Monday, December 26, 2011

Well here it is The day after Christmas or as it is know around here (Boxing Day). The day when the stores offer some great deals and some not so great deals. ha ha. It seems to be a real big thing in this ares.I haven't been shopping on Boxing day in a real long time. One reason is I am not that fond of large pushy crowds and another is I really don't need anything.
Well today is is only +3-C ( or 38 F) (for you guys in the States) out and just a little wind and we have  NO snow.  It really doesn't look like Christmas but nothing we can do about it.
 Yesterday Tanya and Tom and the kids came over after Church. We celebrated our Christmas on the 19th. With Kristy and Bob, Tanya and Tom and the kids. I had a Ham in the oven when they got here and we had a great dinner with the Ham and all the trimmings. The kids were all excited because they opened their stocking at home before going to church. They had to show us what they got and couldn't understand why Gram and Papa didn't do stockings. ha ha. Wendy and I didn't buy each other gifts this year as we are going to Chile in 2 weeks and that is our Christmas present to each other. We sure are going to miss these grand kids while we are gone for 6 weeks.
 Wendy is working until 7 pm. tonight so I might go in and spend a little time with Tanya, Tom and the kids. Not much to do in Picture Butte.
We had our Christmas evening service at our church on Saturday evening. The church was full. After church I was invited over to our friends Darryl and Selena Brouwer. Wendy was at work. They had lots and lots of good food and there was 13 of us there. Good food and fellowship.
 It seems like all I have been doing for the last week is eating and of course lots of sweets. Yesterday I didn't feel so good but seem to be fine today.
Well I hope and pray that you all had a great Christmas. Now the new year is coming that will probably be more good food. ha ha. No since trying to loose a few pounds  until this is all over. ha ha.
I pray that you will all have a Happy New Year.  God Bless you all.

Here is a picture Wendy took while we were in the States last year.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Well here is is December the 9th. Wow where does the time go? Wendy is home today and has just baked about 4 doz. mince tarts. I even got to help. All I did was cut 4 little holes in each one. Didn't go for coffee this morning so I made  scrambled eggs and ham for us. Mandy called on Skype and we talked for a while with her and the boys.

For some reason I don't seem to have a lot of get up and go today. Probably just as well because starting tomorrow it looks like we will have a busy week. Tomorrow morning I have a Men's Coffee at 8:30am. here at the Church.. Then I should load my truck and go to the dump. We have Wendy's work Christmas party and I think that starts about 6 or 6;30pm. I believe it is at her Bosses house. He seem like a real nice guy.Then on Sunday after church I have practice for this Christmas Musical and that will probably go until 4 or 4;30pm. and then I get to sit down for a couple of hours before the group come for the Truth Project that we do every Sunday night here at the house. Well it doesn't take a lot to set up for that. We have 13 people usually.Wendy is going to watch Erilyn and Amelie at a Christmas thing they do in a Choir that they are involved in so I will have to do the Truth Project with out her. sigh.

Then on Monday we may have practice again depending on how good it goes on Sunday. She said we may have 3 or 4 practices because we do the musical on the 18th.  We have Kristy and Bob coming on the night of the 16th and Tanya and Tom and the kids coming and maybe stay over  because we are going to do our Christmas on the 17th. because Bob and Kristy have to go to Spruce Grove on Christmas day to Bob's parents for dinner. That means that I will have to get the turkey on early because I have a full dress rehearsal Saturday afternoon for the musical. Sounds confusing but we'll get through it somehow. Then on Sunday and Monday evening we do the Musical. Usually they fill the gym and I think that will hold about 270 people. When you think about it Pray that I won't forget the lines. I only have 38 or 39 lines. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  It is a good musical and God will see us through it for sure.

I guess it will be low keyed here at Christmas day. Not sure if Wendy is working. Anyway I pray that you all will have a Merry Christmas  and just maybe I post again before the end of the year. ha ha. Just maybe eh???
God Bless you all.