Friday, May 06, 2011

Wow! it has been 3 week since I blogged. Well let's see a lot has happened since then.

Wendy had her hip replaced and was in the hospital for 5 days.She has been doing really well. The first few days were really hard for her and then she had a bit of a problem so we had to take her to the doctor here in Picture Butte. He gave her some new pills for the pain and she is doing great. She is getting around with her walker and her cane. I have to watch her so she don't overdo it. That happened one day last week and she was suffering for it but I think she learned that it doesn't pay to try to do too much. We  have gone out to Lethbridge a couple of time but have to be very careful getting in and out of the car. Kristy came down from Red Deer and stayed the first weekend after the operation and that was good. Tanya came over and did some laundry and helped Mum a a few times.

I had a gig that I did a week ago and Adri and Erie came over and grandma-sat for a Saturday evening. They stayed until Monday. Such a cute pair.

We had to take her back to the hospital on Tuesday this week and get the staples out. She said that hurt a bit but she is healing up. She has been doing really well and has not been too demanding. I try to stay out of her reach cause she wields a mean cane, ha ha. No, she has been great. She now has a shopping bag attached to her walker and I saw on face book she was looking for a cup holder for it now. She bought a Starbucks this afternoon.

Today I had to go to the hospital for my second treatment. The first one made me really sick but so far this one hasn't been too bad.

We had a fellow come over and give us a price on fixing our garage roof. We have a leak where the garage meets the house and after looking at it closely we realized that it need replacing. I went and picked up the material for it today. Dan, the guy that is going to do it, gave me a list of the materials so I picked them up this afternoon. He said if the weather is good he will start sometime next week.

I have been cleaning up our back and front yard. It looks really good now but it took me awhile. The raking and cleaning up takes me a lot longer now than it used to. I just took my time and got it all done now. Now I have to get ready for the new flower plants and hopefully I can get the garden tilled and planted soon, if the weather stays nice. I had to repair our swing because all the vinyl straps on the bottom broke this winter. I screwed some wood slats on and it looks good.

We had to make a fairy garden. ? I was not sure what Wendy wanted but she came out back and told me what she wanted and showed me where to put the stuff she wanted put up. I have to admit it is real cute and the kids are going to love it. Today we went and bought a few bushes that she wants put out in our back yard. That should keep me busy for a few days. We bought a couple of Saskatoon bushes and some large flower bushes. Five in all (so far).

We had a wonderful supper tonight that one of the ladies from the church brought over, We have been blessed with some beautiful flowers and four meals from our church family. Yesterday Teresa and Darrell and Christi  came over with some treats from the bakery. Sure do love this church family. Last night Janel from our church came over and cut Wendy's hair for her. They are all so sweet. Wendy has had lots of cards and phone calls so that keeps her busy.  She is doing really well with her walker and cane. She can't outrun me now.  ha ha.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have sent our way in the last few weeks. God is so good.

God Bless you all.