Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21,2009

Today was a bit of a busy day. This morning after breakfast Wendy and I started painting our bathroom ceiling. I am terrible at cutting in the edges so Wendy did that then I went in with the roller and painted the ceiling. She does such a good job. We had to go get another quart of paint and a good brush. Then we talked to Kristy for about an hour on MSN. It was so clear. It is always good to chat with her and fine out what her and Bob have been doing. Then I put some coat hook on a board for Tanya. I will deliver that tomorrow and install it so all the little's can hang up their coats. They have a closet but of course it is to high for the little ones to reach.
Then this afternoon I sat and watched a bit of a race on TV. Then we watched a bit of CSI. Wendy had to go to work so I cooked myself some supper and now here I am at the old computer. It is raining outside so maybe spring is coming.
Guess I might practice a bit on my harmonica's and maybe practice a bit on our new keyboard and then call it a night. Well that all for today. Have a great evening and God bless you all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day

Well here it is St Patrick's day and I wonder how many people are dress in green. I do have a green shirt on today. Just by chance. ha ha.I have been just puttering around the house most of the day. Oh I did put up a new thermometer. Yesterday we bought an indoor outdoor thermometer so I had to put the transmitter up out side by our front door. It seems to work well so far. Oh and I took down the rest of our Christmas light that we had on the front of our house. I had to wait until the ice melted off our sidewalk so I could put the ladder up. Good excuse eh?? Yesterday Wendy and I went to Lethbridge and we bought a new flat top stove. They are delivering it tomorrow .The one we have is only 4 years old but it was not a flat top. We had a flat top in our old house and we both just loved it.
We looked at lawn tractors but they are a bit big for what I need. Maybe I should be just looking at a self propelled lawn mower. I probably need to walk more anyway.
We are looking at adding on to our back room and making it larger. I have been trying to figure out about how much that will cost. The room we have now is nice but it really would be nicer if you could sit out there and see the back yard. We have big ideas and who knows just maybe we will be able to do it this year. I might have to hire some body to dig the ground out for the footing's and then I could lay the block and do the carpentry work over the summer. Maybe I could talk a couple of my son in laws into doing a bit of digging for me eh? Oh well it gives us something to look forward to. The room now is about 6ft. by 14ft. so I would only need about 8ftt by 14ft addition. That would make it about 14 ft. square and put glass onthe back wall and the one side.
Well Wendy is off today and tomorrow so maybe I should get going and see what she wants to do. Bye for now and God Bless you all.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday evening.

Well we are packing and getting ready to head to Lacombe tomorrow. I think I have every thing I need packed. We hope to leave about 7:30 am. tomorrow morning. We have to drop the dog off at 8am. and then we will continue north. They are saying that we are going to get some more snow overnight. I just hope the road are good tomorrow. Oh well we'll just have to make the best of it I guess. We are going to stop in Lacombe and spend most of the day with Mandy, Jorge and Josiah and then go to Edmonton early in the evening. We are going to Cynthia's. Wendy is off for a few days so we don't have to rush back.
The wedding is Saturday so we have a little time before that . I think they have a rehearsal on Friday afternoon but we are not in the wedding party so I don't think we have to be there for that. We are going for dinner after the rehearsal I guess.
It should be a lot of fun and hanging out with the kids and Cynthia. That will be good for sure. Ya it's been a while since we were there. Chynthis has a really nice house on the north side of the city.
Well we are off to Edmonton in the morning and we will be back on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Wendy has to work Wednesday morning next week.

Good bye for a few day's. God bless you all .