle depot and then I routed a clock stand out for Hess at the Golden Hour Clock Shop.

Well I guess we put our house up for sale about 6 months too late. There is just too many out there for sale right now and the prices are going down and down. For a while I wasn't really sure I wanted to move anyway but now I really would like to be closer to Tanya and Tom and the kids and now that I know they are going to stay in Lethbridge . I really don't like that drive for 5 or 6 hours each way. If I had to move now with my ambition down I'd have to hire a couple of you guys just to kick my butt first thing in the morning just to get me started. But guess we won't have a choice if this old house don't sell.
Wendy has a bad hip and I'm not sure that the long drive is good for her. If you read her blog I think she blogged about it. She is now on a list to get a hip replacement in the near future. They say about 5 to 6 months.
Well I guess no one is online at this hour so I might as well finish this stupid blog and go back to bed. I sure hope you all have a great day.God Bless you all.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday afternoon Oct.7, 2007

Well after being away for the last 3 weeks it was back to church Sunday morning, seeing and chatting with all our friends and answering their many question about our kids. Then after a quick coffee it was off to the service. After service I had to help count. It was so good to be back with our group counting. What an awesome crew it is. Brenda, Vern, John, Darryl, and Carol who is fairly new with our group. Maybe not I think it was me who was fairly new. Haha. Well it was good to be back and see all their smiling faces and listen to what was happening is some of their lives and Vern's quick comments as we went along. He is quite a guy. Very witty and quite sharp for an old fellow.(zing) It was a very good morning and I really enjoyed being back with them. Then it was off to the bank and home for lunch which was quite early today for a change. Guess we were faster than we used to be eh? Anyway thanks guys for good work and thanks Darryl for the coffee. It was a pleasure and am looking forward to next month.