Monday, February 18, 2013

Well it is Monday morning and here I am at this silly old computer. Wendy is home today and has to go back to work tomorrow. Sure do enjoy having her home.
Well I took up the new floor yesterday.  Sad to see it go but we just couldn't get it to fit tight and in a kitchen that would not be good. Wendy called Home Depot and they said that they would take it back so I have put it back into the boxes and it is going back today or tomorrow.We will loose 2 cartons but I guess we need another kind of floor. We looked at some real nice Lino and today a man is coming to give us and estimate on putting it down. We are living downstairs in our basement and I am kind of liking it.
Yesterday we got about an inch of snow but it is all gone now but it is cool outside.  - 7C. Not sure what to do today. It is a holiday here so maybe I just try to work on my music. We downloaded some background music and I can play with that for a while. I have to make a new playlist again so I don't play the same thing over and over when I go out to play. I usually play for the Seniors and they probably wouldn't remember what I played the last time I played for them anyway. I have to play for the seniors on March 28th. here in Picture Butte. With everything going on here I haven't really been looking for any jobs lately.
Well I guess I should get some breakfast and find something to do.  You all have a great day and may God Bless you all.


Kristy said...

I LOVE this picture of you playing! It truly is one of my favorite things to hear you play the harmonica. You are the world's greatest harmonica player!

Love you!!!

Kristy said...

PS - Glad to see you are blogging more. I love to read your blog :)