Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb. 26 ,2010

Wow where did the time go?? It has been almost a whole month since I blogged. Sorry. It just seems that I don't have time but I haven't been that busy so really what is my excuse?? I think that I just get out of the habit or I'm just getting to old to remember to go to the Blog site. I do read lots of other blogs and check many quite often only to find that they didn't blog either. ha ha.
Well this month I did put down a new laminate floor down in our bedroom and it really looks nice.I also finished the trim around the opening that leads to our sun room. I had to make a cover for the heat register because I couldn't buy one that size. I really missed not going into our sun room for a few weeks as we had our bed and the furniture from our bed room in there while I did the floor.
Well I have to leave right now because I don't want to be late for coffee with the guys. Wendy just got home and is sleeping so I am trying to keep the noise level down and hopefully she will get a good sleep because she has to go back to work at 4 this afternoon. The blog can wait but Coffee? I don't think so! I'm out of here for a few hours . Will write more when I get back.

February 27,2010

Well as you can see I didn't get back in time to write more because while I was out and after coffee I went into Lethbridge to do a bit of shopping, Tanya my daughter called and ask if I could take 3 of her little ones for the afternoon because she had to go to Calgary to get her passport. I picked them up and we had a busy afternoon here at my house.Wendy went to work at 4pm so I had the kids until about 9:30pm.
This morning we slept in until about 8am. our pastor called to see if we had heard from Mandy and Jorge about the earthquake in Chile.
We have tried all day but have not heard from them yet. All phones and computers seem to be all down. We have had many of our friends call to ask about them and tell us that they are praying for Mandy, Jorge and Josiah. Mandy and Jorge are about 60miles or 100 klms. in Yumbal which is South East of Conception. Jorge's family all live in Conception and of course we haven't heard anything from any of them. It is not fun just sitting and waiting to hear from them but we know that God is with them. We are praying that we will be able to contact the soon.
I just want to thank everyone who is praying for them.What a great bunch of friends we have. Thankg you Lord for them all.