Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday evening

Well I have a few minutes so thought that I would blog and try to keep this thing up to date. Today I spent most of the morning putting a new BBQ together. Didn't realize how many parts those thing have. sigh. I just opened a new micro wave stand and am going to try to put that together. Only about 120 pieces counting the screws and handles and hinges and shelves. Wendy and Mandy have spent most of the day painting the dining room and kitchen and 2 walls in the living room. Jorge got home from work and is now painting the baby's room. We have a man coming tomorrow morning with a new fridge for downstairs and then Sears is sending a man to give us a price on a new furnace and hot water heater. It is a bit windy out there right now but has been real nice most of the day.Well if I don't get going I'll never finish this micro wave stand for Mandy.
Have a great day.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday Morning

Well I guess it's about time I sat down and wrote a bit of what has been happening in my life. Well as most of you know we moved from Edmonton on March 29th. We had lots of help loading the truck which was much appreciated. Again our friends were there for us. Thanks guys.
We arrived here in Picture Butte and moved in. Well we are still moving in I guess as I still have lots of boxes in the garage to bring in and a few in some of the closets that we haven't even looked in yet. I guess trying to put all the things from a 5 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom home don't work so good. It's kind of like trying to put 10lbs. of potatoes in a 5 lb bag. sigh. Well anyway here it is 25 days later and we still aren't completely settled.
When you move into a new (old ) house you find lots of things that you didn't see when the other people had all the furniture in it. Just little things like the lack of outlets in the walls, toilets that don't flush properly, light switches the don't turn on or off anything, light fixtures that hang down to low so people hit their heads, and a headroom problem as you go down stairs. Well we seem to have everything working at the moment but sometimes not for long. sigh. Just had to run down stairs and flip a breaker switch. sigh. Wendy and Mandy have been busy trying to get everything it it's right place. I put everything in its proper place but they assured me that,( that wasn't the proper place). Oh well you know how that works. We have been painting, putting up shelves, fixing door locks, fixing windows, trying to make the toilets flush properly, trying to make the kitchen sink drain in the basement, cutting off doors so they will close and some other things. We have a shower downstairs but none upstairs. the bathroom upstairs does not have a shower in the tub. It just has the little hand sprinkler thing so we are all running downstairs to shower. I am going to take out the window that stick's into the tub area and put in a smaller one and then take the plastic tiles off the wall and put in a tub surround and a shower head. When it warms up and stops snowing.
It has been cold and nasty ever since we moved and it is snowing right now. Well I guess there must be some good things about it all. Our kids have been a real help to us. Tom and Tanya, Bob and Kristy and Jorge and Mandy have helped us a lot. We have painted 3 rooms. The living room, the spare bedroom and Mandy's and Jorge's bed room. Jorge is fixing up th new baby's room and getting it all ready for him.
Oh! Jorge got a job working in a feed lot. He just started on Tuesday.
I have been going down to the restaurant here in the morning and having coffee with a bunch of guys most mornings. They all seem to meet about 8:30 every morning so I am getting to know some of them. I am going there this morning for coffee. Wendy and Jorge are working and Mandy is laying down so I go meet the guys.
Yesterday I insulated one wall in my garage and put poly on it. It's 10ft. high and about 20 ft. wide. I took down the old bench they had there and am going to put up a nice counter for some of my tools and put some peg board up on the walls so I can get some of my tools out of boxes and use them.
This old computer is dying . I have no sound at all and the monitor is real fussy. You can hardly read it. No my eyes aren't going bad. I know that's what you were thinking right?? I hope to go get a new one soon. Can't live with out a good computer eh??Even if I don't know how to use one. ha ha.
One good thing is that because it has been so cold you can't smell the feed lots no matter which way the wind blows. ha. ha. The back yard looks quite green at least the parts that is not covered with snow. If it ever warms up I have a lot of work I can do out there and I think I will enjoy that. Got a tree that needs to be cut down and a few that need trimming. It is a pretty back yard with a hugh garden area. Looking forward to trying my hand at growing some vege's.

We have started going to a little church that is just 3 houses from ours. Evangelical Free Church.There are about 30 or 40 people that attend I think. It is a bit smaller than Beulah. I am hoping to join the worship team and maybe play a bit of Harmonica with them. I practices with them 2 weeks ago and it was fun.

The town is small and everything closes up at 5 pm. If you want something you have to buy it before 5 or you are hooped. The people are super friendly and I am hoping to meet some of the Seniors next week at the Seniors Club.
Wendy still hasn't found her lamp shades yet and some important papers that were in the same box. I think it might have got thrown out but don't know.

Well I guess thats enough about the move eh? Have a great day and maybe when I get the new computer I'll blog again. Love you all and God Bless you.