Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

Wow here it is the middle of October and it is still really warm outside.  19 C outside right now.
       Well this morning Mandy and Jorge and the boys went into Lethbridge so I went out back and started putting away our fountains. Boy that's a bigger job than I wanted to tackle but I guess it has to be done while it is still warm. I took our Bug Sapper down and cleaned that and put it back into the box and put it up on the shelf in the garage. I pulled all the fountains apart and cleaned up the pumps and put them up on a shelf in the garage. I labeled each one so next spring I'll know which pump goes where.Then I hooked up my pressure sprayer and cleaned each one. They get pretty grubby  over the summer and the birds really make a mess with them. Cleaning them you get totally soaked. Then Jorge came home and carried the heavy ones in the shed for me. I would have been a while and probably would have been sore for a week. Those things are heavy. I have a hand cart but it is hard to load and drag them to the shed. Thanks Jorge. Then we put away all the cousions that were on the chairs. The shed is all packed nice for the winter now.
       Then we had lunch and now I am going to go out and take apart our outside water line and blow that out for the winter so it don't freeze. Then I thinking maybe sitting down and watching a bit of T V. Well as long as it is so nice out maybe I should clean the garage.and watch TV later eh??
     We have been invited out to supper tonight so I won't have to cook. Well now that Mandy is home she does most of the cooking and I like that for sure.
Anyway I will meet Wendy there. Mandy and Jorge and the boys are invited to so we can all go in my truck.
     Well I ain't getting things done sitting on this silly old computer so guess I'll wrap it up for now.  i pray you will all have a great day and God Bless you all.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Well here it is October 1st.  Boy it has been a long time since I blogged. Well where do I start. On Sept. 17th. Wendy  and I were going camping for the last time this year but decided not to take the trailer and just go to Banff  for a few days. Glad we didn't take the trailer as it was really cool in the mornings but got up in the 20's during the day. We just rented a room at the High Mountain Inn. They had a free breakfast which was really nice every morning. We walked around the town and looked into lots of stores. Didn't buy much but did buy a few things.One that I can't mention until after the 5th.of Oct.(Wendy.s Birthday). We have Wendy's  birthday on the 5th. and Kellen's on the 6th. and Kristy's on the 8th. Looks like we should have lots of cake don't you think??
While we were in Banff we went to the old coal mines and look all through that . Interesting to say the least. Not much left of it as the Government moved all the houses and what they didn't move has fallen down as it was closed about 90 years ago.All in all we had a great time just the two of us walking and talking and planning as Mandy and Jorge and the boys were coming here on the 25which was last Tuesday. We picked them up at the airport and they are all settled in now.It will be a week tomorrow.
Today  we all went into Lethbridge as Tanya and Tom and the kids moved to another (larger) home still in Lethbridge.
They are predicting cold weather coming soon so tomorrow maybe I put the fountain away and clean them for the winter. Only have 5 of them but it takes a while to pressure spray them and get them clean.  Then I have to blow out the outside water lines with the compressor so they don't freeze during the winter.
Our flowers are still looking good but if it gets as cold as they are saying it will they will be gone in a few days. We are gearing up for all the birthdays and then Cynthia and her family are coming  for Thanks Giving so we should have a house full. Guess I had better buy a big turkey eh?? Well maybe two as with Tanya and the kids , Kristy and Bob and Mandy and Jorge and the boys plus Cynthia and her family and Wendy and I there will be 21 and if Cass comes and maybe Mario that will be 23.  Sounds like lots of fun and eating going to happen around here. With all the cakes for the birthdays and the turkey for thankgiving  and of course all the trimmings  sounds like I might gain a few pounds eh??

Well guess that  is about all for this blog. God Bless you all and have a great Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends.