Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guess it is time I updated this old Blog eh?? Well today should be a good day to do this. I am not feeling so great because I had another treatment yesterday. I just got instructions from my wife to just put my feet up as it is not so nice outside. A bit of rain at the moment. Well my feet are not exactly up but  typing shouldn't be to much of a strain on me eh? I don't remember what I talked about on my last blog.
God has been so good to us and I found out yesterday that the last PSA test was really good. It is back to 0 which is normal. The doctor is saying that the treatments are doing the job but I think the Lord is allowing the treatments to do the job.
Well I do have some good news. Last week Wendy and I went truck shopping. We have been looking for about 2 weeks I guess. We looked at quite a few really nice ones and then a week ago on Monday we went to Davis GMC in Lethbridge to look at one we looked at before but didn't drive and was in our limit of what we were thinking of spending. When we got there Russ the salesman informed us that they had sold the one we were interested in. We thanked him and decided to leave but being a good salesman he said (hey) let me show you another one I have with about the same mileage but just a little bit higher. We said no thanks. that we were ok but he said that they were having a sale on and that this one had been marked down for the show to almost what the other one was and was 2 years newer and has about the same mileage.(93000)klms. Well you know how that works so off we go to look at this one. It was a Red Dodge Ram with a Hemi (V-8) with a quad cab. I must say at first sight it was a right pretty looking truck. Well we took it for a drive and fell in love with it. So to continue the story I (We) are the proud owners of this pretty Red Dodge. Old Bert was a nice pickup but didn't have much power and no power steering and just a small cab. We wanted something bigger and I had old Bert for 10 or 11 years, so it was time to get something that will pull our old trailer. I really love driving the new truck which needs a new name. The grand kids really like it to.
Well God is good. Sitting here writing this silly old blog and I am feeling much better. I feel like a good old cup of Old Earl grey tea. Yesterday I went to Lethbridge and ordered running boards and a cap for it.

Not much to else to write about so guess I close for today. God Bless you all and have a great day.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Another beautiful day. It started off busy but slowed down a bit about noon. Showered and quickly got dressed and thought to myself that I would go into Lethbridge early and grab a egg Mc Muffen and a coffee. I didn't want to make to much noise at home because Wendy was sleeping. She got home about 4:30 this morning from work and I didn't want to wake her. I had to be at UDAC church at 9am for practice so thought that I had lots of time. Jumped into my truck , making sure I had my Harmonicas  and me and Bert took off.. 20 minutes later walked into Mc D's and ordered an egg mc muffen meal. The guy said that will be $5.39. Reached for my wallet and yup you guessed it I didn't have it. sigh. So I quickly jumped back into old Bert and headed home. Got home grabbed my wallet and jumped back into Old Bert and headed back to Lethbridge and then thought that I might not have time to get something  to eat so I pushed down on that little peddle and off we went. Of course bucking a head wind of about 70 miles per hour old Bert didn't  do so well but we got back to Mc D's about 8;46 so I do did get my egg mc muffen and a coffee. Wolfed it down jumped back into old Bert and off we went to UDAC. I got there about 9:02 .

We played and things went well.Tom was playing the guitar. I got to see most of the kids and Tanya and then Jumped back into Old Bert and came home. Had a tail wind so I had to get off the gas a bit or old Bert would have been speeding. Wendy made me some soup for lunch and I sat on the couch and yup you guessed it I don't think I was much company for a while. But then Wendy said well Sunday should be a day of rest so that made me feel better.haha.
Wendy made some Lemon tarts and I think I ate to many of those. After Wendy went to work I went out into our Sun Room and read my Bible for a while. Then I just got thinking about summer and how pretty our back yard is in the summer. Then I got a call and had to go open the doors of the church for the youth. Came home watched a little TV and then had to go back down to the church and lock the doors.sigh.
Came down stairs and  played a bit on my harmonica and then thought about blogging so here I am setting here at this old computer.
Well God is good and I am looking forward to tomorrow.
Bless you all and have a great evening.