Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30,2013

Well Good morning ya all. It is raining here and we really needed it so it is good.We have had a busy week and things are going well. Wendy and I got most of our flowers planted and I have half of my garden in. I just love our back yard, it is so beautiful but it is a lot of work. God sure gave me an awesome back yard to look after. We have lots of perennials and we plant some annuals.I have all 5 fountains up and running and the birds just love the.  They do make a mess in most of them but it is worth it just to see so many birds use them. Wendy put up a couple of Humming bird feeder and we are waiting to see some humming  birds this year.
I just got hearing aid about a month ago and I am realizing how much I have missed for so many years. Now Wendy talks much to loud. Guess after talking loud for so many years  and saying everything at least twice it might bet a bit hard to get her to talk softly now ha ha. I need to retrain her. I have a bit of a problem with them when I play my Harmonicas. I have to turn every thing way down compared to before.I did my first gig a few weeks ago using the new hearing aids. It went well but they had to tell me to turn the music up a few time. I was afraid it was to loud but guess it wasn't. It all went well and they really like it so all was good. I played for a 60th anniversary party.  There  was about 80 people there and they liked it.
I built a headboard for my daughter Tanya and pulled a mussel in my side lifting it.It felt pretty good until I lifted some bags of stuff that i raked up and weeds we pulled from the garden. I felt something in my side when I lifted the last bag onto the truck.. Guess there was more in that one then the others. I am hurting a bit today but at least my back yard looks nice after talking all the junk and branches to the dump. Guess it is hard to teach a new an old dog a new trick but I will learn.
I am really enjoying my big Red Dodge truck (Gismo). Wendy bought me a plate to put on the front that says (Harmonica Rascal).

We are headed to Edmonton tomorrow for a wedding on Saturday. Staying with some good friends up there. I like the city but am not missing it any more like I used to. I am finally at home with Picture Butte. I just love this little town and it people.
Well guess I had better get off this silly old computer. I pray that you all will have a great day and remember God love you.

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Derrick said...

That's a pretty flashy truck you've got there, Floyd! I suppose plates on the front are optional now -- seems like in the old days everyone had plates front and back. Maybe it makes more sense as it is now.

Take care of your back and lifting things -- a strained muscle is a real pain and can hurt for a long time.

Nice to hear from you again! Take care of yourself! Love to Wendy and all the children!